Chapter 67

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Parade ~
When Lewis’ anger settled, we were notified of lunch and we ate together.
There’s a parade in the afternoon, we parted with Evan and others because they had to prepare, and Regulus who remained behind asked for our time because he wanted to talk about something, so we went together with Al to his room.
As soon as we entered the room, Regulus lowered his head.

“Umm…… Regulus-sama?”

“Felice, I thank you for saving my son and brethren.”

“Thanks you say…… I got helped too.”

“No, Chase and Carlos said, “Even though she healed us, helped us escape, helped us consider a traitor and helped us until we joined up with the rescue unit, on the contrary, we only helped her get out of the mansion. Moreover, most of it was done by her power…… we are pathetic.”

“That was…… for my self-satisfaction. The main culprit was my…… “Father” after all.”

When I said so with a wry smile, Al tightly grasped my hand.
Regulus looked at us with a gentle face.

“That is unrelated to you. Besides, your “Father” is Claude.”

“Yes…… thank you very much.”

“Nevertheless, how regrettable.”

He suddenly said such with a cheerful voice, so I asked.

“What is?”

“I don’t have a bright daughter like Felice who is considerate of others, so I thought I could have you as a bride for my son.”


“Bride……… Haa?”

Anger was rising next to the surprised me.

“I thought you could be his bride…… but it appears that you have a prior engagement, so I will give up for now. But, if you are negligent, I will take her from the side.”

“I’m not negligent…… I won’t hand her over. Rather than that, who is the prior engagement? Feli, do you have a partner?”

“Haa? Oy…… Albert.”

“There’s no way there’s one! I’m still only four, you know!”

“Felice, most of the nobility get engaged at young age.”

“Fiancé…… just who is? I have to ask Otousama properly! Let’s go, Feli!”

“Wait, Al! Don’t pull on me! I’m sorry, Regulus-sama. Excuse us!”

I was dragged away from the room by the agitated Al, so I didn’t notice Regulus’ state.
Regulus thought with a cold sweat.

(So it’s true what those guys said? To have no self-awareness to this degree…… I’m sorry, Claude.)

While Regulus was apologizing to Claude in his mind, there was knocking on the door and a robed man entered inside.

“Standing here in one place, what’s the matter? Your Majesty.”

“Ahh, Caleb…… no…… say, do we have to return?”

“Naturally. What is it, all of sudden? That reminds me, lovely children left this room in a hurry just a moment ago…… surely not.”

“What’s with that surely not! I didn’t do anything!”

“That panic…… how suspicious.”

“I’m innocent!”

While Regulus was cornered, Claude was cornered as well.

“W, what’s the matter, Al?”

“Is it really true that Feli has a fiancé?”

“Fiancé? What are you talking about?”

“Regulus said he wanted to take Feli as a bride, but he gave up for now because she has a prior engagement!”

(Al, it’s slightly different! The way you said it.)

“What!? That guy had a taste for little girls!”

(As I thought~! I have to resolve the misunderstanding.)

“That’s not true, Otousama! Regulus-sama was talking about me being a bride for his son.”

“Is that so? Al, don’t speak in such misleading manner.”

“That’s doesn’t matter! Does she have a fiancé? Or not?”

“Of course it does matter!? He would be pitiful if misunderstood!”

“Feli, you be quiet for a bit. So, how is it?”

Al held down my mouth and asked Claude again.

“She indeed has a fiancé.”

“N!? Nnn?”

“Hee~…… Who is it?”

“Who you ask, it’s you, Albert. Albert Faust.”


Not knowing what to say for a moment with our mouths wide open, Claude said while laughing at the two of us.

“As I said, Feli’s fiancé is Al.”

“Me? …… Then it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not fine!”

“Why? Am I no good? Do you dislike it?”

Al stared at me so I hurriedly said the reason.

“It’s not like I dislike it…… I mean, doesn’t Al have a mate?”

“Mate? Well, I was desperately searching for her in the past, but it’s not like that nowadays.”


“Because I have Feli. I want to be with Feli forever and I would dislike if Feli became someone else’s mate. That’s why I’m happy being your fiancé.”

“Al…… yes, I’m happy as well.”

While the two of us were smiling, Claude held his chest so Miguel called out to him.

“Father, are you all right?”

“I’m alright. Just a little heartburn.”

“It is too sweet after all. However, those two.”

“That is unawareness, right? Are you not going to point it out?”

“It would be futile no matter what the surroundings say, Nathan. Even if we say it, he will receive it just as a joke.”

