Chapter 86

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Your Rank is?
The next morning after receiving a scolding from Claude, Felice who has woken up slightly later than usual opened her eyes to Albert who was watching her sleeping face as always.


“Morning. You are a bit of a late riser today, aren’t you?”

“N~………… late~?”

“Un. You overslept.”

“…… Overslept!?”

Hearing that she overslept, Felice vigorously got up.

“Wa! Don’t get up all of sudden like that~ we were about to collide.”

“Sorry, Al…… that’s not it! What time is it!?”

“You don’t have to worry. You are just thirty minutes later than usual.”

“Thirty minutes!? I have to quickly change! Come to think of it, where’s Olivia?”

“She came to wake you up, but she returned because you wouldn’t wake up. I sent a word to Tousama and others to have a breakfast ahead, so you don’t have to worry.”

“But we have a lesson today, I hate to hurry up after all! Al, you should change too!”

“Yes, yes.”

Felice who overslept pushed the nonchalant Albert out of her room in a hurry and hurriedly changed her clothes.
Because the breakfast was taken care of by Olivia and Riley, they could take it slowly.
Apparently predicting actions of the panicked Felice, Samantha gave instructions to Olivia.
They moved to the classroom immediately after breakfast.
After a short while, Lewis who was in charge today arrived.

“Today’s lesson is about monsters.”

“”We will be in your care.””

“The plan is to alternate between teachers in this subject.”

“Why is that?”

“There are many kinds of monsters, so I’m unable to grasp all of the monster ecology.”

“Ahh, you will be each teaching about monsters you know?”

“That’s correct. Today, I will teach you about monsters everyone knows.”


“Firstly, monsters have ranks. They are E・D・C・B・A・S・SS.”

“How is that rank decided?”

“The rank is decided on the monster’s ability, territory, and the degree of difficulty of the subjugation.”

“The degree of difficulty of the subjugation?”

“Yes, adventurers have ranks too, right?”

“Un. Sensei was A-class, right?”

“That’s right. To put it simply, the ability of an A-class or stronger adventurer is necessary to subjugate A-class monster. The requests adventurers undertake are also ranked F・E・D・C・B・A・S・SS.”


“On the occasion, let me lightly explain about adventurers.”


“Adventurer ranks go from F・E・D・C・B・A to S.”

Requests… F-class (Odd jobs, herb gathering)

Requests… F~D-class (Subjugation requests start at E-class)
Promotion by successfully completing ten F-class requests.

Requests… E~D-class
Promotion by successfully completing ten E-class requests.

Requests… C~B-class
Promotion by examination.

Requests… B~A-class
Promotion by examination.

Requests… A~S-class
Promotion by examination.


Requests… A~SS-class
Promotion by examination and recommendation of another S-class adventurer.

“What I have explained are just standards of receiving requests. These may also change depending on the situation.”


“Well then, let’s return to monsters. What kind of monsters have you seen after coming to this country?”

“Umm~ slimes. Also goblins, orcs, ogres, cyclops and……… also wyverns.”

“Wolves and big horns…… are dragons monsters as well?”

“Dragons are classified as monsters. Slimes, goblins, and orcs are staples.”

“What are their ranks?”

When Albert asked about their ranks, Lewis told them the ranks of the monsters they named.

E-class… Slimes, goblins.
D-class… Wolves, orcs, big horns.
C-class… Wyverns.
B-class… Ogres.
A-class… Cyclops.
S-class… Dragons.

“This is also just a rough estimate. Each individual has a different rank depending on their ability, their rank will also change when they form a swarm, so you mustn’t be careless even in front of monsters of low rank.”


After that, Lewis explained about the monster ecology and their weak points.
Just as the lesson was ending, Albert asked Lewis something with eyes full of expectations.

“By the way, what rank would I be?”

“Excuse me?”

“Ah! I’m also curious.”

“Look~ I’m Kokuryuu, right? Am I SS-class after all?”

“Al…… I don’t think so.”

“The rank of Kokuryuu, huh……”


Lewis smiled cheerfully and at the trembling in excitement Albert and said briefly.

“Outside the ranking!”


“As I thought.”

“It’s only given, right? In the first place, what is the probability of meeting with a dragon god? Fundamentally, dragon gods are indifferent and don’t interfere, they also don’t normally attack people, so they have no rank attached to them.”

“Eh~…… then, if I fought with Austin――”

“You can’t Al!”

“Listen to what I’m saying! The “outside the ranking” won’t change even if you fight!”

Feeling fierce angry looks directed towards him, Albert unconsciously backed off.

“D, don’t mind me~ it was just a joke! Haha……”

“…… It didn’t look like that.”

“You were definitely half or more serious.”

“T, that’s not true at all!”


After being stared with the two’s reproachful eyes for a while, Albert continued avoiding contact with Austin for several days on his own, but he complained to Claude and Samantha, so Albert became even more depressed.

“You don’t have to be here. Am I that untrustworthy?”

“”Remeber your actions up until now.””

“Guh…… I have no allies~!”

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