Chapter 14

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I Have Become the Sage’s Disciple
El Jiisan returns after several seconds.
He has a book in one hand.
And a small cloth bag in the other.

“This is?”

I point at the book.

“Monster picture book ja. It can automatically record every monster you encounter. I want you to record all monsters around the world by all means. This was always my dream. To become a monster master. I can’t leave this floor, please complete it by all means in my stead.”

Ojiisan, what did you just say?
You just said something so terrible so casually.

“El Jii, you can’t leave this floor?”
“I cannot physically leave because of various reasons. It’s something like a seal.”

“I, is that so.”
“Also, this is bag is an item box. Everything up to a certain extent can be stored inside and the capacity is also excellent.”

Hey, this.
Isn’t this a super convenient item?
It caaaaaame!
I thought it looked like an item box, but…
To think it was the real thing.
I think it’s the most useful thing after Appraisal.
Un un.
Thank you El Jii.
I was worried about storage for meat, blood, and bones.

“Thank you very much.”
“It’s okay ja. I still have more than enough left. Because I am researching monsters in this house, I would like you to show me the picture book regularly. It will surely be useful for my research, I will definitely reward you no ja.”
“I understand.”

I attach the item box to my waist and put the monster picture book inside.
Four-dimensional pockets are sure great.

“It’s because I feel a lot of talent in you ja. My blood is boiling after so long no ja. That guy… you remind me of the former hero.”

This world also has heroes?
If that’s the case, the Maou…
It’s becoming more and more like a game.

“El Jiisan, you were hero’s acquaintance?”
“That’s right. Even though I say hero, it’s a hero of the previous generation ja ga nou. We were traveling together ja. I was a sage ja. That times’ Maou was powerful…”

El Jiisan recollects something while nodding his head.
It seems he was a member of a hero’s party.
El Jiisan looks really lighthearted, was that really okay?
I have a feeling that he possesses a lot of influence in this world, though.
But, I can understand now.
This explains how he is able to live in this dungeon.
A regular person wouldn’t be able to drive away monsters of the 50th floor.


Right, right.
I must ask the important thing.
I have to ask if there is a way to move around the dungeon so I can level up.

“Are there some Transfer Stones or Gate that would allow me to move between the floors? From your talk, the monsters on the next floor should be strong… I would like to find enemies of just the right strength.”
“Transfer Stones are not usable in the dungeon ja. There was a Transfer Gate on this floor, but… I have ended up destroying it nou. The closest one should be on the 40th floor. But, I don’t know whether it’s still functioning or not. If it’s broken then try, 30th, 20th, 15th, 10th. There also should be gates on all single digits floors.”

There were here after all, Transfer Gates.
But, why did El Jiisan break it…
Really, why?

“40th floor, huh…”

Descending ten floors seem somewhat difficult.
According to El Jiisan’s talk, the monsters there should be quite strong.

“Nu, if I’m not mistaken there should also be one on the 60th floor. No, that may be broken… Creating a Transfer Gate is hard, but maintaining it is even harder nou. It’s necessary to protect it from the monsters and constantly supplying it with magic no ja.”

So that’s why there are only so few of them.
Because the number of advanced levels adventurers is few, they have to station people in order to protect it.
However, the gate on the 60th floor looks unreasonable, so the target is the gate on the 40th floor.
The higher the floor number the stronger the monsters would be.

“However, it’s okay ja, if it’s you, you will be fine ja. You will be fine if you raise your level steadily no ja. Because I have also become strong steadily.”
“I, is that so?”

“It’s alright. I will thoroughly prepare you no ja. Rest assured. I was called Sage-sama in the old days, many people wanted to become my disciples nou.”

O, ouu.
To think El Jii would approach me first.
Did, I just become a sage’s disciple?
In fact, I felt that my abilities are not enough so I was going to request El Jii to let me become his disciple.
I have nothing against a Sage of the former hero party becoming my master.

“I will be in your care.”
“Leave it to me no ja. You will surely become a first-class magician. Let’s have fun. Fufufu.”

I, Vampire-san have become a Sage’s disciple.

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