Chapter 157

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Let’s come up with a plan.
Felice and others who were relieved that Zoe was able to change back into her humanoid form smoothly sat on the sofa and resumed the conversation.
Evan and Wilhelm were left as they were.

“Dragon God Beastman, huh… did you heard of this race before, Al, Gai?” (Claude)

“Hmm… I did not… I think.” (Albert)

“Same here.” (Gai)

“Well then, let’s consider it a new race and focus on the titles and skills first.” (Claude)

“She needs to register as an adventurer if she’s to act with us, after all.” (Gai)

“Shouldn’t using a concealment magic tool be enough? We are using it too.” (Albert)

“I think I might be able to turn her back with Restoration.” (Felice)

“””There’s that too.””” (Claude, Albert & Gai)

“What do you want to do, Zoe-san?” (Felice)

“… I am fine staying like this. Also, not registering as an adventurer might be better.” (Zoe)

“How come?” (Felice)

“If there are those who know the special trait of Dragon Beastmen like Claude-dono, there will be people approaching Mistress and the group with ulterior motives.” (Zoe)

“That reminds me… what is that special trait you speak of? I have no idea.” (Albert)

“It’s that, right? Only Dragon Gods are able to make Dragon Beastmen fell to their knees and stuff… or something like that.” (Gai)

“Yes, the reason I follow you now despite not being a slave anymore is truly because I recognize you as a Dragon God.” (Zoe)

“It will be the same if you don’t register, though… no, are you thinking of staying in that form?” (Claude)

“Yes. I think there won’t be a problem if you register me as someone’s Magic Beast.” (Zoe)

“I think it’s a good idea.” (Albert)

“Me too.” (Gai)

“Me too… Otousama?” (Felice)

“I would prefer a Dragon Magic Beast rather than a Dragon Beastman. Alright, let’s go with that.” (Claude)

Now that they decided on the plan, Evan and Wilhelm who thought that they would be finally released realized that their thinking was naive.

“Now then…” (Claude)

“Yeah… indeed…” (Gai)

“Cl, Claude-san?” (Evan)

“Lord?” (Wilhelm)

“”It’s the responsibility of the master to discipline one’s dog.””

“I am different from a dog! I am a human! A King!” (Evan)

“Shut up. I’m going to discipline you thoroughly after returning to the castle.” (Claude)

“No way! That fellow’s going to be there too!” (Evan)


“It’s going to be fine, so come with me!” (Claude)

“No way~!” (Evan)

“Lewis!” (Claude)

“What is it? Did he do something again?” (Lewis)

“Gya!? There he is!” (Evan)

“Don’t be so rude right in the face of others. Listen well, okay? I will have a thorough conversation with you. Now come!” (Lewis)

“Don’t worry and just go.” (Claude)

“I think you don’t realize what you are saying~!” (Evan)

After the resisting Evan was dragged out and warped to the castle, he got lectured by a gentleman much scarier than Claude.

“Kyu~n, kyu~n, kyu~n.” (Wilhelm)

“Oy, stop asking Feli for help.” (Gai)

“Gai, he looks pitiful.” (Felice)

“Feli, I have to discipline him properly without a delay… it would be too late when other victims like Zoe appear.” (Gai)

“That’s true… but…” (Felice)

“Kyu!? Kyu~n! Kyu~n!” (Wilhelm)

“Give it up, you say… I am saying this for your own sake.” (Gai)

“It will be fine. Gai knows how much you can take, so he won’t overdo it.” (Albert)

“… Okay.” (Felice)

“Don’t nod on that! You can mofumofu my fur as much as you like, so help me out!” (Wilhelm)

“… Stupid.” (Gai)

“Really!?” (Felice)

“… You have some nerve, Furball… I will help you… that eyesore of fur… I will tear it out as much as I please!” (Albert)

“Kyan!? Ah, I prefer Lord! Lord, please discipline me!” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t be reserved! Now! Here I come, Furball!” (Albert)

“I think he speaks a different language!” (Wilhelm)

“That’s why I told you.” (Zoe)

“Wilhelm, you are the same as always… difficult.” (Gai)

“Gai! Don’t just watch and stop Al! Ahhh!? The fluff is!” (Felice)

Albert has taken Wilhelm’s punishment into his hands after he tried to tempt Felice with the fluff.
Gai will surely help him when needed.
Surely… probably.

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