Chapter 80

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The Training Finally Begins
Felice became six and three months passed since her Day of Appraisal .
She should have already started training, but because her stamina, physical strength and exercise capabilities were so low, but because the “Wouldn’t it be too difficult to start her training now?” opinion came out from everyone, she started by increasing her stamina first.
She ran and ran, she earnestly ran until she collapsed, then she ran again and collapsed again and that continued every day, but in the meanwhile, she was prohibited from using magic and skills.
And currently, in order to seize her “target”, Felice was running in a forest.

“Bu~! I can’t catch up at all! But, I will pass you today!”

Right, this is Felice’s training and also a confirmation test.
Felice saw a mark indicating a halfway point in the forest, so she increased her pace.
It was only a little by little, but the distance between her “target” certainly shortened.
And then, the moment she saw the exit of the forest, she kicked the ground with all of her might and jumped towards the “target.”
Felice and the “target” rolled and rolled around the ground accompanied by loud noises and stopped when they hit a tree.

“Alright! You pass. The training starts tomorrow.”

“Blake, she’s probably not listening.”

“Her breathing isn’t out of order as well, she has improved compared to the beginning.”

“It’s as Austin says. She was able to grasp her state and the situation and was able to pace herself.”

“You guys…… how about worrying a little bit?”

“There’s no need, right? Just look at that.”

Claude has interrupted Blake and others were carefreely evaluating Felice, but Blake replied and pointed at Felice.
When Claude shifted his gaze towards Felice who wasn’t moving after crashing into a tree, he saw her laying while rubbing against her target――Albert’s “tail.”

“Wait…… it tickles, Feli.”

“Hehe…… tail…… mofumofu.”

“She’s not listening…… seriously, that’s all!”

“!?…… Ahh~…… Al, you stingy!”

“Stingy!? In the first place, do you know where you were rubbing your cheeks? It’s tail, my butt you know! Feli, you pervert!”

“Wha!? Al is at fault, right! Because you have transformed into that pretty and soft thing!”

“It’s my fault!? It’s not good losing sight of surroundings when seeing mofumofu, Feli! The last time as well, weren’t you in trance because of the pipsqueaks and completely ignored me!”

“Didn’t I apologize about that! So persistent!”


Because Felice was crazy about Albert’s tail and not listening, he undid the transformation and the two started quarreling.
Approaching such two, Claude intervened.

“Stop it already. What time is it now? Leave the quarrel for later.”

“But, Al-!”

“But, Feli-! She says that she likes mofumofu more than me……”

“Eh!? I didn’t say anything like that, you know?”

“Even if you didn’t say it, it comes out in your attitude.”

“Eh~?…… I like Al more than mofumofu, you know?”

“…… Really?”

“Naturally! I’m sorry, Al.”

“It’s fine then. I’m sorry as well.”

An eagle seized Claude’s heart as he watched the smiling two, but when he recovered and the three returned to the others, Austin lightly clapped on Claude’s shoulder and spoke to him.

“Well, what to say…… you have it hard, Otousan.”

“You will experience it yourself soon too.”

“Ahh~…… I don’t think it will be to your extent.”


While Claude and Austin were talking as fellow fathers, Felice was delighted about the announcement of her passing.

“You did well, Felice. Let’s start training starting tomorrow.”


“For now, I have written your one-week schedule, please take a look.”

Lewis handed a paper to Felice and Albert.

1st day – Morning: Magic studies; Afternoon: Basic training and swordsmanship
2nd day – Morning: General education; Afternoon: Basic training and hand to hand combat
3rd day – Morning: Commercial science; Afternoon: Commercial science practice
4th day – Morning: Pharmaceutics; Afternoon: Smithing
5th day – Morning: Monster ecology; Afternoon: Basic training and archery
6th day – Outdoor practice
7th day- Day off

“This is only temporary, I will talk to you again after the sixth day.”

(It’s packed, isn’t it Al?)

(There’s only one day off, Feli.)

When Felice and Albert were conversing via telepathy while looking at the schedule, Blake called out to them.

“What’s up? Is there something you don’t understand?”

“No…… it’s fine. Blake-san.”

“This is all for today.”

“It’s Claude and I starting tomorrow.”

“”We will be in your care.””

“Well then, we are returning Feli, Al.”

