Chapter 69

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Warped ~
(Huh? What I was doing again…… I was watching a parade when Cyclops and wyvern attacked…… that’s right, I was looking for Okaasama and others who have vanished. After that…… Okaasama and Angela-san were crying…… why were they crying again? …… Ahh…… my Oniisamas have been…… I have to heal them…… who? Who did such…… I hear some rough voice though…… is it him?)

(…… Then…… must kill him.)

(But…… we have to get the information out of him.)

(Why? Even though he hurt Oniisamas.)

(Oniisamas were already saved.)

(But…… it hurt…… Okaasama was crying too…… are you going to forgive him?)

(I won’t.)

(He’s unforgivable.)

(I don’t want to hurt anymore.)

(I don’t want to be robbed of it again.)

In Felice’s head, her emotions keep getting cold.
Felice started walking towards the man.
I heard the voice of Regulus who was trying to stop me with his eyes wide open in the corner of my eyes, but I didn’t stop walking.

“Ah, aghーーーId hurds! Sabe meeーーー!”

“How noisy. Who are you and what is your purpose?”


“Answer me.”

When Felice waved her hand, the man stopped moving and stood up, he then murmured in dumbfounded.

“The pain is gonee. Were you the one who saved mee? Thank you very muchh. I’m Zero, an assassinn.”

Zero who got delighted the moment the pain was gone approached Felice, but she activated a skill the moment he grasped her hand.

“‘Life Absorption’.”

“Huhh? My strength is escapingg~”

Felice absorbed Zero’s HP and MP to the limit so he wouldn’t escape.

“Please, suffer a lot.”


After that, Felice crushed every bone in his body with magic and healed him back, she pierced several parts and healed them, cut him all over again and healed repeatedly, but the movements of Zero who was crying for help at the beginning stopped.
And then, Felice stopped moving as well.

(Huh? I can’t move.)

“Feli, it’s over.”

(Not yet…… it’s not over yet, I have to make him suffer.)

“It’s fine already.”

(I have to kill him…… I will be robbed again…… don’t get in my way.)

“Let’s think together with everyone so you won’t get robbed again. That’s why let’s end it here. Okaasama and others are worried about you.”

(Okaasama…… yes……)


“…… Al? Why did you become big? I…… what was I……”

“It’s fine, everything is over now. Let’s return home?”

“Yeah…… yawn~”

“Good night, Felice.”

Once Fearfal made Felice fall asleep, he lifted her up in his arms and took her to others who were watching in silence.

“Is Felice all right?”

“She’s fine, Austin. She’s just sleeping.”

“Al, just what has happened with Feli?”

“Okaasama, let’s talk after we return. Evan and Otousama are at the Faust House, so let’s hurry home.”

“What about that guy?”

“I will take him. I will make him sleep for a while.”

“Oy, we are going too. I’m curious about that man.”

Regulus and Caleb decided to go too.

“Everyone form a circle, I will transfer us.”

When everyone formed a circle, they immediately transferred.


When they transferred into the Faust House’s guest room, Claude was already waiting there.
Just at that moment, Miguel and Nathan woke up.

“Ugh…… I…… ah, Nathan!? What about Nathan!”

“Calm down, Miguel.”

“Father! Nathan has-!”

“Elder brother…… I’m all right.”

“Nathan…… what’s going on?”

“You were saved. Angela and Caleb…… Felice saved you.”

“”Mother…… Angela-san, Caleb-san, thank you very much.””

“No, I have just held on until Felice came.”

“Same here. We wouldn’t be able to do anything if not for that child.”

The two looked towards Felice, but she was sleeping.

“Feli is…… sleeping, right?”

“What happened?”

There’s wasn’t anyone who could answer that question, so Fearfal quietly spoke up, breaking the silence.

“For now, could you wait with Evan and others? Before talking about what happened, there’s something I would like to confirm.”

“Alright. Everyone, let’s go.”

Although still confused, Claude urged others to go.
When there were only two of them in the room left, Fearfal woke up Felice.

“Feli…… wake up, Felice.”

“Ung….. Al? …… Oniisamas and others are?”

“They are fine. Everyone was saved. This is the Faust House. Do you remember what happened before you fell asleep?”


“Somehow…… something was in my head…… that was…… me?”

“As I thought. That’s probably if I have to say the’four years old Felice’?”

“Eh? …… What do you mean?”

“This is just my guess, however, Feli has the memories and knowledge of ‘Sayo’ from your previous life, and that ‘Sayo’ is currently in the front, but you properly have a consciousness of the’four years old Felice’too, don’t you?”

“Un. At times, it pulls on me or rather…… wants to be spoiled like a child, wants to sulk. I can’t stop it even though I understand, it has such feeling.”

“That’s it. Normally,’Sayo’ controls the ‘four years old Felice’ to some extent…… although controlling it, but this time, ‘Sayo’ agreed with the emotions of “I don’t want to be robbed” of the’four years old Felice’.”

