Chapter 158

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Request’s Details
The day after the reunion with Zoe, the group received another explanation about the request from Claude.
The request is to deliver a letter to Claude’s father, Larsen, and to receive something from him in return.

“I wanted to ask my father to produce drugs and magic tools for ‘that’ operation, but I was unable to get in touch with him.” (Claude)

“Did something happen?” (Felice)

“Were they exposed?” (Albert)

“It wasn’t a raid, no?” (Gai)

“No, he probably got tired of making the same thing or got absorbed in something else.” (Claude)

“””…… Huh?”””

“Or possibly, he fell asleep after pulling several all-nighters.” (Claude)

“””… Ehh~”””

The three stared in shock, but Claude didn’t care about it.

“I don’t care about that fellow, but it’s necessary to confirm how far my request has been completed so far. It might be needed to alter the plan accordingly.” (Claude)

“””Don’t care…”””

“Also, make sure to no enter the geezer’s labo… mansion. It will harm Felice’s eyes.” (Claude)

“”I definitely won’t let her enter!””

“Otousama, you were about to say laboratory, didn’t you?” (Felice)

“You can leave the letter with a jailo… a gatekeeper.” (Claude)

“Right now, he said jailor.” (Felice)

“Jailor, indeed.” (Albert)

“Yep, jailor.” (Gai)

(((Just what kind of place is it?)))

Although the three become anxious, they decided to take the letter from Claude and leave straight away, but Claude handed them two small bottles before that.

“This is?”

“A sleeping pill strong enough to put a dragon to sleep and smelling salts. Use them if needed.” (Claude)


“””…… Okay?”””

The three who left Claude’s room were handed similar things from others and they had their hands full before they left the mansion.

“””””There is no loss in preparation.”””””

“””… Yes.”””

In the end, after receiving paralyzing drugs and poisons on top of the sleeping pills and smelling salts, they took Zoe and departed…

“Wait, bring this with you as well.” (Miguel)

“It’s better to have a shield at hand.” (Nathan)

“Miguel Oniisama, Nathan Oniisama… a shield you say…” (Felice)

Felice made eye contact with the “shield.”

“… Kyu~n.”

Receiving the shield from their reliable brothers, Felice and others departed this time for real.

“I am not a shield!” (Wilhelm)

“”””Yes, yes.””””

“I am a proud Fenrir!” (Wilhelm)

“You are a Furball indeed.” (Albert)

“You are at most a dog at your current size.” (Gai)

“Wouldn’t that be a puppy?” (Zoe)

“He’s fluffy, so either is fine!” (Felice)

“You are the cruelest one!” (Wilhelm)

“Ehh~” (Felice)

Felice’s group forgot the uneasiness in the midst of the ruckus.

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