Chapter 162

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Guild Master
On the other side, in the place where Felice’s group headed, four people were having a discussion.
They were Ella’s father and the Guild Master, Gavin, vice-Guild Master Collard, B-rank adventurer Gino, and similarly B-rank Fiona.

“Let’s hear the report, Collard.” (Gavin)

“Those in possession of Night Vision skills searched around, but it would be impossible to move all of the survivors. There are injured and civilians who couldn’t escape in time too. On top of that, we are unable to leave the town. It’s truly fortunate that the fog does not enter the buildings. Well, the monsters are a totally different problem, though.” (Collard)

“Our report is next then. The time the monsters appear is all over the place. They just suddenly appear all at once and similarly disappear. They are clearly not ordinary monsters. I am also uneasy about the fact that the fog clears up when the monsters appear.” (Fiona)

“As expected… we cannot contact the outside as usual. We will reach the bottom of our supplies at this rate. What do we do… that reminds me, were you able to get in contact with that person, Collard?” (Gavin)

“No, it seemed that the mansion was empty.” (Collard)

“I see.” (Gavin)

They were discussing how to resolve this disaster, but in the end, they could only reaffirm their situation.
In the heavy mood, the door was violently pushed open.

“GM! Monsters!”

“What!? Shit! Those who can move are to hold the street! Protect the survivors in the buildings!” (Gavin)


The adventurers began to move according to Gavin’s instructions.
However, just as quickly they jumped up, they quickly froze.

“Oi! What are you doing!” (Gavin)

“GM… t, that…”

“Ahh?… W, what the hell is that…” (Gavin)


What lied in Gavin’s eyes were monsters crammed into a pile and floating in the air.
Carefree voices then entered the ears of the dumbfounded people as three people and two animals wearing goggles were talking to each other.

“That startled me~ I threw the magic tool at them accidentally because they appeared so suddenly.” (Felice)

“Feli, I feel bothered by something about them, so keep them as they are.” (Gai)

“Okay. There seem to be monsters in other places too, what do we do?” (Felice)

“You still have more of these capture magic tools, right? Let’s catch them all for now.” (Gai)

“Is it fine to not kill them?” (Albert)

“I’m curious about the type of monsters they are.” (Gai)

“Certainly. Shall we split up then?” (Albert)

“Wilhelm and Zoe shall go with Feli.” (Gai)

“Woof!” (Wilhelm)

“Guru!” (Zoe)

“Disperse!” (Gai)

Gavin and others had no choice but to see the three people and two animals broke into a run in three different directions.

162/162 chapters translated, author is on hiatus!

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