Chapter 72

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The various events of the birth festival finished, the citizens returned to their ordinary lives and Regulus with his group back to his country.
Before returning, Felice promised him to “come and play in the Trust Kingdom someday” but that would be impossible for the next while.
Adam and the other three seniors returned to the academy as well, Miguel and Nathan promised to return on their next day off.
And now, Evan, Claude, Lewis, and Albert who changed into his young man form came to the royal palace’s jail.

“How do you feel? You don’t seem to be cooperative enough to listen.”

“Your Majesty! We are innocent. Please, save us!”

“You are still spouting such a thing?”

“That was a forgery! I and my daughters were set up by someone! Please, look at my daughters! They were so pretty and now are only mere shadows of their former selves…… treating them like that, have you got no benevolence!”

“Benevolence, uh…… then, cooperate. At this rate, you will be interrogated.”

“Therefore! Cooperating or whatever, I have no memory of having done something!”

Looking at the father Bakkan who doesn’t know how to give up and the dead tired Christina and Elizabeth, Albert lightly tapped on Evan’s shoulder.

“Isn’t it enough already, Evan. If they don’t want to cooperate, you just have to make them”

“Make them cooperate? What are you planning?”

“I won’t do anything bad. Leave it to me, Lewis.”

“Evan, Lewis, leave it to Al. We have plenty of work to do. And above all, I don’t want to waste any more time on these fellows.”

“I agree with that, but…… fine. We will leave it to you.”

“Oy, wait a moment! I’m the one who will make the decision!”

“Eh? Then, quickly make the decision.”

“Then, you say…… ahem! …… Albert, I will leave it to you!”


Giving the resolute Evan a suitable reply, he approached Bakkan.

“W, who are you!”

“I’m not important to name myself!…………… is what I wanted to say at least once~ I’m Albert, we don’t have to get along, alright?”

“What are you saying……”

Albert disregarded Bakkan and looked at his two daughters.

“Leaving that aside, how long are you going to continue your little act? I can see that you guys are lively just by looking at your statuses.”

Resigning to Albert’s words, the two stood up and glared at him.

“…… Looking at people’s statuses as you please, you have no manners.”

“He’s surely someone of low birth who doesn’t know about manners, Oneesama.”

“Hmm~…… manners, huh…… about your manners, even though you guys have men that you love so much enough to kill their wives, don’t you have relationships with several men? Every night, different men of various races, even the servants and slaves. Ah, adventurers? Doing it right at the bar? Uwaa, you have conceived and had abortions a few times. You guys, you wanted to marry Austin and Garrett…… but whose child were you planning to give birth to?”

When he said that while giggling, the two’s faces started changing colors.

“Wha…… what are you saying…… such nonsense!”

“That’s right…… there’s no way we would do something like that!”

“Whether it’s nonsense or not, I think you guys understand the most. Well fine, you guys have two choices. First, you will be executed by admitting to your sins and telling us the names and places of the cooperators. Second, receive the torture I’ve come up with and die. Which do you prefer?”

“What’s with that!? Aren’t we going to die in the end!”

“Wait a moment, Elizabeth. What are the contents of the torture?”


“Christina, what are you saying!?”

Elizabeth raised her voice at the presented choices, but Christina asked about the contents of the torture.

“Fufu…… you guys were in a relationship with various races until now, but as expected, you weren’t with goblins or orcs yet, right?”

“Eh? …… Surely not…… no…… I’d hate that!”

“You will gladly accept even if you hate it.”

“You bastard! What are you planning to do to my daughters…… are you still even a human!”

“I don’t want to hear that from a man who impregnated a twelve years old servant and murdered her together with her entire family.”

“Calm down Otousama, Elizabeth. There’s no way such thing can be possible!”

“It’s possible~ it is. A few nests swarmed by goblins and orcs have been confirmed near the forest boundary with the Trust Kingdom just recently. First of all…… let’s take a look at one”


Albert transferred with the three above a goblin nest.

“Here, we have arrived! This is a goblin nest”

“Hii~! So high, help me!”

“This is…… a lie, right? …… Oneesama.”


“Ridiculous…… impossible.”

While dumbfounded that they really were shown a goblin nest, goblins came out from the cave while carrying something.
And then, several goblins started eating that something.

“Oneesama…… that is-”

“No way…… is that…… a human?”

“They finished using it, so they are probably processing it for the nursery. Let’s go to the next place~”

Next, he transferred to an orc nest.
What they saw there was precisely several men and women being violated.

“No! Something like that…… I will talk, so please don’t do such terrible thing to me!”

“I will talk as well! I will tell you everything, okay!”

Albert grinned after seeing the crying two and the fainted Bakkan and transferred back.

“I’m back~ they said they will talk.”

“Thank you for your work. Did you really take them there?”

As Lewis asked while looking at the three, Albert nodded.

“Yeah. There was a human in the goblin nursery, but she was already dead. I didn’t feel any other presence. Orcs have assaulted about fifteen men and women, but they were bandits so I left them as they were.”

“Is that so…… Albert.”

“Un, I will go to crush both, okay?”

“Sorry about that Al, be careful.”

“I got it. I will finish quickly so we can leave.”

Saying such, Albert transferred.

“Therefore…… I was…… supposed to give orders.”

“Stop grumbling under your nose and listen to what they have to say, Your Majesty.”

“Do it quickly, Your Majesty.”

“……… Yes…… sniffle……”

After that, everything went smoothly.
Albert who crushed the goblin and orc nests took actions to see whether there are any other victims just in case.
Using Stealth, he put the lost articles of the victims and bandits and everything that seemed important into his item ring. After killing Ogres, Orc King, and Orc Mages, he put their corpses in the item ring, destroyed the nests with one strike of magic and transferred back.

“It’s finished.”

“”………… Evan.””

“Eh? …… Is it really fine? It’s fine for me to say it, isn’t it!”

“”Go ahead, go ahead.””

“Alright! You worked hard, Albert! Thank you!”

“You are welcome.”

“Thank you for your trouble, Albert.”

“This, I have brought many things back with me, will you check it later?”

“Yes, I will.”

“You are not injured, are you?”

“I’m fine, Otousama.”

“We were able to settle this quickly thanks to Al. Looks like we can return early today.”

“Are we going home together?”

“Do that, Claude. Albert, please put the things you brought into the neighboring room.”

When he did as Lewis said, they were surprised when he took out the corpses of Ogres and other monsters.

“I will put this into my item ring. It will get stinky after all. Well then, you two can go home.”

“Sorry about that, Lewis. We will excuse ourselves first.”

“See you, Lewis!”

Claude and Albert transferred home.

“Now then…… have we played around too much?”

What lied before Lewis who had a wry smile was Evan who was uncontrollably weeping on his knees.

“…… What about me? …… It’s all Lewis in the end…… sniff……”

At a later date, those who cooperated with Christina and others were investigated and punished. Bakkan, Christina, Elizabeth, and the Demon Zero were executed as planned two months later.
And then, several months later, a new light was born.

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