Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dogs’ Tribute

It’s noisy outside of the tree hole.
Judging by the voice, a cry of an Earth Dog?
Rather, I feel like the voice is getting closer each time…
What a splendid substitute for an alarm clock.
Tekuteku Tekuteku
When I take my crimson gun and get out…
As expected, three dogs were waiting outside.

“Ku~on, ku~on.”

They bark something towards me.
An awakening, high-pitched voice.
It’s like a bell ringing in my head, but… Breakfast?
I’m delighted that my breakfast came right to me.
Although I have a lot of preserved food, the more set aside the better.
It seems that the food doesn’t rot in the tree hole.

When I point my gun towards the Earth Dogs.

“Kyan, kyan.”
“Kyan, kyan.”
“Kyan, kyan.”

All dogs prostrate before me on the ground.
Almost as if they were bowing before me.
One of them takes out something strawberry-like from its mouth and put it in front of them.
With the feeling of “Please feel free” it pushes the strawberry with its snouts.

No way, is this…
It’s not that, right?
It seems the dogs are paying tribute to me.
They are wagging their tails furiously.

But, let’s make sure first.
It may possibly be Earth Dogs’ scheme.
They may have poisoned the fruit and aim to kill me with poison.
Well, it won’t be effective against my poison resistance, though.
I even have the protecting eggshell at hand.
I have a reassuring ally.
Well then, it’s your turn Appraisal-san.

Others: Earth Berry
Description: Edible fruit. Sweet with a rich fragrance.
Said to be cultivated by Earth Dogs, they present this fruit as proof of loyalty to superior beings.

I understand.
Thank you very much, Appraisal-san.
I have been paid a tribute.
It may be because I have defeated the Earth Dog leader.
Do the weak flock around the strong in demon society?
Sounds like weak meat flocking around the strong meat.

Then, let’s accept it first of all.

I have enough food, I should avoid useless fighting.

I pick the “Earth Berry” the Earth Dogs presented me.
When I look at it up close, it really resembles a strawberry.

“Ku~on, ku~on.”
“Ku~on, ku~on.”
“Ku~on, ku~on.”

The dogs urge me to quickly eat it.
I understand.
I would eat it even if you didn’t sing with such painful voices.
Well then, I’m doing it.
As Appraisal said, it tastes sweet.
A fruity taste spreads in my mouth.
I like it.

“Kuon, kuon.”
“Kuon, kuon.”
“Kuon, kuon.”

The Earth Dogs wag their tails in joy.
They lower their heads.
It seems they are glad because I seemed to like it.

“Do as you see fit.”

I tell the dogs in high spirits and return to the hole for breakfast.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I suck the Earth Dog meat with my fangs.






When I finished breakfast and went out of the hole, one Earth Dog was still there.
It “Waa~ Waa~” ‘d me while sticking out its tongue and wagging its tail.
The dog is in a completely tamed state.
I don’t sense any ambition, just the fluffiness.

“Kuon, Kuon.”

It lowers its head and moves its neck.
It may be saying “Get on”.
If that’s the case, I will accept the offer.
I climb on the Earth Dog’s back.

“Ku~on, ku~on.”

The Earth Dog barks joyfully.
The ride is really comfortable.

“Kuon, kuon.”

Yusayusa Yusayusa
The dog shakes its head and asks inquiries me for the destination.

Let’s see~
What to do?
Let’s run through this are first.
Because I’m just a Baby Vampire, I don’t know my surroundings.
I’m ignorant of the geography.

Kuikui Kuikui
I draw a circle with my finger to instruct the dog.
I wonder if the meaning “Circle around the area” will transmit…

“Wan, wan.”

It seems to have understood.
Rather, this is the first time it barked “Wanwan”.
Did it get genuinely attached?


The dog barks and starts running.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
It runs around the dungeon.
The view of the surroundings slowly spreads around me.
The breeze hitting my skin is comfortable.
It’s more comfortable than walking by myself.

Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
The scenery is similar no matter where I look.
The trees and plants show here and there, the meadow continues.
The most standing out are the red flowers, Nirvana Flowers.

That reminds me…
The Elf Jiisan in the Anima Temple said something about this.
If I’m not mistaken… Was it “If you want to meet, go where the red flowers bloom”?
Then, let’s have a look.

Patpat Poi
I pat the dog’s head and stretch my finger to indicate the direction.


It seems we have a good mutual understanding or something, the dog starts running to the direction I pointed at.
Sasa Sasa Sasa Sasa
To the direction where the red flowers bloom.
The wind is comfortable.

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