Chapter 79

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What to do……
I’m Blake, a Wolf Beastmen.
An A-class adventurer.
I have come to the Faust House with the members of my party today.
Felice has become six and her Appraisal has finished too, so she will start the real training next week.
That’s why, we decided to take a look at how much she can move before that.
We won’t know just from the numbers after all.
And currently, we are troubled.
Felice why…… why are you exhausted after running for 100 meters?
Are you jumping?
You are not tiptoeing, are you?
Why are you all jiggly from just swinging a child’s wooden sword?
Albert, don’t run at invisible speed.
How high do you intend to jump? We can’t see you anymore.
How can a wooden sword break into splinters just by the wind pressure of a hand swing?
You guys are both extreme.
When I looked at the other members, they were making “What to do” faces.
For Felice, it’s stamina and physical strength…… no, we should focus on her stamina first.
As for Albert, it’s holding back but while everyone was troubled about that, Felice presented a bracelet.

“You see, this is a magic tool that controls the power of the person who wields it. You can set the percentages of control.”

She created something outrageous again.
When I looked at the other members, they were looking somewhere far away while Lewis and Meison…… they resigned themselves.
Claude who is nodding in satisfaction…… he’s a magic fool (parent fool), huh.
Austin who is saying “That’s incredible!”…… I don’t know whether his capacity is large or if he’s not thinking anything…… I don’t know.
We tried setting it to 50% first.
The result wasn’t different from before.
Next, 30%…… 10%…… 0,5%…… still not enough?
His power finally became at a toleratable level on 0,00001%.

“It’s somehow difficult to move. Is this normal?”

“I was like that too when I became adventurer, you know?”


Austin answered Albert’s question.
If he, a human, says so, then everything’s fine.
For example, seeing afterimages while running, nearly flying five meters up, halving the wooden sword after ten swings, it’s surely normal.
Since Albert’s case has been settled, we have to come up with the contents of Felice’s training.
Is there no choice but to earnestly run at first? While thinking such, Albert had a certain suggestion this time.
What? Surely not…… is such a method safe?
The full of confidence Albert transformed before us who couldn’t believe.
Into a Beastman with fluffy ears and tail.
And then, he wagged his tail in front of Felice and started running.

“…… Uh, wait~! Let me touch you~!”

“Only if you can catch me~”

All of sudden, the two suddenly started chasing each other.
Felice, you are faster than before and already surpassed 100 meters!
So you love it that much…… mofumofu.
I thought of agreeing with that method, but I was told off by other members, so I think we will search for something else.
Only Austin was looking at them with a heartwarming smile.
After that, Felice used all of her strength and fell asleep, so we dispersed.
Now then, we have to properly forge Felice and make Albert into a “normal human.”

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