Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Revival! Blood Bone Alchemy

Earth Dogs bark at me after discovering me.
T, this is bad.
This is a dead-end, the door won’t open…
I will get eaten by those guys.

Dondon Dondon
I hit the door.

“Oi, hurry up and open. I want to go inside again.”

(You are not able to enter at this time.)

Will it work if I put in skill points?

Dondon Dondon
I hit the door again.

(You are not able to enter at this time.)


C, crap.
Earth Dogs will attack me.
I have two poison spears in possession.
Eei, I will throw one for trial.


O, ou.
It hit.
It hit one of the Earth Dogs.
I regret that it didn’t hit the Earth Dog leader.

(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Throwing Lv1” acquired.)

Got it!
Huh, now’s not the time to celebrate.
Uumm, a weapon, a weapon… one last poison spear.

Nothing else, but this…

That’s right!
I should have obtained a skill from the mummy in the temple.
If I’m correct… the name should be “Blood Bone Alchemy”.
Judging by the name, alchemy that requires blood and bones.
If that’s the case, blood and… bones…

Ah, found them.
The dog I threw the spear at.
The injured Earth Dog.
Although it’s bleeding, I don’t see its bones.

Should I try it on that dog?
This ability.


Most likely because of the injury, the Earth Dog attacks me frantically.
The remaining dog and the leader are watching.
They are most likely expecting it to bring me down.

Then, I have no choice, but to do it.
This ability… “Blood Bone Alchemy”, I will bet on it.

I throw the last poison spear at the attacking Earth Dog.
The spear sticks in its body, but it keeps charging at me without minding.
It most likely understands that it’s going to die anyway.
It charges desperately.

I heard that a wounded beast is the most dangerous one.
I can’t be careless.
In that case.
I extend my hand towards the direction of the Earth Dog.

The opponent bit into my left hand.

I feel the pain, but I endure.
My arm is about to come off.
But, I have caught that fellow like this.
Right now, I’m able to see that guy’s wound.
I’m able to touch his blood and bones easily.

I will give my left arm to you.
But, eat this.
I will take your life.

I insert my hand in the wound the poison spear made.
I touch its blood and bones directly.
A bloody, wet flesh and hard bones.
I plunge through the flesh and touch its bones.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

Pika Dododododdo baam.

The Earth Dogs explodes from the inside.
Blood and flesh scatter everywhere.
My entire body is bloody.
A circle of blood and bones is drawn around me.
A red circle appears.

(12 Experience gained.)
(Baby Vampire level has increased from 1 to 2.)

Terrific… Blood Bone Alchemy.
Somehow, my opponent was blasted with one hit.
I don’t have a single idea as to what happened, but that guy has died.
Because it’s alchemy, I prayed “Change” “Change” in my mind, so the alchemy might have activated and caused an explosion?
Because I don’t have a clear image of alchemy.



The remaining Earth Dog observed me from the distance.
It seems it’s frightened after seeing its companion done in.
But, the leader is a big guy.
Earth Dog leader is full of motivation.

I crouch down and put my right hand on the ground.
The left arm which was bitten by the Earth Dog is now, but a decoration.
Far from functioning properly, it got blown off by the explosion.
It fell far in the distance.
Therefore, right now, I’m one-handed.

I gather the blood and bones scattered on the ground with my remaining hand.
The alchemy is based on blood and bones.
If I have this much raw material.
I could do some proper training.
What is necessary right now, is a weapon.
The ultimate weapon that will allow me to defeat them.
A weapon that can overturn this situation.
I will create it now!

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

My hand shines.
The blood and bones shine and contract in my hand.
A weapon wrapped in red light is produced in my right hand.

What appeared is… a deep crimson, shining gun.
A Revolver Magnum.

As expected, the most powerful weapon a modern person could remember is a gun.
A sword or a spear can’t win against a gun.
A gun that can ensure heavy damage from a distance is the strongest.
With that thought, a revolver was created.

The ammunition, Earth Dog’s blood and bones.
Blood bullets.
Bone bullets.
Two kinds of bullets.

I pick the bullets with my mouth and load them into the gun.
The loss of my left arm is huge.
But, thanks to that, I have obtained the strongest weapon instead.

I will drink you.
You dogs.


Dadan Dadan Dadan Dadan

The Earth Dog leader and its henchman charge at me.
They may have thought that the more time they give, the worse it will turn out.
But, they are slow.
I already loaded the gun.

I point the gun at the dogs and fire.

Ban Ban Ban
The Blood Bullet pierces the Earth Dog.


The Earth Dog which was shot three times falls to the ground.
The moment the three blood bullets entered its body, its blood started spurting out.
The blood spurting out of the three holes looks as if an explosion happened in its body.
As if I was watching red fireworks.

Only the Earth Dog leader remains.
I have this one for you.
I rotate the barrel and shoot.

Ban Ban Ban
The Bone Bullets penetrate the Earth Dog leader.


Mishimishimishi, flop.
Earth Dog leader falls.
He bloated the moment the Bone Bullet entered inside of him.
His huge bones tore him up from the inside.
The leader who was torn apart from the inside falls down while bleeding from every part of its body.

A pile of corpses formed instantly.

(36 Experience gained.)
(Baby Vampire level has increased from 2 to 3.)
(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Skill “Shooting Lv1” acquired.)
(Fixed proficiency of skill reached. Title skill “Social Upheaval Lv1” acquired.)

The place became silent.
The only one surviving in this pile of blood and bones is me.
The only moving thing is me.
It’s a miserable scene, but…
Because I’m a vampire, I’m attracted by the sight and smell of blood.
I gulp down my saliva unconsciously.

I got out of the trouble.
All the tension made me dizzy.
That was a close victory.
Also, this Blood Bone Alchemy.
It may use a considerable amount of my stamina…
I need to rest somewhere…
But, I must do something about my left arm before that.
It was blown off because of the alchemy.
I collect the blood, bones, and my former arm.
I image my left arm in my mind.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

A deep crimson arm light form forms bit by bit.
When a bold red line is produced, the bones, blood, and flesh start mixing.
The crimson light soon turns into an object.

The light ceases.
I make a fist and release, but it didn’t go well.
I may still need more practice with the alchemy.

But, that’s entirely OK.
I’m satisfied because the arm is properly sticking to me.
I gather the Earth Dog’s bodies while feeling relieved.
If I leave these guys here, their friends may come.
The present situation.
I can’t fight in my present situation in which I could lose consciousness at any moment.
Let’s leave from here immediately.

I start walking unsteadily.
I enter the nearby tree’s hole and lie down.

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