Chapter 155

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The danger of mixing!?
Felice and others, who finished reporting, talked with Claude about Zoe’s future.

“Well then, you don’t mind joining the Faust family as Felice’s personal guard?” (Claude)

“Yes. I am very grateful for this opportunity.” (Zoe)

“I understand the characteristics of Dragon people. As a parent, I’m very grateful for you to become Albert and Felice’s strength… however.” (Claude)


“Make sure they don’t overdo it. Pay attention that you don’t get caught up in the moment just like a certain fake butler. You shall act as the three’s stopper.” (Claude)

“E, excuse me?” (Zoe)

Gai hung down his face that turned dark as Zoe was taken aback by Claude’s pressure.

“I was called a fake butler.” (Gai)

“Nice.” (Albert)

“Err… your former occupation was that of a Demon Lord, so you don’t need to worry about that.” (Felice)

“Former Demon Lord is not an occupation… even though I want to show off by your side too… “ (Gai)

“Feli, it seems that he doesn’t follow.” (Albert)

“Au…” (Felice)

As a delicate atmosphere flowed within the room, a man entered inside.

“Claude! Which one is the transformation medicine?”

“Evan, how many times do I have to remind you to knock before entering?” (Claude)

“Sorry about that! Tell me which one it is. I want to use it for tomorrow’s inspection, but there are none left in the stock.” (Evan)

The one who entered was His Majesty Evan, who carried several bottles in his hands.

“Don’t be entering the vault on your own. There are dangerous things in there.” (Claude)

“It’s fine, I’m telling you. Rather than that, I will get beaten up by Lewis if I don’t hurry back.” (Evan)

“Haah~… the green one is the transformation medicine.” (Claude)

“Oh, this one? I will pay for this late-!?” (Evan)

“I think I found you~” (Lewis)

Just when Evan tried to leave, an energetic voice sounded from behind Evan who received an impact and fell towards Claude.

“Evan!” (Claude)



At that very moment, the bottles that Evan held flew out of his hands and the contents sprayed towards Felice.

“Kya!?” (Felice)


“Mistress!” (Zoe)

The squatting Felice was held in Albert’s arms, and Claude who avoided Evan covered the two with his body.
Moreover, Zoe also acted as a shield, but Gai blew everything away with magic… right towards Evan.

“Hey!? Why towards me!?” (Evan)

“Sorry! I did it unconsciously!” (Gai)

“Unconsciously!?” (Evan)

“Evan! Quickly dodge!” (Claude)

“Guhaa~! I can’t move because my back hurts!” (Evan)

A savior appeared in front of Evan who couldn’t avoid the dangerous mixture of liquids splashing towards his body.

“Lord! Are you guys playing? Let me join in too!” (Wilhelm)

“Gya!? My, my back!” (Evan)

“Wilhelm!?” (Gai)

Fenrir Wilhelm, who thought that Gai and others were playing, sprung up, using Evan as a scaffolding.
If he wasn’t currently the size of a medium dog, Evan’s lower back would have been rendered useless forever… it seems quite close already, though.
The problems arose when Wilhelm used magic to blow the liquid back.
Splashing Zoe, who had a delayed reaction from Wilhelm’s sudden intrusion, from head to toes.

“Guh… I, I can’t breathe…” (Zoe)


“Zoe-san!” (Felice)

“Not good, wash it off of her, quickly!” (Claude)

While Felice and others were panicking when they saw Zoe suffering, a smoke oozed out of her body, obscuring her from view.
When they somehow managed to clear up the smoke, they were all at loss of words from the scene before them.
A little black dragon was sitting on the ground in place of Zoe.

“””””……… Eh.”””””

“Lord~ are you not playing anymore? Huh? I smell Zoe’s scent from this tiny thing.” (Wilhelm)

“… Gyau.” (Zoe)

“””””…… Haah!?”””””

The room suddenly turned noisy with the words of Wilhelm and the positive cry of the little dragon.

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