Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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This is One of the Seven Great Dungeons, the “Great Dungeon of Aries”
Back in full force!

I woke up in a refreshing mood after a while.
I have hunted Earth Dogs like possessed in the last days.
Wake up, hunt dogs, eat, sleep.
That was the extent of my daily life.
There was a case when I was firing the gun half asleep.
Before I noticed, an Earth Dog exploded right in front of me.
It was a zombie mode.
The me without awareness is scary…

But, but.
Thanks to that, I have lost the uncomfortable feeling in my left arm.
Even if I close and open my fist, I feel nothing.
No discomfort.
I have finally returned.

The settling of my craving for meat may be particularly big.
I probably got enough nutrition.
My fangs have calmed down.

I should appraise myself after a long time.

Race: Baby Vampire
Level: 4

I leveled up before I noticed.
The last thing I remember is leveling to level 2 after killing the Earth Dog leader.
I have improved by two levels since then.
It seems my level has increased while I was hunting.

I feel that my body slightly bigger.
Leveling up may have increased body growth.
It would be difficult to notice little by little.

Well then, let’s go hunting.

There’s a mountain of bones near when I get out of the hole.
Come to think of it, I have been piling up the bones while being absorbed in hunting.
It can’t be helped since there’s no space in the tree hole.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
Earth Dog discovered.
I aim the crimson gun at it and pull the trigger.

Ban Ban Ban
The Earth Dog’s movements immediately stop and it explodes.

I got used to it.
I felt nothing at the sight of the grotesquely exploding Earth Dog.
I already know from where the blood will spurt.
I have certainly become stronger.
Because right now, I’m the one hunting.
Being hunted feels nostalgic.
I feel like it was during the ancient egg times.

Now then.
I collect the Earth Dog materials and throw them into the hole.
When I finish, I will use it for the Blood Bone Alchemy exercise.
Because I have done the bullet refining only during the hunting mode.

I must try other abilities.
Then, shall I try to make the revolver once again?
Because when I made it before, I was in a desperate situation and wasn’t able to tell what’s what.
The blood and bones of Earth Dog I have hunted until now are scattered on the ground.
I put both hands on the ground.
I think of the Revolver Magnum in my mind.
“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

The blood and bones shine and something like a gun appears.

That won’t do.
It didn’t turn out well.
What came out only resembled a gun.
A practice may be necessary after all.
Then, once more.
“Blood Bone Alchemy!”


“Blood Bone Alchemy!”


“Blood Bone Alchemy!”


“Blood Bone Alchemy!”









No good!
There’s a pile of a gun like things…
Everything is an imitation, huh~
A mountain of model guns.
Although the appearances are similar, it really does not function as a gun.

What was different at that time?
That time, I was able to create a functioning gun in one try…
I can’t remember well how I did it at that time.
I only know that I was desperate.
It doesn’t go smoothly right now.
Though I would be most likely be able to use the maximum of my concentration if I fall in a pinch~

But, I still have a gun so all’s good.
Let’s move forward steadily.
Rather, I haven’t appraised this gun yet.

Weapon: Revolver Magnum Special version
Description: Can load 10 bullets. Powerful shooting potential.

It says “Special version”, but it looks exactly the same as in my world.
The display shows the gun as a『Weapon』.
In that case, let’s appraise the failures.

Others: Model Gun
Description: Alchemy failure. Junk. Weapon imitation. Can’t be fired.

Appraisal-san, you are quite straight.
I would like you to be more considerate.
“It’s sloppy, but there’s a hope” or “Future prospect is good” or.
I think this model gun is made quite well.

Well, let’s leave it as it is for today.
My stomach is suffering because of the training.
Overdoing things is not good.
I will be also troubled if I start mass producing model guns.
This place would look like an armory or some terrorist’s hiding place.
A cave with lots of guns.
I might be able to sell them if I was a merchant, but… I still didn’t see a single person yet.
Even though it wouldn’t be weird to meet adventurers because this is a dungeon.
There are not even footprints…
Is this place really inside of a dungeon?

Which reminds me.
I haven’t appraised the ground after Appraisal-san raised to level three.
I should do it.
I don’t have high expectations, though.
Then, please.
Mr. Appraisal!

Others: Wall of the Great Dungeon of Aries
Description: One of the seven great dungeons.

Mr. Appraisal, you have done it.
I’m sorry for underestimating you.
The name of this place has appeared.

So this place is called “Great Dungeon of Aries”.
Moreover, one of the seven great dungeons.
That sounds somewhat manly.
But, but.
Then the thought I had earlier about adventurers swarming this place.
The enemies around, the Earth Dogs don’t seem to be that strong.
Since I am able to defeat them after growing up from the egg.
It may be possible that the vampire me is special.
I may be a rare race.
Also, my weapons are poison and gun.
These weapons may have allowed me to slaughter advanced level monsters.

For the time being, this place’s name.
I’m satisfied with knowing this place’s name, one of the seven great dungeons,『Great Dungeon of Aries』.
I have a feeling that I have heard the name Aries before.
It sometimes comes up in anime and manga, but I’m certain that it has something to do with western astrology.
Aries, huh…
I should go to sleep for today.
I’m tired from using the Blood Bone Alchemy.
I enter the tree hole and lie down.







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