Chapter 87

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Can’t Hit it!
Because it was archery training in the afternoon, Lewis continued being in charge of us.
As usual, we warmed up and started the basic training.
When they finished running, Lewis took out Albert’s long-awaited Whack-a-monster.

“Here I go! Fight me~!”

“What’s with that?”

“It’s the usual thing.”

Leaving Albert whose tension was rather higher than usual, Lewis decided to overlook Felice.

“If I’m not mistaken, you are currently at level five and the monsters have been goblins all this time, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct but…… Lewis sensei?”

(I have a bad feeling.)

“Fufu…… the same monster all the time is no fun, isn’t it? I will choose for you today.”

(What’s with that smile!?)

“No, no, no, no! I don’t really seek fun in this!”

“That’s not good. This Whack-a-monster is sold as “to have fun while training”.”

“Sold!? B, but Al is whacking only goblins too!”

“Albert is enjoying himself enough.”

Being told such by Lewis, when Felice looked at Albert, she saw him happily hitting the goblins.

“……… I understand. Which will it be?”

“Look forward to it. Come on, get into position.”

Felice totteringly moved while Lewis swiftly pressed the buttons in the meantime.

(Ah~ it’s definitely that~ even though I was avoiding it~)

While Felice was thinking in her mind, the Whack-a-monster has begun, and what appeared was Felice’s beloved mofumofu.

“It’s wolves as I thought~! Moreover, it’s so cute!”

While saying such, one of the wolves went down, a harisen came flying towards her and her defenses weren’t in time.


“Ouch!?……… Ugh……”

“It’s as I expected or how should I put it……”

Tears appeared at the corners of Felice’s eyes, but the Whack-a-monster didn’t stop.
Felice quickly reorganized her feelings and hit the next wolf.

“I’m sorry! Don’t look at me with such round and cute eyes!”


Until the Whack-a-monster finished, Felice continued to apologize on top of being hit by the harisen several times.
Lewis spoke up while rubbing his brows.

“I have expected it, but the future is going to be difficult.”


“Felice, at this rate, it’s going to be dangerous for you when you encounter wolves or other mofumofu monsters in real combat. You understand that, right?”


As it would be dangerous for her to hesitate in the actual fight, Lewis hardened his heart and told Felice.


“Well, you have no choice but to get used to it. Next time, go for at least ten wolves during the Whack-a-monster training.”
“Eh!? …… Ten of them.”

She understood that it would be dangerous like this, but Felice’s eyes got wet as she stared at Lewis.
It was almost as if those eyes were complaining “Something like ten of them, that’s impossible! It’s not fun! Even though you said having fun while training just a while ago!”

“…… Five times is fine too.”

In the end, Lewis yielded this time.
It appears that his heart wasn’t hardened enough.
After that, when the quota of today’s basic training got finished, they started practicing with a bow.

“Well then, I will teach you how to handle a bow.”


Lewis took out small bows, several arrows and a target from his item ring.
During the teaching of how to use the bow, Albert accidentally put in too much strength and snapped the bowstrings several times, but he somehow managed to learn the form.

“It’s fine to miss the target at first. Let’s try it from 5m distance first.”


“Well then, shoot with your own timing.”

Felice and Albert were concentrating and released the arrows with their own timing.
Talking about the results, Felice’s arrow flew above the target and Albert’s arrow passed through the target and got stuck in a tree behind the target.

“Albert, your hand shook slightly when you were about to release the arrow. Your aim is good, so be conscious of that.”


“Felice, you have closed your eyes as you released the arrow, so you couldn’t hit the target. Please look properly without getting afraid.”


After they shot several arrows while receiving Lewis’ instructions, Albert’s aim got closer to the center and Felice managed to graze the target as well.
Much time has passed, so Lewis informed them of the end.

“Let’s end it here today. You have worked hard.”

“”Thank you very much!””

Felice who relaxed as she thought it was already over got reminded by Lewis.

“Felice, be sure to hit five times even if I’m not the one in charge.”

“…… Yess.”

“What? What’s the matter, Feli.”

Felice was sulking a bit, so Albert patted her head after listening to the story.

“Feli, you understand that Lewis is not trying to bully you, right? He’s making sure you won’t come across those dangerous eyes.”

(Good thinking, Lewis! In the first place, Feli likes mofumofu too much! Would she calm down a little with this?)

“I know. He already lowered it from ten to five, I will do my best!”

“I see…… let’s do our best together!”

(Even though ten was fine…… isn’t Lewis too lenient with Feli? Well, she would be pitiful if he was too strict, though.)


(Overthrow mofumofu!)

Seeing the two laughing while holding hands, Lewis muttered with an exhausted face.

“What they are saying is surely different from what they are thinking.”

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