Chapter 154

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Jolted in the carriage.
Currently, Felice’s Dark Fortune were heading to a place in a carriage.
The reason for that was a little Wolf-type monster and Black Dragon by her side.
The Wolf-type monster was Wilhelm who turned smaller.
The dragon that was obediently lying on Felice’s lap… was actually the Dragon Beastman Zoe.
Normally, Dragon Beastmen can’t turn into real dragons.
Then, as for why she is in that form… that happened a few days ago.
Felice, Albert and Gai were called by Claude.

“Sorry for calling you so suddenly. It’s actually unofficial, but I have a designated request for Dark Fortune.” (Claude)

“No need to mind that, but why are you putting up a request?” (Gai)

“We would naturally do it if you asked us to do so, Tousama.” (Albert)

“No, this time, you have to complete it as adventurers for various reasons.” (Claude)

“Hmm… so? What is this about?” (Gai)

“I want you to deliver this letter to a certain someone.” (Claude)

Claude handed the letter to Gai.

“A letter? Otousama, who is this certain someone?” (Felice)

“… An eccentric, obstinate geezer.” (Claude)

(((He’s making a really unpleased face, though.)))

Finding Claude’s sudden unpleasant expression strange, Gai stored the letter in his item ring.

“His name is Larsen… Larsen Faust.” (Claude)

“Faust? A relative?” (Gai)

“My Father.” (Claude)


Felice, Albert, and Gai couldn’t conceal their surprise.
They have never heard of him during the several years they were taken care of in this mansion, after all.

“Otousama’s father means that he’s our Ojiisama?” (Felice)

“You have never spoken about him, so I was sure that…” (Albert)

“So he’s still alive.” (Gai)

“Unfortunately.” (Claude)


(((Unfortunately, he said…)))

The three were speechless at Claude’s words.
Claude, however, continued talking without minding that.

“It would be troublesome if he got to know that Al and Feli are our children. That’s why I ask you to deliver it as adventurers.” (Claude)

“They certainly didn’t use the Faust name when they registered.” (Gai)

“Is it perhaps bad that we were adopted by you?” (Albert)

“Otousama…” (Felice)

“No! Don’t misunderstand! That fellow… that fellow is dangerous.” (Claude)


“Right… that fellow is…” (Claude)

“I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

The door was knocked at, blocking Claude from talking about Larsen.

“Henry? What’s the matter?” (Claude)

“Yes, Albert-sama and Felice-sama have a visitor.” (Henry)


The three were in the middle of the talk, but Claude allowed them to head to the guest room.
There, the one who was nervously sitting on the sofa dropped on her knees as she greeted the three.

“Long time no see. Fearfal-sama, Mistress, Demon Lord.”

“Zoe? Long time no see.” (Albert)

“Zoe-san, long time no see.” (Felice)

“Zoe? It’s been a while.” (Gai)

The visitor that came was the Dragon Beastman Zoe they met during the previous incident.

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