Chapter 76

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Passionate Will be Passionate
I’m Meison.
I’m a dwarf and A-class adventurer, but I work as a smith.
If a request comes in, I leave the work to my son and disciples, but the youngsters nowadays make only imitations of ready-made goods.
They won’t create anything new!
They have no motivation!
I want to tell them to make something, but good things aren’t made from obligation.
That’s why I wanted to show them the approach of a first-class adventurer like myself, but I work only on things that I like.
Recently, I pick my opponents in a different meaning.
The reason is the materials.
Fearfal and Felice would occasionally “We are always in your care. Please, take this” bring materials to me.
One day,

“Meison-san, please take this.”

“N? This is…… I don’t think I’m wrong…… it looks like a dragon’s scale.”

“Wow~ you can tell just by looking?”

“That is my scale!”

“We have lots. It would go to waste, so here!”

Do you understand? It’s a scale from Kokuryuu, you know? It’s not something you can so thoughtlessly give away.
Well, if you tell me to take it, I see no reason to decline.
One day once again,

“Meison, I was given this, but I don’t need it so I will give it to you.”

“…… There’s no doubt…… it looks like an Earth Dragon, though.”

“Meison, it is an Earth Dragon, you know! I squashed it so there are not many wounds.”

In terms of value, Kokuryuu scale is more expensive, but in the first place, dragon materials are all precious.
I will say it again, but it’s not something to thoughtlessly give away.
I will take it though.
Such a thing happened many times, making my item ring stuffed with plenty of precious materials.
However, I definitely won’t let my son or disciples touch it!
If I let those guys touch it, the materials will go to waste!
I told that to my obstinate sons who wanted to touch it.
They hanged on even then, so I promised them that they can touch it if they complete an original weapon, tool or magic tool.
However, they haven’t passed until now.
That’s because every time Felice and Fearfal come, they crush the hearts of my son and disciples.


“It’s lame.”

“Is that necessary?”

“What did you make this for?”

“Would you buy this yourself?”

“The materials went to waste.”

They have such remarks.

In the end,

“You should do it like this.”

They won’t make anything more amazing than those two.
Their heart and pride have been crushed over and over again, but I don’t see any signs of them giving up.
They are full of motivation I haven’t seen before.
Now then, I shall patiently wait for my son and disciples to succeed.
However, well…… Felice and Fearfal, they push everything and anything on me――I have no problem with that though.
What will they bring me next time?
Of course, I will take it.

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