Chapter 27

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Remains of the 50th floor Transfer Gate
“Well then, see you later.”
“See you later~”
“Umu, stay healthy. It will get lonely nou.”
El Jiisan is moved to tears.
It may have been a long time since he met people in the dungeon.
Farewell Jiisan… stay healthy.

“Ado, please.”
“I understandeshu.”
Ado changes from the demi-human mode into the beast mode.
A large dog with a fluffy fur has appeared.
After I get on Ado, we leave the sage’s house.




Sassa Sassa Sassa
After following El Jiisan’s directions we arrive at a large staircase.
There are some traces of remains? at a large open stone square.
A big stone circle? has collapsed there.
I think that’s the place the Transfer Gate has fallen.
The Transfer Gate El Jiisan has destroyed.

“Ado, let’s take a look around for a while.”
“A treasure hunting na no~”
“Yup, something like that.”

Sa Suta
I get down from Ado and search the area.
I touch the broken gate-ish thing and pour magic inside.
The magic touch is clearly different from anything I have touched until now.
I feel something like a lump of energy inside.
In addition, there seems to be a considerably complicated magic circuit.
I pour magic inside and just as I am about to grasp the structure, I start feeling some interference.
There may be some special method.
What a mysterious object.
At times like these.
It’s best to ask that person.
Your expert opinion please, Appraisal-san.

Others: Remains of the 50th floor Transfer Gate
Description: The wreckage of Transfer Gate. Broken and unusable.

It was Transfer Gate as expected.
If this is repaired… I could get outside of the dungeon immediately.
Wait, can this be fixed?
If it’s my Blood Bone Alchemy.
It may be worth a try.

I retrieve blood and bones from the item box.
I remember and imagine the feeling of pouring magic inside the magic circuit a while ago.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”
It seems that only the stone has been repaired.
Well, I knew this would happen, though.
El Jiisan said that creating a Transfer Gate is considerably difficult.
It can’t be rebuilt so easily, huh.

Now then, now then.
Let’s explore the surroundings, maybe I can find something useful.
Ado is also looking while sniffing with her nose.
Though there are no signs of anything, she seems to be having fun.


Wasa Wasa Wasa Wasa
We didn’t find anything.
It’s just simple ruins.
A stone square…
It would be nice if we could find a usable magic tool or something, though.

“Goshujin-shama, Goshujin-shama, there, there may be something.”

It seems Ado has found something.
She starts digging with her forepaws in the beast mode.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I take a look from Ado’s side…
A lithograph-like? thing is there.
The hell’s that?

Zaza Zaza Zaza
I take out the lithograph from the ground.
It seems to be only a part of a lithograph.
The size is approximately a quarter of the original lithograph.
I don’t understand what is drawn on this piece.
I feel that it’s something like a bird, but… I could be wrong.
Mr. Appraisal, please take a look.

Others: Fragment of the lithograph of fire 1/4
Description: Something good may happen if you collect them all.

This seems somehow game-like.
This, will this warp me somewhere if I collect them all?
Or it may open a sealed door.
Should I try it?
But well~, I got only one piece so there’s no meaning yet.
Let’s put it in the item box.
Fragment of the lithograph of fire 1/4, stored.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else.
Well then, we should leave from here now.

“Let’s go, Ado.”
I approach Ado who is lying down, tired of searching.
“Yes! Break time over deshu.”
Nonono, Ado-san.
That really wasn’t a break.
Oh well.
I get on Ado and we climb up the stairs to the 49th floor.


How would the upper floor look like?
I’m excited.

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