Chapter 16

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Unthinkable Magic Talent
We have arrived at the sage’s house.
But, because Ado didn’t leave before, I think of a certain thing.
I take out a lot of bones and extract blood from the meat with my fangs.
I touch the blood and bones with my hands.
I think of a small, but cozy house.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

A doghouse with a red roof is created.
Because of Earth Dog’s size, it’s considerably big.
Rather than a doghouse, it may be better to say a garage.

“Ado, you can live in there.”
“Wanwan Wanwan.”
“There, there. I will go inside the house and sleep. Ado should also rest.”
“Wanwan Wanwan.”

I enter the sage’s house and enter room number 3.
It’s a simple room with a table and a bed.
But, because I have so far slept only inside tree holes, the bed looks irresistible.
It has the presence of an Angel.
Dodo Bafu
I jump into the bed and almost lose it at the melting, soft feeling.
So comfortable~
The futon is meltingly soft.
I wrap myself in the gentleness.










I seem to have fallen asleep.
When I leave the room and enter the living room, I find a slice of meat and a letter on a desk.

“There’s extra food in the storage room if this isn’t enough for you. Practice will start at noon.”

It seems to be breakfast.
Well then, itadakimasu.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I pierce the meat with my fangs and eat.
It tastes differently from Earth Dog meat.
It’s probably Cypher’s meat, the taste of this is stronger.

I’m full, I’m full.
There seems to still be some time after looking at a clock.
Huh, oioi.
I saw a clock after so long.
So this world has it. A clock.
24 numbers same as in Japan.

Well then~
I should probably go outside and train the Blood Bone Alchemy until noon.
I am aiming to steadily level up in order to exceed the model gun.




“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

“Blood Bone Alchemy.”

That was good practice!
I have produced a lot of model guns.
With this much in stock, I could become an arms dealer.
Although everything is just a model gun…
Anyway, I put everything inside the item box.
It may be useful in the future.





After that, I had lunch.
It’s finally the sage’s training.

“Let’s start your training.”
“Yes, El Jiisan.”

“Umu. Good reply. Well then, let’s measure your magic first. Since if you have no magic, you won’t be able to use magic nou.”

Magic, huh…
Is there some in me?
I’m not sure because Appraisal-san won’t tell me.

“I will measure it roughly, there’s no need to worry ja. Since you are a vampire, you should possess a certain amount of magic since birth ja rou. Well then, put your hand on this crystal ball ja. If you have magic, it will start shining na.”

Put my hand on the crystal ball, huh?
The brightness keeps increasing…
It broke…

Umm… eh.
The crystal ball has broken, but…
Is it safe? This thing?

El Jii is staring absentmindedly with his mouth open wide.

“W, what a thing ja. To think something like this would happen… it may be higher than average. Wait a second. We will try it out at once with a new crystal ball ja.”

Ell Jiisan takes out a new crystal ball from his item box.

“Then, you, again.”

When I place my hand on the crystal ball…
It broke again…
I hope it’s not expensive, this crystal ball.

“This is amazing. To think your magic talent would be to this extent… What an unexpected power. Just what is the extent of your talent?”
“I, is that so nodesu ka?”

El Jiisan gets excited.
Jiisan is full of life.
Jiisan takes a scale-like item from his item box.

“This item can digitalize magic talent. The greater the numerical value, the greater the magic. It can display magic from 1~999 which is really great. Little children who long to enter the royal magic school must get past this.”

El Jiisan urges me “Come, come” with expectations in his eyes.
He seems to have great expectations, but…
I pray for the machine to not get broken.

“Should I put my hand on this?”
“Right, the same way like the crystal ball.”

When I place my hand.


Mishimishi Mishimishi
The needle shakes at『999』.
Boki Bashu Suton
The needle got blown away and got stuck in a wall.

“Nu, nunuunununununu…… You… seem out of the standard norms. I understand no ja. I understand. I understand. I clearly understand your talent. An existence with such talent could definitely become a Demon king in the future. Nunununununununu………”

“Nununununu” While El Jiisan was groaning, I thought to myself.

Please excuse me from becoming a Demon king.
I want to live my life peacefully nodesu.

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