Chapter 74

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wants to Mofumofu
Hey, it’s me Kokuryuu Fearfal.
I have changed into a child form and am living as Albert now.
Today is the day Felice and I have been eagerly waiting for.
Even yesterday, we were absentminded all night, so I made ourselves sleep with magic!
Even now, she’s skipping along with dazzle in her eyes.
Eh? Aren’t her eyes sparkling then?
No, they are dazzling!
While looking at Felice who was in a good mood, we arrived at the place of our destination.
They are welcoming us at the entrance.

“Ah! Blake-sa~n!”

Right, today’s place of destination is Blake’s house, in other words, the house of beastmen.
You now understand that there’s no mistake in saying there’s a dazzle in her eyes, right?
Feeling her state and guiding us inside while not trying to retreat, Blake is amazing, isn’t he!
Well, only the excited Feli hasn’t noticed.
Blake guided us to a spacious courtyard where little mofumofus were playing.
Feli has been enduring all this time.
Beastmen allow touching the ears and tail only to their family and close friends, but when she heard that this rule only applies only when one becomes ten years old and there’s no problem to touch, she has been enduring all this time.
That’s why Feli immediately took action.

“Kyaaーーー! Helloーーー!”

Seeing Feli rush over while squealing, the little mofumofus……… escaped at full speed.
Feli stopped at the spot and stopped moving.

“Why? Al~”


Feli embraced me with a seemingly crying face.
“It’s because of your face” is what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t laugh so I did my best to endure.
In the end, we returned with her not being able to approach them that day, so she was quite down.
Well, I understand their feelings of wanting to escape too.
If she approached me with such face, I would also shout “don’t approach me, don’t get any closer!”
After that, Feli’s battle with the mofumofus begun.
One time she would use toys, later she would try to bribe them with sweets, but the mofumofus with great wariness were strong!
Blake who couldn’t watch anymore wanted to lend a hand, but I stopped him.
I will say it just in case, but I didn’t stop her because “it’s revenge for being absentminded the days before and not playing with me” or “I’m enough for Feli” okay!
That’s why, don’t look at me with such eyes, Blake!
On a certain day of the battle, the end has come.

“Look, it’s only given that they would escape if you come at them with such dazzling eyes. They won’t disappear even if you don’t rush, how about calming down a bit?”

It was an eight years old girl who appeared with such words.
She’s apparently Blake’s daughter.
“Saying something unnecessary” I didn’t think that at all.
The little mofumofus stopped running away from Feli who obediently abided by the girl’s advice and Feli’s wish of mofumofuing to her heart’s content was fulfilled.
The girl who came beside me spoke a few words to me.

“Is it perhaps jealousy? Do you have no flexibility? To not be delighted about the happiness of the girl you like…… how uncool.”

Without being able to say anything to the girl who walked away, I just trembled a little.
I’m just angry at the words of that girl! It’s not like I’m crying, you know!
Therefore…… therefore, don’t pat me with such gentleness, Blake!
On the night of that day, I transformed into a wolf and fell asleep while being petted by Feli.

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