Chapter 68

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Assailant ~
The time goes back a little.
All of sudden, Cyclops appeared from within a summoning formation and Claude who saw that started giving out instructions.

“Riley, Olivia! Evacuate everyone! Miguel and Nathan back them up with magic!”

Claude said such and started running towards a carriage, but at that moment, a wyvern appeared as well and the soldiers started panicking.
Angela inadvertently muttered Austin’s name as she watched him taking a stance against the Cyclops.


“Angela-san…… Miguel Oniisama, are Cyclops strong?”

“They are, but Austin-sama and others will be alright. However, the royal family’s protection is concerning.”

“They can’t fight with their everything in here. To be frank, it’s too harsh.”


“I’m sorry…… however.”

“It’s fine, Miguel. I’m also an adventurer, I understand.”

“Anyhow, let’s hurry. Olivia take the lead, Riley I leave the rear to you.”

When Samantha urged the evacuation, Al started moving on the opposite side of the carriage.

“Al! What are you doing!?”

“I’m sorry Okaasama, I won’t be evacuating.”

“Al…… are you going to fight?”

“It will be fine, Feli. It won’t even become a fight.”

“Albert…… Austin……. everyone, please!”

“Angela, it will be fine so you think about you and the child.”

Saying such, Al kicked the ground and jumped up.

“Al…… Everyone, quickly evacuate!”

When Olivia took the lead to evacuate, the moment we made a turn, everyone except me, Olivia and Riley vanished.
I was dropped from Miguel’s arms and Riley just barely caught me.

“Eh!? Thank you, Riley! Olivia, stop! Okaasama and others vanished!”

“Wha!? What’s going on!”

“I don’t know! It was the moment we took a turn, Riley you saw it too, right?”

“Yes, I certainly saw it! It’s probably some kind of magic.”

“I felt magical power for a moment…… perhaps, a transfer? Anyhow, I will look around with’Search’!”

While searching for Samantha and others, they, on the other hand, appeared on a grass-covered plain.

“Just where is this…… is everyone here?”

“Feli, Riley, and Olivia aren’t present.”

“I was holding Feli in my arms.”

“Sister-in-law-sama, it seems we were only transferred.”

“Transfer? Just who would?”

“Everyone seems calm. I was hoping for more confusion though.”

“”Who is it!””

Reacting to the sudden voice, Miguel and Nathan stepped forward protecting the others.
The person who spoke up was a person with a hood on.
It’s a man judging by the voice.

“Oh my, oh my, are you playing knightss? How splendid you aree.”

“I’m asking you who you are.”

“What is your purpose?”

“Impatient, aren’t you? I’m calledd Zero. I’m world’s best first-class assassinn and my purpose iss ruining thee royalty, you see~”

“Assassin…… ruining the royalty, you say!”

“Starting by killing those in the capital, I’m going to kill the others next~”

“That summoning formation was your doing!?”

“Correct~ As a reward, I will…… kill youu, okayy?”

The moment Zero said such, Nathan got blown away.



“Next onee~”


Before he could call out, Miguel’s body was blown away close to Nathan, his movements completely still.
The two each have a hole in their stomach and are lying in a pool of blood.

“Miguel…… Nathan…… Noーーー!!”


“Everything is alrightt. I will immediately send you to the same place after all, okayy?”


Angela appeared before Samantha who entered a state of panic before Zero’s hand could reach her and she activated a magic tool, spreading a barrier around them, ultimately repelling Zero’s away.
When Zero got repelled, Angela took Samantha’s hand and dragged her over to Miguel and Nathan.

“Sister-in-law-sama! The two are still breathing! They need healing!”

“But…… but, such wounds!”

“There is that child!! She will save them as long as they are alive! Sister-in-law-sama!”

“Yeah…… right…… that child is.”


Samantha hit her cheeks and while fixing her eyes on the two, she started healing them together with Angela.
Zero attacked again, but he couldn’t reach through the barrier.

“A barrier, is itt? How sturdyy it is. But, that will be it once it runs out of magical power, you knoww?”

Saying such, Zero kept on attacking.
And then, the barrier started gradually cracking.

“It’s overr, isn’t it?”

Zero swung his arm, but Samantha and Angela weren’t able to move.


The two prepared for death, but they heard a reliable voice instead of the impact.

“You are taking us quite lightly, aren’t you…… you fucker!!”


Zero was blown away by an attack.
When Angela and Samantha opened their eyes, who stood in front of them was the Trust Kingdom’s King Regulus and Caleb who was dressed in knight get-up.

“”Regulus-sama!? Caleb!””

“Ou, you are…… not fine. Caleb, help them out!”


In accordance with Regulus’ orders, Caleb helped with the treatment.

“It has been a while. Samantha-sama, Angela.”

“Caleb, you are able of healing as well?”

“I’m His Majesty’s captain guard after all. That person is constantly hurt after all.”

“Caleb, you don’t have to heal them. As long as they live, that child will save them! Please!”

“…… I will give it my best.”

Confirming Miguel’s and Nathan’s state, Regulus approached Zero with uncontainable wrath.

“How long are you going to pretend to be asleep?”

“Huhh, you kneww?”

“Stop with that ridiculous way of talking!”

“Don’t wanna~”

“Then…… I will shut you up!”

Regulus started attacking and Zero started counterattacking, but soon, an unusual phenomenon happened.
Zero suddenly started suffering.

“Gyaahーーー!! It hurts, it hurts, it wuurtsーーー!!”

“What…… just what is-?”

While Zero attracted everyone’s gazes, people appeared in front of Samantha.


It was Felice, Riley, and Olivia who appeared.

“Okaasama! Are you safe!?”

“Feli…… Felice! Please…… please save Miguel and Nathan!”

“”Miguel-sama! Nathan-sama!””

“Onii… sama? …… ‘Restoration’!”

Activating the magic, the hole in Miguel’s and Nathan’s stomachs closed up and their complexions returned back to normal when the light settled.
Samantha shed tears while clinging to the two and Angela gently patted Samantha’s back while crying.
Caleb’s was staring with his eyes wide open.

“Miguel! Nathan! …… I’m glad…… uuu.”

“This is the magic that healed Carlos and others, huh.”

“Really…… I’m really glad…… Felice…… Felice?”

Angela called out to her but she was bewildered by the magical power Felice was wrapped in.
Her usual magical power is warm, gentle and glittery, but it was a cold and dark magical power instead.
And above all else, Felice’s eyes became dark and cloudy, not reflecting anything.

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