Chapter 78

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My Son Has Done it
I’m Claude Faust, the Prime Minister of the Dianes Republic.
Today is the Day of ‘Appraisal ‘of my daughter Felice who turned six.
Since the Day of ‘Appraisal ‘has been decided, my son Albert has been “What about me!? I’m six too!” nagging me.
You are not genuine six years old and your true identity is that of Kokuryuu, so your attribute values would be also out of magnitude!
The appraisal magic tool will surely break to pieces on the Day of ‘Appraisal ‘.
How much do you think that thing costs!
When I persuade him like that with Lewis, “Alright…… I got it, okay~” he finally withdrew.
However, I haven’t spent the time as his father for over a year for nothing.
I know that he didn’t give up.
That’s why I waited for the day to come while laying the groundwork.
And now, we are in one of the rooms of the royal palace.
There’s only me, Lewis, and Felice.
Right at this time, Albert should be babysitting Austin’s son.
Originally, ‘Appraisal ‘is performed by the church, but because of the incident with the church’s healers a year ago, Lewis was able to snatch a special authorization.
Felice was nervous at first, but it was immediately over after she touched the round crystal magic tool.
The results of the ‘Appraisal ‘were, well as we expected…… no, there were also unexpected things.

“Felice’s magical power is high too, but her unique skills are special, aren’t they?”

“Depending on how they are used. As for the others…… her stamina and offensive ability are still low. Your practice starts next week, right?”

“Ugh…… I will do my best…… huh? What’s this?”

Felice’s line of sight moved to the Divine Protection entry.
There, “Dragon God’s Favor” has been recorded.

“”Dragon God’s Favor?” Not “Dragon’s God Divine Protection”?”

“”Favor” is that, you know……… Al――Fearfal is currently not your guardian but fiancé. So the “Divine Protection” must have turned into “Favor””

“Was that so~”


Felice, it’s me saying it, but learn how to doubt others a little.
Lewis too, if you look at me with such eyes, you should have said it instead then!
Because that day finished without an accident, I got careless.
The next day after the Day of ‘Appraisal ‘, the moment Lewis lifted up the magic tool in order to put it away, it broke right in half.
And then, a magnificent vein appeared on Lewis’ forehead…………
That day, I witnessed my son running from place to place and an angry Elf with my daughter (hostage & transfer duty) in his arms chasing after him.


“Taking a hostage is dirty!”

“Isn’t running away without apologizing for doing something bad dirty!”

“Why are you nodding, Feli!? Whose side are you on!”

“Eh? You are asking that?”

“Come on, give up already!”

“How cruel!? I just wanted to touch it for a bit! It was just a child’s mistake, don’t be so angry about it!”

“”No, no…… child’s mistake, you say……””

In the end, my daughter has restored the broken magic tool with magic, but the son has been naturally scolded by me, the father after.
I have remembered the past a little, but because I have remembered that guy, I decided to go bully him after the scolding was over.
And as for you, Albert. You are banned from Felice for a week!

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