Chapter 28

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Storming the 49th Floor
We climb the lengthy stairs.
It sort of feels like a very long subway escalator.
Of course, this is not fully automatic. I’m riding on Ado, though.
We have climbed a considerable distance.
This seems to be as long as Japan’s deepest subway, the Roppongi Station.
I’m comfortable since I’m riding Ado.
It seems that we are nearing the exit.
I can see the light in the distance.

Once we climb up the stairs, what I see is… a jungle?
The 50th floor was comfortable looking grasslands, but…
This is the Amazon! Trees and plants everywhere.
The grass is growing thick.
Kururuukururuu, a wild bird’s? voice.
Is this really inside a dungeon…

“What a dense jungle…”
“A lot of grass~ I want to run~”
It seems Ado’s wild instincts are being stimulated.

Puun Pachi
I swatted a mosquito.
To think you could drink blood from me, a vampire… how foolish.
“Let’s look around for some monsters first. Confirm the situation. I want to know the strength of our enemies.”
“I understandeshu.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado runs with me on her back around the jungle.
Plants are violently hitting me in the face.
It looks like Ado doesn’t mind, but I’m quite bothered by it.
Well, Vampire’s skin is rather tough so there’s no damage.

A tree fell down in front of us.
This is a sign of a monster presence.
Could this be our first encounter with a monster on the 49th floor?

“Ado, be careful.”
Slo~wly, slo~wly Ado advances and…
In front of us is a ridiculously large turtle?
There’s a monster on a size level of a dinosaur.
It’s like a moving house.
Still, that huge~
It’s so big I don’t feel like fighting it.
Tortoise-san advances while knocking down every tree around it.

Ah, ah.
There’s no time to stare in admiration.
I finally met a monster.
I have to identify it first.
Mr. Appraisal.

Race: Triceratops Tortoise
Level: 7
Description: A huge tortoise averaging approximately 10m in size.
Because of its high defence shell, it receives damage only scarcely.

First time seeing a level 7.
I understand that it’s considerably strong.
I can’t see its status so I can’t be certain, but I have a feeling that we wouldn’t win.
However, I will not attack it since it looks gentle.
It may not be necessary for us to start the fight, but let’s ask first to make sure.

“Ado, do you think you could win against that tortoise?”
“Tortoise-san is too big~ Dunno.”
Then, let’s ignore it.

A sound came from the item box.
The Monster picture book seems to be shaking.
That’s quite a nuisance.
I take it out.

Ah there it is, there it is.
I turn the sound feature to OFF.
This will do.
I put back the monster picture book into the item box.

“Ado, let’s look for other monsters then.”
“Deshu! Run, run~”

Sasa Sasa Sasa
While running through the jungle… kunkun.
I smell blood.

I’m sensitive to blood because I’m a vampire.
There may be a corpse nearby.
Which means, the one who killed it…

“Ado, let’s go slowly from now on. Be wary of the surroundings.”
“Roger deshu.”

Noso Noso Noso
When we approach the smell of blood…
A monster is leaning against a tree.
A bear-like monster in a near-death state.
Let’s appraise it.

Race: Moon Bear
Level: 5
Description: A bear averaging 5m in size. It has strong physical strength and uses body strengthening magic.

A magic user, huh…
It looks quite strong, but… it’s covered in blood.
Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be traces of it being eaten…
In that case… this is bad.
If its purpose wasn’t food, we will most likely get attacked.
If it’s a monster that only hunts for fun… we may already be a target.
It would be best to leave immediately.

“Ado, let’s go back where we came from. This place seems to be dangerous.”
“Ado thinks so too…”

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