Chapter 64

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Incognito ~
The next day after the party, four of us were walking in commoner clothes around the town.

“There are many shops and a lot of people too.”

“Feli, you will get lost so let’s hold hands.”


“Feli, will you hold hands with me too?”

“Yes, Miguel Oniisama.”

“Al, let’s hold hands.”

“Alright, Nathan Oniisama.”

While looking around the surroundings, we went towards a certain place.
When we arrived at the place of destination, people I’m familiar with yet with unfamiliar appearances were waiting for us.
They seem to have changed their hair and eye color.

“Ah! Oy~ over here~!”

“Elder brother…… they see you, so stop shouting.”

“You are supposed to say that while waiting at a prearranged place and time, you know?”

“Is that so? Adam Oniisama is well-informed.”

“Isn’t that so! Niisama is amazing, aren’tI?”

“Grace, you must not believe what Elder brother says. The majority of it is Elder brother’s common sense after all.”

“That’s right, Grace-sama. Adam-sama’s common sense is not this world’s common sense.”

“Miguel! What do you mean!”

“Adam-sama, Dylan-sama, Grace-sama, good morning.”

“””Good morning.”””

“You smoothly washed it off!?…… Morning!”

“Good morning. Let’s get along today.”

“Good morning. It’s my first time in the town today. I will be in your care.”

Today, just like we talked at yesterday’s party, we are going to look around the festival with the royal children.
Adam has received guidance from Queen, so it has been arranged that he won’t do anything stupid, but as expected, it would be dangerous for the children to go alone, so there are guards in disguise in a distance.

“Alright! We have gathered, so let’s think up our aliases!”

“Aliases? …… Well, us aside, it would be better for Adam-sama and others.”

“Why is that? Miguel-sama.”

“That you see, Grace…… that way, it would feel more “incognito” -ish and more amusing!”

“I see!”

Dylan let out a sigh seeing Grace looking with admiration in her eyes at the fully confident Adam. Miguel held his head and said exhaustedly.

“Are you stupid…… Grace-sama, making an alias is in order to protect yourself. It would cause a ruckus if a prince or a princess comes to the festival unannounced and there are also people with ill will.”

“It’s as Miguel says. We are the royalty after all. We must protect ourselves with self-awareness.”

“Yes, Dylan Oniisama.”

“That’s right. You have to be self-aware. Right…… Adam-sama who should be the most self-aware.”

“I, I know that too! I did it on purpose just now!”


Miguel who stared at Adam in silence, Adam whose eyes were swimming all around, Grace who was pondering about something and the rest of us who were watching over them.
It was Grace who broke the silence.

“I have decided! Adam Oniisama will be A-kun, Dylan-sama will be D-kun, and I will be Gray!”



The two lost words at the aliases Grace thought up and Grace asked anxiously while looking at the dumbfounded two.

“Is that no good?”

“”………… It’s fine, let’s go with that.””

During the silence, I thought I heard their inner struggle “It’s too cheap and embarrassing! But, I can’t flatly refuse our cute little sister! It’s embarrassing but!” that went something like that.
The four of us were desperately trying not to laugh in front of Grace.

“W, well then…… you have decided…… puh…… let’s depart.”

“Elder brother…… kuku.”

“Grace…… Gray too…… fufu…… after all, she’s a child of those two.”

“If I had to choose, it would be Andria…… pupu.”

Adam and Dylan were bitterly looking at us, but we walked off pretending that we didn’t notice.
On the way, there were people I recognized, but the current Al and I can’t speak to them, so I found it regrettable.
After going around and buying stuff from the stalls, I found something I recognized from my previous life and approached.

“Say, Miguel Oniisama, what are they doing?”

“That is, they are hitting the red mark in the center to compare the power of the hits.”

Right, what I found was a punching machine.

(As I thought, there are others like me who reincarnated or transferred.)

“Apparently, the top three receive a prize! I want to give it a try too!”

“Elde- if Niisan wants to do it, then I will give it a try as well. Gray, is there something you’d like?”

“Is that fine!?…… Then, I would like the Rabi plush toy!”

Rabi is a monster similar to a bunny, it’s cute but carnivorous and brutal.

“Leave it to your brother!”

There was something I wanted among the prizes as well, so when I looked at my two older brothers, they apologized with wry smiles.

“Feli, Nathan and I have no physical strength.”

“Sorry. Even though I want to get it for you.”

“It’s fine.”

(Indeed, they don’t look strong.)

While thinking something rude in my mind and regretfully looking at the prizes, Al said while smiling.

