Chapter 15

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Home
“Where have you been living until now no ja?”
“In the tree holes.”
“Hohou. Weren’t you leading a practitioner-like life? I also lived in the tree holes a long time ago.”

That’s because you are an elf… is what I thought.
I will pass on the tsukkomi.
Because I just got a master with much effort.

“Then, you should stay with me. There are rooms available nou. This house is uselessly spacious ja.”
“Yes. I will be bothering you.”

“Since you have become my disciple, there’s no need to be so reserved. Use my house as if it was your no ja. I usually am locked up in the laboratory anyway nou. That reminds me, have you eaten something?”
“I had an Earth Dog and Nirvana Flower.”

“Nirvana drinker, huh… I’m the same ja. I got addicted when I first ate it in order to gain the Poison Resistance nou. To that sweetness.”
“Certainly, that fruity taste.”
“Right, that’s right. I’m growing vegetables here so there’s no need to worry about food ja. I have no Earth Dog meat, though, I’m eating Cypher na.”

What is that? A monster or something?
Judging from the name, rhino-like fellows?

“El Jiisan, what is this Cypher?”
“A slightly stronger version of Earth Dog. Since you defeated a leader, you should be able to hunt them on your own soon ja.”

Then, let’s make the target of my hunting the Cypher for the time being?

“You can use the prepared guest room. It’s the door with number 3. I’m quite drowsy today, so let’s start the practice tomorrow. Well then.”

El Jissan leaves the room.
Now then, now then.
Since it has been decided that I will move in here, I need to fetch my belongings from the tree hole.
Although it’s just bones, meat and Earth Berry.
In other words, only food and bones.
There also was the mountain of model guns.




When I leave El Jiisan’s house in order to fetch my belongings, I remember something.
Which reminds me… I haven’t appraised El Jissan’s house yet.

Others: Sage’s hiding place
Description: Former hero party member lives here.

O, ouu.
You did it.
You gave me personal information.
Is this something like a nameplate?


Earth Dog with a wagging tail is waiting outside.
A sound comes from the item box.
I take out the source of the sound, it’s the Monster picture book.
It’s full of pure white pages, but…
It seems that『Earth Dog’s』entry has been added.

So he meant this by the automatic recording.


“Wait, wait.”

I mount the Earth Dog.

“Take me to my house. Go home.”

The dog starts running.




We arrive at my home, I enter the tree hole, and put the meat and bones into the item box.
It seems that I’m far from exceeding its capacity even after putting quite a lot inside.
Poi   Poi   Poi
Putting the items inside became somewhat enjoyable.
Poi   Poi   Poi
I put in one after another.
Poi   Poi   Poi
I continue filling the item box.

Storing completed.
There’s still a lot of unused space in the item box.
This is amazing.
This item.


The Earth Dogs is calling me.
I have gotten quite attached to it, but I need to mark it somehow to distinguish it from the other dogs…
Let’s practice then.
I take out bones and meat from the item box.
I extract blood from the meat with my fangs.
I touch the blood and bones with my hands.
I imagine a certain something in my mind.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

What appeared in front of me is… a collar.
I attach it to the dog.
With this, it will be much easier to distinguish.


The dog seems pleased.
I have attached a collar, maybe I should name it.
Because it’s Earth Dog…
Would Ado be alright?

“Ado! From today, your name will be Ado.”
“Wanwan Wanwan.”

It looks like it understands.
Ado seems to be pleased.
Ado’s intelligence may be quite high.
Then, let’s return to El Jiisan’s house.
I get on Ado’s back and we set off.
Sa   Sa   Sa   Sa
The breeze feels nice.

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