Chapter 71

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Evening Party ~
The conviction of Christina and her family finished and Evan who returned to his private room sat on the sofa while drained of strength.

“Ah~ that went smoothly.”

“You were looking quite good, Evan.”

“Seriously…… you have become good at acting, Elder brother.”

“That face of pain you showed was so lifelike, Your Majesty.”

“Fu, so you felt it, Garrett…… that really was a face of pain, you know!”

“”What do you mean?””

“That fellow Claude was pinching me! As hard as he could at that!”

“Being noisy about something of that degree. It produced good results, didn’t it?”

“Of that degree!? …… In that case, you receive it too!”

Evan extended his hand towards Claude, but when he started chasing further because he was nimbly evaded, an exhausted voice could be heard.

“Stop it already. How unbecoming for a man of good age.”

“Geh! You were here, Lewis.”

“I have arranged the room while waiting. You can’t scatter things around so much just because maids are cleaning here.”

“Yesyes…… this is why you are “Okaasan”.”

Lewis properly heard Evan’s final mutter and pulled on his ear.

“Excuse me? What did you say just now? Try saying it one more time! Who is “Okaasan”!”

“Ouch!? Stop it~! Do you not hear me! My ear will stretch!”


While rubbing his ear which became red from being pulled, Evan gave orders to address the citizens who became uneasy from the sudden attack and inform them about the punishment for the masterminds of the event. Then, he replaced his emotions in order to interact with the visitors.
Garret returned to his mansion, Austin to the Faust House, and Claude remained to support Evan and Lewis.
Everyone was busily running around and returned to the evening party to cap off the last day of the birth festival.

“Thank you for gathering at my birth festival. I want you to fully enjoy tonight.”

When Evan’s greetings finished, the invitees came to give him words of congratulations.
As children couldn’t participate in this evening party, they were left home alone and there are also those who cut loose.
Adam and others weren’t an exception and joined with the children of the Faust House.

“Well then! To celebrate the solution of the incident and birth festival, cheers~!”



Of course, what we are drinking is not alcohol, but soda and fruit water that were on the table alongside with a light meal and snacks.

“As expected, playing without being watched is nice!”

“You will get scolded if you go too far, Adam.”

“Don’t try to stop me, Miguel. You are too stiff!”

“Although you are saying that, you get reprimanded every year, Elder brother.”

“Right, right, we get rolled up in it every single year.”

“What’s with the “rolled up” Nathan! You guys are guilty of the same things too!”

“Are we? What might you be talking about? Being delusional is not good.”

“Delusional!? There was no need to say delusional! How were you educated, Miguel!”

“To be “obedient, kind, honest”.”


“Then, “pure, righteous, beautiful”?”

“Doesn’t suit you!”

“How rude…… it’s a lie though.”


“N~ then, how about “bully, make cry, teach manners”?”

“That’s scary, Nathan! But, it fits you the most!”

“I’m honored to be complimented.”

“I wasn’t complimenting you, okay!?”

“Yesyes, Elder brother leave it at that, you will be laughed by the kids.”

“Fufufu, Oniisamas get along so well, don’t they?”

“It’s the “I don’t care” relationship, right Feli…… Feli?”

When Albert turned towards Feli in search of an agreement, he had a bad feeling after seeing her earnestly gulping down the contents of her cup.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…… puhaa.”

“Feli…… what have you been drinking since a while ago? Your face is red, though?”

“Dis? …… Dis is…… juuiche…… I got…… brom Adamyu-shan…… hehe… hic……”

“””…………… Adam?”””


“Elder brother…… you didn’t.”

“Oniisama…… by any chance.”

“Huh? …… H, how strange? …… It should have been a fruit water, but…… ha ha ha……”

“”It’s alcohol no matter how you look at it!””

“Feli! Drink some water…… hey, that one is no good!”

“No bayy~ I like dis~!”

“Elder brother…… of all things to let Felice drink it! Seriously.”

When Dylan took the cup in his hands and brought it to his lips, Albert tried to stop him in panic but he didn’t make it in time.

“Ah! Dylan, that’s Feli’s cup!”

“…… Albert…… say that…… earlier…… ueh.”

“Dylan you dunce~”

“Speaking about faults…… you drink it too~ stupid bro!”

“Wait! Gulp…… wai……… save…… oeh…..”

Dylan eyed a bottle, grabbed it and thrust it into Adam’s mouth.

“Because you did something unnecessary.”

“In the end, it would turn out like this, wouldn’t it?”

“Fu…… you should drink too~!”

Adam charged towards Miguel and Nathan who were watching with ridicule.
They resisted, but with Dylan joining in, they soon joined the group of drunks.

“Uu~ Oniisamas are…… what to do?”

While in thoughts, Grace brought a cup close to her lips.

“Hey, I said it’s Feli’s!”

“Hae? …… I beel dizzy~”

Saying such, Grace fell on the sofa.
The four seniors were making a ruckus while laughing, fighting and undressing.

“Yeah~…… what should I do…… about this?”

While Albert who was left behind was at a loss, Felice suddenly stood up and activated magic.

“So noisy~! Everyone, ‘Sleep’~!”

“Wait! Whad is…… te……. fu…… kaku.”

30 minutes later, when Olivia and Riley came to check on them, they saw children collapsed around the floor and on the sofa.

“Wha!? An intruder! We have to report immediately!”

“Wait, Riley! This smell……”

“”Reeks of alcohol!””

Like this, the children’s evening party came to an end.
The next morning, the seniors were sitting in seize in front of Claude who had his arms folded while Albert, Felice, and Grace were sitting on the sofa.

“Now then, you guys…… have you left your wills behind?”

“”””Wills!? Ouch!””””

The four held their heads in pain because of their own voices.

“I made a mistake. What do you have to say?”

“”””I’m sorry.””””

“I won’t say that cutting loose is bad. I remember doing that as well. Experiencing various things is good……… but, what is it about, letting little children drink alcohol?”

“”””Yes, we are reflecting.””””

“I will forgive you because you had no bad intentions this time, but as a punishment, you will get rid of your hangovers naturally, alright?”


When Claude finished scolding them and left for work, the four feebly fell to the ground.

“It ended like this after all.”

“Let’s give up, Elder brother.”

“Our idiot causes you trouble every time.”

“Ahh~ I’m really sorry. Grace and Felice, are you two all right?”

“I was healed by Felice, so I’m all right.”

“I have ‘Abnormal Status Resistance’ skill, so I’m fine.”

“Adam, learn from this experience and think a bit before acting.”

“…… I will do my best.”

In the end, their hangover lasted until just past noon.
What waited in the royal palace for Adam and Dylan was Andria with a wonderful smile and a sword in her hand, and worn-out Evan and Regulus laying on the ground.
It appears there were guilty people at the adult’s evening party as well.
While the two we worried “I wonder if Father’s speech went all right,” the former S-class adventurer approached them.
It seems that the screams of the two boys continued to be heard until the afternoon of that day.

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