“”Yesss~ “”

Austin has returned to his home a little while after his child was born, so only the three of us returned home.
That day, we celebrated my passing and went to bed earlier than usual in preparations for tomorrow.
The next day, the first lesson was Claude’s magic studies.
A classroom-like room was prepared, so we had the lesson in there.

“Well then, I will be teaching you today.”

“”We will be in your care.””


“I have talked about this with everyone, but when taking a lesson or practicing, call us either “sensei” or “master”.”

“”Yes, Sensei.””

Claude smiled a bit and immediately begun the lesson with a serious expression.

“There’s no need to teach you the basics of magic at your stage, so I will teach you only the general basics. As you know, most of living things in this world carry magical power, but not all can use magic.”

“Hmm…… Sensei, everyone is able to use Life Magic, you know?”

” Life Magic is also magic, right?”

“Precisely. The magic I’m talking about is everything except that. The consumption of Life Magic that even parents with low magical power can teach it to their children, so you will naturally learn it while living. However, offensive magic and magic that isn’t necessary for daily living have different consumption of magical power and if you don’t study the phenomenon that leads to magic, you won’t be able to imagine it and use it.”

“Conversely, you can use it if you can imagine it, right? I can use it myself after all.”

“Me too.”

“The general idea is different. The general idea is to learn magic from a spellbook to “master the magic.” That’s why people study in schools and search for a mentor. There’s a little idea of “making the magic on your own.””

“I see, then there aren’t people who can use original magic?”

“There are, but they are mainly oddballs secluded in rural areas or mountains.”

“Did you also create any magic, Sensei?.”

“A few.”

(Otousama is an oddball too.)

(Hey Al, if it’s like that then we will become oddballs too.)

(Ah…… ignore what I said!)

“…… Don’t talk via telepathy and concentrate.”

“”!? “”

Surprised that our conversation in telepathy has been exposed, the two of us looked at Claude in shock.

“I will tell you just because you have not noticed, but you exchange glances when talking via telepathy, you know? Is there even a meaning to the telepathy?”


“You guys, people who know that you can use telepathy know when you use it.”

“”Ohh…… I didn’t notice at all.””

“I won’t ask about the contents of your telepathy, so be sure to focus on the lesson.”

“”…… Yes.””

The two received a little “to think we were exposed!” shock, but rather than that, they were embarrassed by their foolish actions.
However, Claude ignored such two and continued the lesson.

“Well then, do you know what is necessary, what is important in order to use magic?”

“Magical power and image.”

“Next would be magical power manipulation?.”

“That’s right. And then, generally, there’s also the “chant”.”

“We can use chantless magic.”

“Right, right, we don’t even have to say the name of the magic.”

“Well that’s right, but not many people can use chantless magic.”

“There’s several reasons, but those with a weak imagination power increase their image with the chant, then there are those who are under the wrong impression of “chanting is necessary for magic, those who can use chantless magic are superior people”.”

“Superior, huh…… there’s some truth. When there’s no chant, a steady image and precise manipulation of magical power are necessary after all.”

“Failing during the manipulation is dangerous after all.”

“Feli, you have learned magical power manipulation from Al, right?.”

“Yes! Magical power manipulation as well, but I also practice magical power circulation every night, I also try to exhaust my magical power by using magic.”

“Magical power circulation too? Also, why are you exhausting it?.”

“Because when you repeat exhausting magical power and letting it naturally restore, the maximum amount of magical power will increase the most like that.”

“I also did it every day and it increased.”

“…… What?.”

Claude’s serious face stiffened at Felice’s and Albert’s statement.

“The amount of magical power we saw at the Appraisal wasn’t your original value?.”

“I originally had 1000, but it currently increased to 5200. That’s why I have difficulties exhausting it.”

“Huh? Were you perhaps not aware?”

“Rather than not knowing…… it’s said that the only means of increasing magical power is by raising your level.”

“Felice is level one but it’s increasing. To begin with, you can increase your stamina and physical strength with practice, right? Why did you think the same couldn’t be done with magical power?.”

“Indeed…… how pathetic. I was once said such, so I always ignored that question. Is that method effective even after your level increased?”

“I wonder? Feli is the first one I taught it to and my magical power was high from the start, so I didn’t feel any change.”

“I see…… let’s verify it with Miguel and Nathan.”

The two in the school were assaulted by chills when Claude said so with a grin, but Felice and Albert were completely ignorant of that, so they carefreely laughed.
After that, they were taught and discussed general magic, and the three spend meaningful time with new discoveries.

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