Chapter 159

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The carriage Felice’s group traveled with progressed without any problems, but at the destination, the town where Larsen Faust lived, they were stopped by an armed group.

“Bandits?” (Albert)

“No… they are probably adventurers.” (Gai)

“Their equipment is too good for bandits, isn’t it?” (Felice)

“There’s quite a few of them. Did something happen?” (Albert)

“Gai…” (Felice)

“N?… Oh, it would be better for me to ask them if they are adventurers. Wait a moment.” (Gai)

“Be careful, okay?” (Felice)

“Ou.” (Gai)

After raising one hand to the worried Felice, Gai, who stepped down the carriage and approached the armed group with light steps was stopped by a man.

“Stop! I won’t let you go any further!”

“… I’m adventurer Gai. Tell me the reason you can’t let us pass.” (Gai)

“I can’t tell you that!”

“Haah? We have to complete a request over there. You think we will just turn around if you don’t even tell us the reason?” (Gai)

“I can’t let you pass then I won’t let you pass! Leave!”

“So you don’t even listen, huh… who’s the person in charge?” (Gai)


“Shut up! I am telling you to pack your things and leave at once!”

“Oi… will you…” (Gai)

“What is this ruckus about!”

When Gai’s murderous intent was about to leak out, a small, lovely girl calmly walked upfront through the group of people.

“Ah, Neesan!”

“Call me Guild Master!”

“Neesan! This fellow won’t leave no matter how many times I tell him to leave!”

“It’s Guild Master!”

“What should I do! Neesan!”

“I’m telling you… I’ve had enough!”

The little girl who got teary-eyed from being called “Neesan” aroused the desire to protect from everyone, but just at this moment, the faces of every one were struck with fear.

“Have you finished this farce of yours? Then answer my question already. Our schedule is full. Quickly tell me the reason why you have stopped us.” (Gai)


Gai spoke with indifference while seeping with bloodthirst.

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