Chapter 73

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Family
I’m Austin.
The younger brother of the current King of the Dianes Republic Evan and S-class adventurer.
I have a beautiful and gentle wife called Angela, but marrying me has brought her only hardships.
She’s was an ordinary adventurer and marrying me, the royalty, has made her a target of jealousy and resentment.
The most terrible thing that happened is surely the child we lost.
Even after such thing happened, she stayed by my side.
Without giving up on bearing my child, she looked for a method all by herself.
Seeing her like that, Elder brother and others cooperated with us, but we weren’t able to find any.
Of course, as long as she doesn’t give up, I didn’t intend to give up the hope too!
At such time, we had a miraculous encounter.
It was the Kokuryuu Fearfal and Felice whom he protected.
Felice has treated Angela with the unparalleled magic of hers!
Thanks to that, we were blessed with a new life.
Everyone was happy and the two exerted themselves in order to protect it.
I never thought that Kokuryuu Fearfal who has no interest in others would assist us to such extent, but frankly, I think it’s only thanks to Felice.
But, it was at the time of delivery that I realized it wasn’t just that.
That day, I was sleeping as usual.
Due to the nature of my job, I’, unable to sleep deeply, so I was awoken by Angela’s light calling voice.
When I looked at Angela whether something happened, she was faintly trembling and when I placed my hand on the sheets in order to get up, I noticed that the sheets were wet.
When I looked at Angela in puzzlement, she was still trembling and doing her best not to cry while staring at me.
Looking at such face, I thought.
“What good losing composure here will bring! I have to support her!”
That’s why I gently called to her.

“Everything’s fine Angela, leave it to me. I’m sorry I didn’t notice before. It must be difficult to get up in time for…… restroom.”

The words she said and face she was making at that time, I won’t ever forget.

“What a stupid thing are you saying! My water broke! It’s coming out, you idiot! I was stupid for having expectations just for a second! You are siblings after all! Wipe that idiotic look off of your face and quickly call someone!! I’m telling you that it’s being born!!”

“……… Born…… born?…… Ah…… Elder sisterーーーー!!”

I hurriedly ran towards Elder sister’s place.
When I looked at her who was giving instructions to the servants while pouring cold gazes on me who entered without knocking, Claude gently clapped on my shoulder.

“Don’t mind it, Austin. Men are like this during childbirth.”

Claude said with a grief of that time.
Because of such ruckus, Fearfal and Felice who were sleeping in the neighboring rooms woke up too and we waited in front of the room.
Men couldn’t enter the room and just had to earnestly wait for the birth.
When the time passed and it the dawn broke, I heard a baby’s first cry.
The door immediately opened and while feeling restless, Elder sister carrying a baby in her arms walked out.

“Congratulations, Austin. It’s your…… son.”

I asked without being able to receive my son.

“A…… Angela is!??”

“All right! Both mother and child are healthy.”

Hearing such words, I finally received my son, but I wasn’t able to see his face.

“Come on, Austin! How long are you going to cry? …… Angela is…… wa…… waiting for you!”

“…… Yes…… thank you very much…… Elder sister.”


When I entered the room together with my tiny son, she was gently smiling even though she looked exhausted.


“Thank you, Angela. Thank you very much.”

After that, after Angela rested and woke up, our companions, friends, and family came to meet our son.
Among them, the one who came first was Fearfal.
While finding it curious, after making up my mind and asked, he answered.

“I have lost my family and friends all at once. Even now, I’m unable to forget the despair, hatred, and sense of loss I felt that time. I think I surely won’t forget from now on too. That’s why seeing you guys living while moving forward even after losing your child…… I realized how pathetic the I who thought only about destruction was. At the same time, I held a hope. Someday myself too…… you see. That’s why I’m grateful to you guys!”

Fearfal’s smile when he said that was gentle and somehow lonely.
When I consulted with Angela about what I came up with after hearing Fearfal’s story, it seems she was thinking the same thing, so we made a request to Fearfal who came to see our son.

“Will you become our son’s godparent?”

“Eh? …… Me?”

“By all means, Fearfal-sama.”

“…… Okay.”

Fearfal replied with a face that was about to burst into tears.
A few days later, while watching over the groaning him with a smile and waiting, he arrived with a nervous expression while holding hands with Felice.
Fearfal gently took my son’s hand and called his name.

“Your name is ―――――――”

At that time, my son laughed while tightly grasping Fearfal’s hand.
He was holding Felice with one hand and my son was grasping his other hand, so he wasn’t able to wipe that which flowed down his cheek.
In the future, when we came to receive the birth appraisal the royalty undergoes when born, I was surprised by the “Dragon God’s Divine Protection” he had, but it was a trivial thing.
What is currently important to me is my son’s growth and making sure not to anger Angela during the next childbirth!

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