Chapter 10

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Days of Hunting
When I woke up.
The pain has subsided.
I have a tingling ache in the left arm I created with Blood Bone Alchemy.
And I’m absurdly hungry.
Anything’s good, I want to eat.
What is necessary right now is blood and nutrition.
My decreased stamina and my left arm are probably demanding energy.

I bite the Earth Dog’s meat next to me.
Chiyu Chiyu
I suck the nutritions with my fangs.

I’m thankful to my growing fangs now.
Because I can eat without having to move my mouth.
I can get nutrition comfortably without moving.
As I suck the nutrition through my fangs, I can tell that it flows directly to my left arm.
The feeling of blood transferring.
Because I’m a vampire, my relationship with blood may be subtle.

)Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Food Poisoning Resistance Lv1” has become “Food Poisoning Resistance Lv2”.)

I heard a voice.
But, it’s a mealtime now.
I need to get my nutrition…
I must get my perfect physical condition back.

Before I noticed, I fell asleep while sucking meat with my fangs.




I wake up.
My left hand is still tingling.
I am hungry.
My body demands meat.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I bite the Earth Dog’s meat and suck with my fangs.
My body is filled with energy.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. “Food Poisoning Resistance Lv2” has become “Food Poisoning Resistance Lv3.”)

I heard a voice, but…
Not yet.
I’m not full yet.
My left arm demands to eat more.
It demands blood.
It demands meat.
Give me more.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I slurp on Earth Dog’s meat again.




I wake up.
Not yet.
It’s not enough.
My left arm wants meat.
But, I already ate all of the Earth Dog’s meat.
Then, next, the Earth Dog leader’s meat.
I carefully set it aside.
The most delicious meal was left for last.
Well then, itadakimasu.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat meat.




I wake up.
I need more.
I need more blood and meat.
My body and left arm wish for it.
But, I already ate all of the Earth Dog leader’s meat.
I don’t have anymore preserved meat.
I have no choice, but to hunt more.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
I get out of the tree hole.
The crimson gun I made with alchemy in my right hand.
Revolver Magnum.

I found a passing Earth Dog.
I reflexively point the gun and pull the trigger.
Get well letter from my Blood Bullets.

Ban Ban Ban
The Earth Dog exploded while collapsing.

(12 Experience gained.)

I collect the Earth Dog’s corpse and drag it to the tree hole.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat meat.




Outside of the tree hole.

Ban Ban Ban
I shoot an Earth Dog with my practiced hand.
It explodes from inside causing a fountain of blood and falls to the ground.

(12 Experience gained.)

No matter how many times I heard the god’s voice, it didn’t move my emotions.
I, who is taken by the feeling of severe starvation only want the meat.
I want to bite into the meat immediately.
I want to bite and suck.
My fangs are aching.
But, I have enough self-control to stop.
It may have become my habit to eat in the tree hole.

I dragged the prey back to the tree hole.
Gabun Chiyu Chiyu
I eat the meat as usual.

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