“Then, I will do it! All I have to do is to destroy that thing, right?”



“Al, you must not destroy it. Besides, you are unable to go easy, right?”

“That’s right but…… huh? Those two…… oy~!”

Saying such, he broke into a run and brought over two people.

“Ah! Bernardo-san and Carlotta-san, hello.”

“”Hello, Felice.””

When I greeted them, I was embraced tightly.
The two people Al found was Bernardo and Carlotta whom I released from being slaves.
These two, Lucas and Clare hug me every time we meet.
I was perplexed at first, but I now embrace them by myself too.
It was their first meeting with Miguel and others, so after introducing them, Al asked the two a favor.

“You two, you are strong, right? There’s something Feli wants. I can’t do it because I would destroy it.”

“While it’s embarrassing, we are not confident in our strength, could we ask you to do it?”

“Please. Look, you too Feli.”


“If that’s the case, then I will happily oblige.”

“Do it properly, Dear!”

Bernardo who accepted the abrupt request with a smile promptly approached the machine together with Adam and Dylan.
Up until now, the record of number one is at 156 and number two at 132.
Because the average of men is 75, it surely is high.
When it became Adam’s turn, he stood in front of the machine and started grumbling.

“People are calling me idiot day and night…… Miguel, that mean, treacherous, disagreeable fellow~!”


“Uh-oh, the results are in! The score is…… 162! It’s a temporary first place! Also, you didn’t have to shout~”

“See that! I feel refreshed more than I thought!”

“I didn’t ask!”

Nobody was able to call out to Adam who returned in a euphoric mood.
Because a smile floated on a man clad in dark aura.

“N? What’s the matter?”

“Shall we talk for a bit…… A-kun.”

“Hii! Wait, wait, it was just a joke! My real opinion unintentionally came out!”


“Oy, what’s with that hand! Don’t pull! Hey…… wait…… save me―――”

Adam was dragged away by Miguel.
As if tired of that, Dylan took a stance.

“After a joke, his real opinion came out…… huh, idiot, I thought he was an idiot but…… when will he finally grow up~!”


“A good punch! The score is…… 161! I’m sorry to say, but it’s temporary second place! You may try again, but there’s no need to shout~!”

“1 point…… tch.”

He, unfortunately, lost to Adam, but whether he was feeling refreshed, his smile returned.

“Feeling refreshed? D-kun.”

“Yeah, it’s regrettable that I lost, but it was a good stress relief. Why don’t you try it too, Nathan?”

“I’m not particularly stressed at the moment, so I’m fine.”

“D Oniichan, you were amazing!”

“Thank you, Gray.”

“You smacked your lips.”

“He did.”

“N? Did you say something?”

“”I didn’t say anything!””

Inquired by Dylan, I couldn’t go against my instincts, so I denied while shaking my head.
Carlotta who saw the course of events addressed us while laughing.

“Kuku…… you guys are funny. Look, it’s Bernardo’s turn next.”

When I looked at Bernardo, he was just taking a stance.

“Although you always invite me to drink, I have to always refuse. I want to go drinking, but…… when I return after drinking, she’s too scary~!”


“O~h! What an incredible sound! The score is…… 204…… it’s 204 points! It’s the first place by a large margin! Also, the shouting…… I don’t care already.”

When the score is announced, it became noisy.
However, we stood straight without making any noise.
The result for that, is as you guessed, Bernardo was dragged away somewhere by Carlotta when he returned.
A few minutes later, Adam with a tired face and slightly crumbling Bernardo returned, Grace received Rabi plush toy, I got a wolf, and Al got a slime.

“Is it fine for me to receive one as well?”

“Naturally. Rather than that…… why a slime? You should get a dragon if you are a man, right?”

“That’s a prejudice, Niisan.”

“Somehow, this sensation might become a habit. It’s jelly-like and slick.”

(((Rather, the person himself is Ryuu.)))

It appears that Adam and others didn’t hear about Al being Ryuu yet.
I gave my thanks to Bernardo and Carlotta once again and we heard many people making noise while going around, when we approached, they were unexpectedly playing baseball.

“Eh!? Is that a baseball?”

“You know it, Felice? That’s a sport the Founder King started.”

(Yeah, it’s settled. The Founder King was either a reincarnated or transferred person.)

“Children are apparently able to participate as well. Do you want to give it a try, Albert?”

“Me? …… May I?”

Being told so by Dylan, Al looked up at Miguel and Nathan.

“Well, it would be probably alright if it’s baseball. But, you have to be careful.”


Because he received permission from Miguel, Al ran off.
We did not know that we would regret that decision later.

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