Chapter 77

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Good day, I’m Lewis.
I’m the eldest son of the Elf representative Anemos and A-class adventurer, but I serve as King Evan’s aide when there are no requests.
I have been busy in various ways recently, it wasn’t comparable to a request, but I could finally take it easy as the matters were settled.
It was a good time, so I invited Felice and Albert to our house.

“Wow~ it’s a wooden house.”

“Is it because you are elves, after all?”

“I wonder? We also have a non-wooden house. As for me, I can be calmer in this one.”

“It feels somehow nostalgic for me…… it’s calming.”

“You’re right…… it smells nice.”

“Guu~” sound came from Albert who was talking about a good smell.

“Al, do you eat wood too?”

“No matter how you see me, I don’t eat wood!? I smelled something nice!”

I had an idea about the fragrance Albert smelled, so I told him.
However, how strange.
At the current time, he should have eaten an afternoon snack already.

“I think they are making tea cakes because they heard that you are coming. Still, you didn’t have an afternoon snack, Albert? How unusual.”

When I asked, he averted his gaze without answering, so when I looked towards Felice, she explained with a wry smile.

“Actually…… Okaasama is currently making sure not to eat sweets, but Al stuffing his mouth in front of her, so he was told by Otousama to eat somewhere else.”

“Oh my, oh my.”

“But…… if there were sweets, you would eat them, right? I wouldn’t endure! In the first place, the reason Okaasama won’t eat them is because she overate and I won’t get fat no matter how much I eat! But, it couldn’t be helped so I ate at night.”

“At night, is it? You mustn’t eat before sleeping.”

“I know that. That’s why I made Feli quickly fall asleep with magic and ate them stealthily. But, I was noticed by Riley and Olivia who exposed it to Otousama and I was prohibited from sweets.”

Wait a moment!

“Eating at night and not growing fat, how envious.”

Felice, that’s not the point!
Is this child a natural airhead?
Or perhaps…… no, I have to speak frankly here!

“Albert, you just said “made fall asleep with magic” didn’t you?”

“Yeah! The quicker Feli falls asleep the earlier I can eat, if I get caught I can’t eat anymore.”


What a good smile.
Surely not…… here too?

“Seriously~ I also have things to take care of, if you are going to make me fall asleep, inform me before hand.”

It’s okay to make you fall asleep with magic!?
Ahh…… I’m worried about these children’s future.
While holding my aching head in hands, I guided them inside the house.
Father waited inside and approached the two with a smile when he saw them.

“You came. Come, sit here. We have both tea and sweets prepared.”



Father who called the two over was like a grandfather calling his grandchildren.
No one is married in our family after all.
As for me, I can’t take my eyes off of Evan.
Now then, first of all.

“You two, clean your hands before eating.”

“”Yes~! Okaa…… sweets looks so tasty!””
Play on words [Okaa]san & Oka[shi]

Right now…… what did they were about to say?
You guys, your eyes are swimming…… Father too, why are you shaking so much…… do you have a cold?
Seriously, let’s pretend I didn’t hear it this time.
After eating sweets, we let them meet with children of the same “appearances-wise” age.
That’s because they would be matched with babies if matched with age.
It’s just that the children we matched with the two are at the age where they all have strong feelings of pride, so there was a quarrel as expected.
Normally, they should be stopped, but the two will be okay.
I reported my work to Father in the meanwhile before it was too late.
Two hours later, it became late because I complained while reporting.
When I walked at a fast pace towards the two, what I found there were children running around with smiles and……… a destroyed garden.
A destroyed garden? Just what has-!?
When I slowly approached, Felice who noticed me screamed.

“Hii! Le, Lewis-san!?”

“Geh!? He’s already here!”

“That’s quite a greeting, isn’t it? So…… who is the main offender?”

When I asked such, everyone started rattlingly shaking.
Although I have asked “normally,” why are you so frightened?
When I inquired even further, Felice returned the garden back as it was with magic.
The elven children were making startled faces and Albert was feeling relieved, but…… it’s not about that, is it?
After that, you ask?
Of course, I properly scolded them.

“I’m sowwy! Kaachan!”

“Forgive us! Okaasan!”

“It wasn’t on purpose! Okaasama!”

“We are sorry. Okaa, cough, cough…… Lewis-san.”

“Please forgive us, Lew…… Okaasan.”

Oh my, oh my, Albert. “Lewis” was correct, you know?
Why did you correct yourself there?
Seriously, every last one of them!

“I’m neither “Kaachan” nor “Okaasan” nor “Kaasama”!”

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