“You mean I couldn’t suppress it?”

“‘Sayo’has memories of happiness from the previous life, but the’four years old Felice’finally experienced happiness. Although the way of saying it is bad, the difference between them got warped.”

“The power of not wanting to lose, not wanting to be robbed, huh…… what to do? Everybody thought of me strangely, didn’t they?”

“Since this is a chance, it might be better to talk about it with them. We don’t know whether something like this will happen again and we don’t know whether I who knows the situation will be with you at that time.”

“…… Alright.”

Fearfal and Felice returned to where Evan and others were.
The royalty, Austin’s party, the three representatives, Regulus and Caleb were waiting in the room.
Claude spoke up first.

“So, what happened?”

“I will talk first.”

Saying such, Samantha talked about the evacuation.
Claude who felt anger while listening to the story seemed somewhat relieved.

“However, why were you there, Regulus?”

“I was bored so I was taking a walk.”

“I have felt a wicked magical power. I also felt Samantha-sama’s magical power nearby, so we rushed over there.”

“However, that man Zero, he suddenly started suffering.”

“That’s was my doing. I have forcibly returned the Cyclops he summoned.”

“You can do even something like that!?”

“With a forceful push of my magical power. While dealing with the aftermath, Feli’s magical power changed so I transferred with Austin.”

Claude reacted to Fearfal’s words.

“Magical power changed? What happened.”

“I have felt it as well. During Miguel’s and Nathan’s treatment.”

“Before we begin explaining, there’s something we have to say. It seemed that Otousama has already felt it, but Feli is…… a reincarnated person.”


“As I thought.”

There were those who were surprised, those who were understanding about Felice being a reincarnated person.

“I…… have memories of my previous life. In my previous life, I was called ‘Sayo’ and I was born in a country called Japan. I was abandoned in an orphanage, but the director couple treated me with affection and I had many siblings, I was happy. But, when I was eighteen, I was stabbed to death by a random attacker. When I regained my consciousness, I was already in that basement.”

When Felice finished speaking, Evan opened his mouth as if recalling something.

“Hey…… you have said Japan, right?”


“Ahh~…… our grandfather was a reincarnated person as well, but I’m certain I heard he came from Japan. Isn’t that so, Anemos Jii?”

“I think you are right. So that means, you are from the same country?”

“What a strange fated relationship.”

“And so? I don’t think that was all, right?”

Ignoring the two, Claude urged to continue.

“Un. What I wanted to say is that inside Felice, there’s the consciousness of ‘Sayo’ and the consciousness of the ‘four years old Felice’ as well.”

“I understand.”

Everyone nodded to Fearfal’s words, so he talked about the warping of the two consciousnesses.
When he finished talking, Miguel and Nathan called out to Felice who hung her head down.

“Feli, thank you for saving us. Also, I’m sorry for causing you such thoughts.”

“Feli, thank you very much. I’m pathetic for making my little sister to have such thoughts. I will stop saying that I’m no good at close combat and practice.”

“That’s right. An attack of such extent, we must be able to counterattack it.”

“Miguel Oniisama, Nathan Oniisama.”

“How reliable. Look Feli, there’s no need to restrain your feelings. Even if you have your memories, right now, you are a child. It’s fine to behave like a spoiled child, to sulk, being selfish.”


“That’s right. There’s nothing disagreeable about being a child. Miguel and Nathan were spoilt and selfish too. Of course, I got angry when they went too far. When Feli goes too far, I will get angry in the same way, so be at ease.”

“”Wha, Father!?””

“Otousama…… yeah, thank you.”

When Felice laughed, the people who were watching her felt relieved.
Among the warm flowing mood, there were people who couldn’t read the situation anywhere, so this also wasn’t an exception.

“By the way, it has been on my mind since a while ago, but this person who came together with Felice, who are you? Where did Albert go?”

“…… Elder brother…… please read the mood. You would have understood from the flow of the conversation, right!”

“I also understood, Oniisama.”

“I’m ashamed of our son.”

“Ah~…… I can’t follow-up. I was the one who didn’t tell them though.”

“Then, once again.”

Fearfal transformed into a child and said while cheerfully smiling.

“I’m Albert. I’m not a human, but Kokuryuu! Best regards, Adam!”


Dylan and Grace were surprised by Albert’s real identity.
However, Adam was Adam.

“Albert!? …… You can turn small, you can turn big…… you are really dexterous!”

“””That’s not the point!”””

Miguel, Nathan, and Dylan tsukkomi’d Adam’s wrong impression and laughter spread around.
Among that, one man has inwardly broken out in a cold sweat.

(Ahh~ I’m glad I didn’t ask. To think he was Albert. I thought they were siblings.) Regulus

And, one knight who was coldly looking at the man.

(Although his wild intuition is so sharp, he must be missing something somewhere.) Caleb

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