Chapter 161

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A town that can’t be entered.
Felice and others couldn’t hide their bewilderement when they heard Ella’s story.
It all started a few days ago.
Prigione has an intermediate-level dungeon, it’s a town crowded with adventurers and merchants.
However, a few days ago, a thick fog started gushing out of the dungeon, and the town was overrun with monsters.
Ella’s father, who was the Guild Master, had the D-ranked adventurers and non-combatants evacuate outside the town, while he and the C-rank adventurers and above tried to hold the monsters back, but they can’t get in touch anymore.
Several people went to check the state of the town, but they were blocked by something transparent and couldn’t enter the town, while the thick fog obstructed their view.

“The dungeon has been captured already and there were no abnormalities detected in the periodical examination… then why…” (Ella)

“Neesan…” (Tonma)

“We should take a look first.” (Gai)

“Indeed. It’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped.” (Albert)

“If there are people inside, we have to investigate the cause as soon as possible.” (Felice)

“”Eh?”” (Ella & Tonma)

“Alright! Let’s get going!” (Gai)

“”Ohh~”” (Felice & Albert)

“Oh… kyan!” (Wilhelm)

“… Guru.” (Zoe)

“”Wait a moment!?”” (Ella & Tonma)

Ella and Tonma tried to stop them in a hurry, but Felice’s group disappeared before their eyes.
The road to Prigione that would take thirty minutes by carriage was covered in a few minutes of running. Just as they heard, the town was entirely covered in thick fog.

“So it’s a barrier, after all.” (Gai)

“It’s quite a high-level one. Well, it’s not like we can’t break it.” (Albert)

“True. Felice, are there any survivors?” (Gai)

“Wait… yes. There’s still a reaction.” (Felice)

“That means, blowing the town is out of the question.” (Albert)

“We have to gather information first. Let’s look for the Guild Master. We are entering then.” (Gai)

Saying that, Gai placed his hand on the barrier and closed his eyes.

The magical power spread like waves from Gai’s hand.
When he put strength into his hand after a while, he was able to enter the barrier without any resistance.

“Aight, come inside.” (Gai)

“Yess~” (Felice)

“Is the fog safe?” (Albert)

“Yeah, it seems to be fine.” (Gai)

When they activated a magic tool that disabled abnormal effects as a precaution and entered, their sight was immediately obstructed.

“I can’t see anything.” (Felice)

“Feli can’t see my face… do we blow it away?” (Albert)

“Wait, wait! You should be able to see if you use the magic tool you made in the past. You know, the one you made as a countermeasure for darkness.” (Gai)

“”Ah, that thing.””

Felice took out the thing from her item box… night vision goggles Felice made with the memory of her past life.
Just as Gai said, the group was immediately able to see their surroundings.
Albert and Gai seemed to have no problems with vision, so they put the extra goggles on Wilhelm and Zoe.

“The preparations are done then. Let’s search for people first. We have to head for the place with the most people first.” (Gai)

“That’s south of here then. It’s just that… I feel no signs of monsters, so it makes me bothered.” (Felice)

“Feli, you can’t help that at the moment. Just be ready for battle.” (Albert)

“I will be in front, Wilhelm and Zoe stay with Feli, and Al in the back.” (Gai)

“Yes.” (Felice)

“Roger that.” (Albert)

“Guru!” (Zoe)

“Woof!” (Wilhelm)

“””You could have talked there.”””

“That so!? I can’t tell!” (Wilhelm)

“… Gururuu.” (Zoe)

Thus, Felice and others started moving to solve the problem.

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