Chapter 70

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Mastermind ~
Because many things happened today, it has been decided after the dinner that the children and women will go sleep earlier than usual.
Because it’s arranged for the visitors from each country to arrive tomorrow, an interrogation to find out the mastermind has been started tonight.
The place is the jail, the members are Fearfal who took on the form of a young man, Lewis, and Claude. Others are standing on standby above.

“Now then, wake up.”

“Ugh…… this iss?”

As soon as Zero got up, Lewis questioned him.

“This is a jail. You said you are called Zero?”

“That’s rightt…… I have been caught, huhh.”

“I heard that your purpose is to kill the royal family, whom were you ordered by?”

“There’s no way I can answer that, is theree?”

As Zero answered with a laugh of ridicule, Fearfal opened his mouth.

“There’s no need to ask anymore. Your employer…… no, your contractor is Christina, right? Demon Zero.”


“Christina…… that means, the target wasn’t the royal family but Angela, huh.”

“What is this aboutt? I don’t know any Christinaa.”

“Playing dumb is futile. I have seen your memories after all. You were told that your target is Angela and to kill any royalty that is with her too, right? As for your compensation, it was the magical power of the humans you’d kill.”

“…… I havee never heard of humanss who can read memoriess, it’s not good to liee, you knoww?”

“You are right. I’m not a human, so reading your memories is a simple task.”

“What are you sayingg?”

“I will tell you one thing. Right now, I’m quite angry. You have hurt feelings of my precious child and you wanted to kill my family.”

Fearfal’s eyes gradually changed until they gave out a golden light and black scales surfaced on his skin.

“It was my mistake to lag behind a cockroach like you. Therefore, I won’t let you do as you please any more than this! You should repent in front of your superior!!”

Fearfal’s shout squashed Zero with both magical power and the fear from his bloodthirst, but it weakened before Zero could faint.

“Hii…… wha…… gu……”

“Be at ease, I won’t kill you yet. There’s something I will have you do. For that reason, I will overwrite that contract of yours.”

“You can do something like that?”

“If it’s forcefully then I can but…… what, it will put burden on this guy but he won’t die from it.”

“What are you planning?”

“Just our testimonies aren’t enough, right? Therefore, I will have him return to Christina and report that he killed Angela, Samantha, Miguel, and Nathan. While making him carry a recording magic tool.”

“I see, she won’t be able to talk her way out of it like that.”

“Good thinking. Let’s go with that.”

“Hmph…… let’s do it then.”

Fearfal grasped Zero’s head and started pouring magical power.
Zero was in so much pain he flapped his arms and legs around but Fearfal continued pouring magical power into him without minding.

“Gua!? Sto, stop!! My head will! Gyaahーーーーー!”

After a while, the arms of Zero who was resisting languidly dropped and he stopped resisting. When Fearfal removed his hand, he said to Zero stood up with vacant eyes.

“Overwriting complete. Now then, I’m your master. Obey me.”

“Yes…… please, order me anything.”

To Zero’s response, Fearfal grinned while Claude and Lewis nodded.
After ordering Zero and sending him out, they came back above and went to rest.
And the next day, the important nobles gathered to discuss the matter of the attack.
Unlike the usual, the sons and daughters of the nobles were asked to attend as well, but no one could point out why.
Once the called nobles were gathered, Evan entered with Claude.

“Good work on answering the sudden call. Today, I want to discuss the matter of yesterday’s attack and news of death.”

In the noise made because of Evan’s words, one plump man stepped forward.
It was Christina’s father.

“With all due respect, Your Majesty. I’m aware of the attack, but news of death?”

“In fact…… during yesterday’s attack, my little sister and Claude’s wife Samantha, their sons Miguel and Nathan, and Angela, the wife of my little brother Austin were assaulted by someone…… and lost their lives!”

“That can’t be!?”

Because of Evan’s words of grief, the noise spread again with questions flying around.
Among them, they were those who were giggling while covering their mouths with their hands, but they were shocked with Evan’s next words.

“Everyone, be at ease! We have already captured the perpetrator! And, the one who hired him is among you! Bring him here!”

The one who has been brought by the soldiers was Zero.