“”Ah, certainly.””


“However, I planned to tell him about the matter of engagement once he was self-aware of it. That Regulus, he stole my enjoy-…… duty, he needs punishment.”

“Father…… right now, you were about to say enjoyment, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”


While Miguel and Nathan were amazed, we got a word that the preparations for the parade are ready, so we moved.
Firstly, every soldier unit with the exception of bodyguards paraded, followed by carriages of the three representatives, with the royal carriage last. The plan is to depart from the palace on a decided route and return back.
Samantha is royalty too, but she doesn’t participate in it and just observes because she is married.
Because Austin is also royalty, he participated with his party as guards together with Lewis.
The observation place was close to the royal palace, so we joined with Samantha and Angela and watched the parade from there.

“Evan-san looking like that looks like a king, doesn’t he?”

“No, he’s a king, okay?”

Miguel tsukkomi’d my impression.

“Andria also looks like a graceful lady.”

“She’s the queen after all.”

Nathan tsukkomi’d Al’s impression.

“Adam-san is behaving himself, isn’t he? His smile looks like that of a prince.”

“He’s more or less a prince, you know?”

Miguel attached “more or less” to Adam

“Dylan and Grace are…… as usual, aren’t they?”

“Those two normally act as Oujisama and Ojousama after all.”

“”Whom do they take after, I wonder?””

“Who you ask…… His Majesty…… not possible.”

“Her Majesty…… doesn’t seem like it.”

While the four of us were groaning about Dylan and Grace, Samantha answered.

“Dylan resembles our eldest brother the most. In Grace’s case, it would be Obaasama?”


The parade steadily advanced and returned to the palace.
When the soldiers, representatives of the three races and royalty pass through, the gate closed and the ground before the carriages started glowing.

“What is that!? Get off the carriages!”

“Protect His Majesty!”

“Evacuate the citizens!”

The bodyguards and Austin’s party took stances before the carriages.
Claude muttered the identity of the light.

“That’s a summoning formation.”

“Summoning formation?”

“Someone is trying to summon something!”

Once the light settled, what appeared were three Cyclopses with close to eight meters height.
Austin who saw that shouted.

“Cyclops!? Immediately evacuate His Majesty and others!”

“We will hold them back! Hurry up!”

When the guards helped Evan and others from the carriage, a surprise attack from the sky.

“Guhaa!? Shit, it’s a wyvern!”

“Not good! Your Majesty, in the carriage!”

Without being able to escape, the soldiers started panicking and Austin and others were flustered too.

“Austin, what are we doing?”

“The situation is dangerous.”

“We can’t fight with our all in here.”

“Meison and I will take the Cyclops, Lewis and Blake the wyvern! Keep the damage to the town at minimum!”



“Wait you guys! Don’t do anything rash!”

Evan shouted as they were about to start the battle.

“Your Majesty!”

“Austin! You are going to become father!”

“Elder brother……”

Austin hesitated for a moment, but as if making a decision, he took a stance with his sword.
When Evan who saw that was about to get out of the carriage, a little shadow descended before him.

“Seriously, how unsightly.”


Al grinned and laughed at the surprised Evan.

“I’m returning the favor, Evan……’Dark Mist’.”

The surroundings got wrapped in a dark mist and nothing could be seen from outside the mist.
Al got from the carriage and walked towards the Cyclops.
Austin and others were stiffened around the carriage.

“Today, I had a happy occasion, so I will kill you without pain. Ahh, but sending you guys back might be good too. Did you know? When summoned beings are forcibly returned by anyone aside from the summoner, the summoner will feel pain. The larger the magical power used during the summoning, the larger the pain. I wonder how much pain will return to you guys?”

One of the Cyclops raised its hand overhead.

“Don’t worry, you guys won’t feel any pain……’Forced Repatriation’.”

A summoning formation appeared again and the Cyclops disappeared.

“Now then, the rest…… that thing again, huh. If I chop it up, I will get scolded again, hrmm…… ‘Deadly Posion’.”

This time, the wyvern fell in drops.
While nimbly avoiding the drops, Al approached Austin and others.

“It’s finished~ any injuries?”

“Yeah, we are fine. Really, thank you, Albert.”

“It’s fine, Evan. Rather than that, think of an explanation for the people around.”

“An explanation? To the citizens or soldiers?”

“That too, but to Adam and others.”

“N? Adam and others?”

When Evan looked into the carriage, he saw three frozen people with their mouths wide open.

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