Chapter 156

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When the confusion got resolved, the discussion began with Evan and Wilhelm sitting in the corner.

“You really are Zoe-san, huh.” (Felice)

“Gyau.” (Zoe)

“It’s really inconvenient if you aren’t able to talk… Zoe, can’t you use telepathy?” (Gai)

“Gya?… (am I… doing it right?)” (Zoe)

“Oh, I heard you.” (Gai)

“If you can use telepathy then it makes things easier. Zoe, do you feel anything else wrong with you? Are you in pain or something?” (Claude)

“Gyau. (Not really. If I had to say, I feel refreshed because I am brimming over with power.)” (Zoe)

“Zoe, would you mind if I appraised you? The effects of our family’s medicine are strong. There might have been some other changes in your body caused by mixing them together.” (Claude)

“Gyau. (I don’t mind.)” (Zoe)

With her approval, Claude appraised Zoe.
Claude who was silently staring suddenly opened his eyes wide and charged at Evan who was kneeling on the ground.

“You stupid Evan! Why did you have bring those of all things!” (Claude)

“Stupid!?… Even if you tell me ‘those’… I don’t know what I brought… sorry.” (Evan)

“Listen, alright? What you have brought was ‘Transformation Drug’, ‘Restorative Medicine’, ‘Rejuvenation Medicine’, ‘Magical Power Amplification Drug’, and the problematic ones… ‘Dragon God’s Tears of Conflict’, ‘Dragon God Essence’, and ‘Demon Lord? Or is it Hero? Essence’!” (Claude)

“Wow~ so easy to understand, isn’t it?” (Felice)

“”He has the same naming of Feli!?”” (Albert & Gai)

“What’s the matter, you two?” (Felice)

“”It’s nothing.”” (Albert & Gai)

“It’s because I didn’t know, okay! I wasn’t aware that something like ‘Dragon God’s Tears of Conflict’, ‘Dragon God Essence’, and ‘Demon Lord? Or is it Hero? Essence’ exist!… Rather, what the hell are those!” (Evan)

While Claude explained the secret story of ‘Dragon God’s Tears of Conflict’, ‘Dragon God Essence’, and ‘Demon Lord? Or is it Hero? Essence’ to Evan, Felice, Albert, and Gai decided to confirm Zoe’s status.
They looked for the things that changed.

Race: Dragon Beastman → Dragon God Beastman
Title: Kokuryuu’s Follower, The King of Resentment Follower, Hero’s Follower
Skills: Dragonification, Telepathy
Unique Skills: Dragon Magic, Darkness Magic, Holy Magic

The stats value also increased by several times from before.
Although not comparable to Albert and Gai, Zoe’s power was now the same as the power of Fenrir, the Demon Lord’s pet.
(The Fenrir in question was currently laying down while shaking in the corner of the room.)
Her blueish scales also turned black.

“””Oh crap~”””

“It seems that you guys have seen it too. Zoe, can you turn back?” (Claude)

“Gyau. (I will give it a try)” (Zoe)

Zoe closed her eyes, concentrated and managed to change back into her humanoid form.
However, her originally bluish hair was now black, and her amber eyes turned red.
Her hair color turned black most likely because of the Kokuryuu or perhaps the Hero, and her eyes changed into the color of the Demon Lord’s eyes.
Somehow, her facial features also made her seem younger.

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