“This fellow is the perpetrator, Zero…… a demon! Now, tell us who is your contractor!”

“The contractor is…… Christina.”

“He’s lying! I don’t know that guy at all!”

Christina defended herself the moment her name came up, but she was remonstrated by Claude.

“Silence! Who said that you could speak. You are in front of His Majesty!”

“Ugh! …… My deepest apologies.”


“With all due respect Your Majesty, there’s no way my daughter is acquaintanced with such dreadful man. That falsehood…… might be someone’s scheme.”

“What you said is reasonable. Then, why don’t we verify with other evidence.”

“Other evidence, is it?”

“This is a recording magic tool. Let’s hear what’s recorded on this magic tool.”

When Claude activated the magic tool, the conversation that came out of it,


(Aren’t you late! You won’t tell me that you have failed, will you!)

(I met unexpected difficulties. It was a success. As you have told me, I have killed Angela and the royalty near her.)

(Then that’s fine. Who is the royalty you have killed?)

(Samantha, Miguel, Nathan.)

(You have killed Samantha!? …… Otousama will be angry. Even though he wanted to keep Samantha as his mistress after he killed Claude…… oh well, that woman was in the way of my and Austin-sama’s marriage anyway. You did well, Zero.)

(Is it all right to end the contract then?)

(A moment, Oneesama! My objective has not been accomplished yet!)

(Oh my Elizabeth, Rebecca will eventually die, you know?)

(Haven’t you heard? Even though the servants I have bribed with so much trouble poisoned her, the mysterious healer has treated her! Therefore, please tell this demon to kill her for me!)

(Can’t be helped. It’s for the sake of my cute little sister, fine. Zero, go and kill Rebecca Smith. You mustn’t kill Garrett Smith. He will become my little sister’s husband after all.)

(Roger. The compensation?)

(Same as with Angela, the magical power of those you kill.)

(The contract is established.)


When the sound was gone, no one could speak. Christina, Elizabeth, and their father were trembling with blue faces.

“Now then, what do you think?”

“Ah…… y, you are mistaken! This is a forgery!”

“T, that’s right! I don’t remember saying anything like that!”

“That’s right!”

“You won’t admit it, huh…… then, Claude!”

“Yes, everyone, this is the written oath. When this Zero was captured, we used “I will die if I lie” contract magic on him. You understand what that means, right?”

One man came out to answer Claude’s question.

“In other words, this man’s testimony and the evidence are genuine…… is that it?”

“Garrett-sama!? Umm, I have-!”

“You would marry me once Rebecca died? I would rather die than have someone like you as my wife!!”

“That can’t be!”

When Elizabeth got crushed inside, a different voice spoke up.

“I’m of the same opinion. Even if Angela died, I would be disgusted to have someone like you as my wife!!”

“That’s too much, Austin-sama!”

“Please, wait a moment! Even if it’s true, what my daughters did was because of their deep love towards you, gentlemen! The dead won’t return even if you punish my daughters! With all sincerity, please judge them with leniency!”

“Shut up! The dead won’t return, you say! What is the man who wanted to keep my wife as mistress saying!”

“T, that’s!”

In the bloodthirsty atmosphere, Evan seriously said.

“There’s no need to discuss this anymore. On this occasion, the mastermind Christina is guilty of attempted murder and national treason, Elizabeth is guilty of attempted murder and assisting national treason, the father of both, Bakkan is guilty of attempted murder assisting national treason. All will be executed. The perpetrator, demon Zero, is guilty of attempted murder and assisting national treason and will be executed! That’s all.”

“…… Wait…… attempted murder?”

Christina was struck by Evan’s words and looked at him dumbfoundedly.

“Right, attempted. Everyone is alive.”

“Then…… execution is too much! They aren’t dead, right!?”

“Fool…… His Majesty said national treason! You bastards are guilty of desiring to kill the royalty for your self-interest!”

The dissatisfied Christina was slapped by Claude’s words and the three were dragged away with their heads feebly hanging down.

“Everyone, you must never forget this time’s matter. Similar thoughts to that of those girls must have passed through the minds of a few of you. But, the result will be the same. I will say it again…… don’t ever forget this.”

The remaining nobles fell on their knees and bowed.

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