Chapter 26

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Golem Battle
After everyone ate a grilled Ayuyu.
We have come in front of the house.

“Well then, Tokugawa-san. Can you win against my golems?”
“Bring it on.”
“Goshujin-shama~ Do your best deshu.”
Ado supports me from nearby.
I wanted to ask if Ado wants to fight with me, but I have stopped myself.

“Well then, here I go. Golem summoning!”
The pot in front of El Jiisan changes and a golem appears.
A gigantic rock.
Its height may be around five meters.
The height of a two-story apartment.

“H, huge…”
That’s my impression.
I thought it would be a little smaller, but.

“What’s wrong ja, it’s okay to surrender ja zo.”
“I’m alright.”
“Well then, here I go. If you think you can’t win, you can surrender immediately. The conclusion of the match will be decided once the other party can’t continue to fight ja. I can use recovery magic you can fight with peace of mind no ja.”
“Then, go no ja, Golem.”

Dogon Dogon
The large golem wiggles and approaches me.
The ground shakes with every step it takes.
I prepare my revolver and shoot.
First, the Blood Bullet.

Ban Ban Ban
The bullet hit the golem, but no changes.
It won’t work on the bloodless golem after all.
If that’s the case…
I rotate the barrel and shoot again.

Ban Ban Ban
The Bone Bullet.
The golem’s body slightly shakes.
Sand falls from its body, but it didn’t go through.

“My golem is hard zo. It won’t suffer from attacks of such caliber no ja.”
Time to use the trump card.
I thought I would be able to at least damage it a little, but I was wrong.
I rotate the barrel and load a sure killer while dodging the golem’s attack.
The Salt Bullet.
I can win with this.


Ban Ban Ban
Gigi Gigi
All right
It seems to be working well.
The moment the bullet hit, the golem’s movements became dull.
I should keep on attacking then.

Ban Ban Ban
Gigi Gigi
The golem’s movements gradually slowed.

And then…
Gigigigigigigigi… suton
It stopped.

(100 Experience gained.)
(Baby Vampire’s level has increased from 4 to 5.)

I have heard god’s voice after a long time.
I have not been fighting recently after all.
But I see, so I’m already level five…
No, it’s not like it’s something special, though…
A break is good after all.

“W, what… my golem. W, what was that right now…”
“El Jiisan. It’s salt. Salt has a purification effect nodesu. In the golem’s case, because its soul comes from the soil, I was able to purify it.”
“What a thing ja… to think you would break my spiritism…”
“It was just a fluke.”
“As expected of Goshujin-shama. Amazing deshu.”
“You… you are good.”
El Jiisan suddenly falls on his knees.
He probably thought that he won’t lose.

“Then, will you tell me the way to the 49th-floor entrance?”
“However nou. You knew the weakness. Won’t it be too difficult to fight head-on?”
“It would be alright. Every enemy has some kind of weakness.”
“That is true nou. I understand no ja. However, if it gets dangerous return immediately no ja.”
“Yes. Of course.”

El Jiisan taught me the way to the 49th floor.

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