Chapter 85

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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When You Become Absorbed…
After Felice and Albert had their lunch, the dwarf Meison who is going to be teaching them smithing in the afternoon arrived.

“I will be teaching you smithing, but you guys are able to process metals with magical power. I will be teaching you how to process metals with low magical power conductivity.

“”We will be in your care!””

“Thinking about it, we have been processing only mithril and Al’s scales, didn’t we?”

“That’s right. I still have plenty of scales, but we are nearly out of mithril, right?”

“Just what were you making so much?”

“You see, those noble women used a demon to attack Kaasama and others, right?”

“That was the case.”

“That time, Oniisamas were close to death……”

“That’s because we didn’t give Niisama and others the “talismans.” After that time, we made quite a lot of them.”

That time, Felice’s and Albert’s elder brothers Miguel and Nathan had their stomachs pierced and they were on the verge of dying.
Recalling that day, Albert patted Felice’s head to soothe her who seemed to be about to cry.
Meison frowned and spoke of the problem.

“However, you didn’t use that much of it just on “talismans,” right?”

“We also made weapons such as swords and knives, we made armor too.”

“Of course, we applied the Concealment effect, so it doesn’t look like mithril”

“…… What?”

Felice and Albert continued talking without noticing Meison’s mute amazement.

“We were told that it can’t be brought into the school, so we gave them item rings too.”

“Miguel Niisama accepted it with a complicated expression, but Nathan Niisama said: “it’s fine as long as we don’t get exposed.””

“Oy, oy.”

Although shocked by Miguel and Nathan who impressively broke school regulations, Meison didn’t say anything as life is more important than school regulations.

“The mithril decreased with that, but we kept producing after that.”


Asked by Meison, Albert spoke of that incident with an exhausted face.

“During their next break, Adam got on board “Not fair! I want it! Give me!” he was so loud~”

“”Elder brother! That’s unsightly, so please stop it!” Dylan-sama said as he dragged Adam-sama away.”

“That fellow…… he’s still a child, ain’t he?”

At the first prince’s childish actions, Meison didn’t know whether he should get angry or sigh, so he was making a complex expression.

“Well, we originally planned to give it to him, so we made it. For Dylan and Grace too of course.”

“Al was such a bully, he handed it to Adam-sama very last.”

“Adam’s face that time…… pfft!”

Recalling Adam’s reaction at the time he gave him the talisman, Albert burst out into laughter.
While looking at him hopelessly, Felice continued the story.

“Hah~ Oniisama couldn’t stop grinning too, it was really troublesome after that.”

“I mean, it’s too funny teasing him!”

“It’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. So, what happened?”

“When Adam boastfully showed the sword to Evan, he took out the sword we gave him during the Birth Festival and said: “My sword is far superior!””

“…… Come to think of it, there was a big child, wasn’t there?”

Hearing about Evan’s actions, Meison was at wits’ end.
Apparently, he has been lamenting over the king’s child-like behavior.

“Because Adam was sulking and said: “I want the same sword!” Al told him.”

“I don’t feel like making it for the current you. I will make the sword once you become a human worthy of using it…… is what I said.”

“Umu…… that sword is indeed too early for Adam.”

“Adam-sama nodded with a serious face.”

Meison nodded to Albert’s words in consent, but he got stupified by his next words.

“Evan was hit by Andria though.”

“It might be too early for Evan as well after all. By the way, do you guys remember the promise you made to me?”

Felice and Albert titled their heads at Meison who’s expression turned from stunned to serious.


“Didn’t you guys promise that you would talk to me when you were about to make something?”

“”………… Ah.””


It appears that Felice and Albert have completely forgotten about the promise they made to Meison during the time they made the item rings from Kokuryuu scales.

“Swords and knives aside, armor should be first-time for you guys, right?”

“”Yes, that’s right.””

“When Miguel and others return next time, make sure to show it to me.”

“”Yes, I’m sorry.””

Seeing the two properly reflecting, Meison’s expression loosened.

“I won’t say anymore this time. I also sometimes forget about my surroundings while absorbed in smithing, so I have to be careful, so you guys should do the same.”


Once this talk finished, Meison started the lesson.

“Now then, let’s make the much-needed smithing furnace first!”

“A furnace, is it?”

“Where are we going to make it?”

“Within this site. If we leave it here, you won’t have to move for every lesson. I got permission from Claude as well, so let’s move.”


The three left outside towards the place where they will make the furnace.
The place was right behind the mansion.

“We are going to make a brick furnace this time.”

Saying that, Meison took out materials such as bricks and clay from his item ring.

“We are going to use this much?”


“We are not going to make just the furnace. We also have to build a proper small shed”

“”I see~””

The three started drawing up the brick furnace first.
Under Meison’s instructions, the two earnestly worked with happy expressions appearing halfway.
Two hours later, a single brick furnace was made.

“”It’s done~!””

“You worked well. It looks good for your first time.”

While looking at the smiling two, Meison’s also happily smiled.

“We are going to make the shed next.”


The three started building the shed.
This time, they are making it using magic.
They assembled the foundation, then created the outer walls and roof.
At that point, Felice made a certain proposal.

“Sensei, should I make this shed fireproof with magic?”

“Let’s see~…… the bricks themselves are refractory bricks, but you can do it just in case.”

“In that case, why not use other magic and not only fireproofing? For example, resistance to earthquakes or dust-proofing.”

“It would certainly be convenient.”

With the three’s contribution, they bestowed the gems they had at hand and buried the entire shed in it as a result.
When they finished, they nodded to one another and started deciding on the interior.

“What’s necessary is a water place and restroom.”

“Chairs and a table too.”

“A shelf for lining up the things we make is needed too, right?”

“Wooden things near the furnace is not good…… how about making another room?”


And so they increased the number of rooms.
After that, they continued working while wanting to add this and that.
Thus, the smithing shed has been finally made.

“Umu! The work is complete! I didn’t really think we would finish it in one day.”

“It was somewhat fun, right?”

“Un! I’m glad we made it properly~”

While the three laughed in a sense of fulfillment, they stiffened once they came out of the shed.
That’s because when they came outside it wasn’t just evening, it was a pitch dark and Claude in a daunting pose was standing in front of them.
After staring at Claude in silence for a while, Meison moved his eyes to Felice and Albert and let out a brief comment.

“It will become like this when you become absorbed.”

“”I, I see~””

Claude let out a deep sigh seeing the three’s exchange.
On that day’s night, there were those who tried their best to fall asleep with their ears buzzing.

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