Chapter 75

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Family Meeting 1
Hello, I’m Nathan.
I have an older brother of three years.
I have respected him since young, I love him very much.
My cousin and best friend Dylan has told me that I have a severe brother complex.
However, I won’t show that in the public.
I don’t want to become Elder brother’s weakness after all.
I can’t come to like Adam who makes my brother troubled like that.
I don’t like him enough to make me want to pull them apart immediately.
But, I think that there’s nothing to be done when I look at my Elder brother having fun, so I occasionally permit it and tease Adam.
Such thoughts of mine have changed little by little after meeting my new little brother Albert and little sister Felice.
That was during the Xth family council.
Elder brother and I had a day off that day, so we returned as promised, but then we saw a certain thing and a family council was held.
The participants were my father Claude, elder brother Miguel, little brother Albert and little sister Felice, and I. The five of us.

“So? What are we going to do?”

“I think it would be better to tell her clearly?”

“Who is going to tell her? Elder brother.”

“I think Feli should do it.”


“I mean, Feli is the cause.”

“Al is at fault too!”

“You two, stop it.”

“”But, Otousama!””

“It’s not your fault, you two. It’s a responsibility of the person herself”

“Nathan has a point.”

“Well then, Father you say it. You are the most qualified.”

“I agree with Elder brother.”

“Me too~”

“Me too!”

“That’s…… no way!”

“”””He hates it……””””

In the end, we didn’t come to a conclusion that day.
If this problem is left as is, it will become something that can’t be undone, so we have to think of a solution.
The time heartlessly passed and the day we had to return to the academy came.
On the occasion, Adam and Dylan came to pick us up.
However that day, the Faust House had a big unsolved problem and a chance for me to greatly change my way of thinking arose.

“O~y! Miguel~ Natha~n, we came to pick you up~!”

“Elder brother…… too loud!”


“You are seriously too loud. Just how old are you?”

“Elder brother, even as a joke, he’s a prince, so you can’t be so rude. His mind is surely five years old eternally.”

“”No…… Nathan Oniisama is way ruder.””

While having the usual exchange, Mother came to send us off.

“Everyone gets along so well. Be careful on your way, okay?”


“You are such worrywart~ Oba…… eh?”

“What’s the matter, Adam?”

Adam who fixedly stared at Mother clapped his hands and said cheerfully.

“I thought you looked a bit different from usual, but Obasama, didn’t you become fatter a little? Your face is round, you now have two chins, your body looks plump too! Your clothes seem tight. You must have eaten too many sweets, right? If you don’t eat moderately, you will start resembling an Orc, you know?”

Ahh God, there is no day where I’m grateful to you more than today.
You have now resolved the problem we couldn’t settle.
I’m sure that with this one sacrifice, Mother will strive for a diet.
It can’t be helped, so I thanked that person from the bottom of my heart.

“Please enter the Nirvana peacefully.”

“……Don’t send me…… on…… yo…… ur…… gulp.”

“Elder brother!? …… Stop playing around and quickly wake up please.”

“I won’t ever forget your gallant figure, Adam.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Hey, he said “gulp” himself.”

“Al, that is a rule you must not touch.”

And today ended peacefully as well.

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