Chapter 160

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Guild Master?
Within the group that were unable to move because of the little bit of bloodthirst Gai let out, the only person who could move, the little girl, threw something at Gai.
Gai, who easily caught it looked at the little girl who called herself a Guild master in a more positive light.
That’s because she moved regardless of the bloodthirst she received, which caused her limbs to tremble like a newborn fawn and tears and mucus drip down her face.
When Gai took a glance at the thing the girl threw at him, it was a Guild Card.

“I, I… I am! I am Ella, the Guild Master of the town behind us, Prigione!”

“A Guild Master? … D-ranked?” (Gai)

“Guh… s, shuddup! Who are you anyway!” (Ella)

“Your tone is changing, you know? … Here.” (Gai)

Gai threw his Guild Card to Ella while amazed.
The trembling Ella, who saw the Guild Card, started trembling even more.

“You’re kidding… A-rank… this fellow?… How…” (Ella)

“What a rude fellow you are.” (Gai)

“Then… then, are you really A-rank?” (Ella)

“You will know by looking at that…” (Gai)

“Help us then!” (Ella)

“Oi!” (Gai)

Ella jumped at Gai and clung to his clothes.

“Oi, release me!” (Gai)

“I beg you! Please save everyone!” (Ella)

“Hah? Release me first.” (Gai)

“Please save my father!” (Ella)

“Will you-…” (Gai)

“Gai, wait.” (Felice)


“… Feli.” (Gai)

Gai was about to shake off Ella, who clung to him for whatever reason, but hearing Felice who appeared at his side all of sudden, he lowered his arm.
Ella pulled apart from Gai after somehow managing to calm down, and they moved a bit further away to talk.
The people in this group were Felice’s group, Ella, and the man who was trying to stop Gai, Tonma.

“We should introduce ourselves first. I’m the leader of A-ranked party “Dark Fortune”, A-rank Gai.”

“Dark Fortune’s member, C-rank Albert.”

“I am Dark Fortune’s member, C-rank Felice.”

“”C-rank!?”” (Ella & Tonma)

“Also, these are my magic beasts, Wilhelm and Zoe.” (Gai)

“Bow before m- geh!?” (Wilhelm)

“… Guruu.” (Zoe)

Zoe hit the face of Wilhelm who spoke normally after Gai introduced them with her tail, and bowed her head as if nothing happened.
Ella and Tonma stared at the little dragon that acted like a human, and the wolf-type magic beast that was seeking comfort on Felice’s lap while crying.

“”It talked…” (Ella & Tonma)

“Just your imagination.” (Gai)

“But, it did.” (Ella)

“I’ve never heard of magic beast that can talk.” (Tonma)

“Just your imagination.” (Gai)

“”Ah, yes.”” (Ella & Tonma)

Due to Gai’s intimidation, the two decided to erase the memory of this incident.

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