Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Trouble After All ~
Al got cleared at the reception and it was decided he will be in the next game.
While waiting, we taught him about the baseball rules, the way of throwing the ball and batting, but he was preoccupied with trying to go easy.
The time advanced, the match started and it became Al’s turn.
Al took a stance with the bat and stared at the pitcher with a serious gaze, but his mind was chanting “go easy, go easy, go easy.”

“Al~ do your best~!”

“Hit it off~ Albert!”

“”Do your best~!””

“Watch the ball carefully!”

“You can do it~!”

He nodded at our encouragement in a good mood, but it didn’t go well.
Al who’s concentration has been cut off by our words swung at the ball without thinking.
As a result, the launched ball rapidly became more distant until it couldn’t be seen anymore.
Silence dominated after the hit.

“Ah, I hit it! The ball is not falling so…… home run? It is, isn’t it!”

Without reading the mood of the surroundings, Al ran around the bases as we taught him, but because no one was reacting, he approached us in wonder.

“Hey, what’s up everyone? You are somehow stiffened and not moving though.”

“Al…… you probably overdid it.”

“Yeah~…… it would be better to run away.”

“You are right…… Miguel Oniisama.”

When I called out to Miguel who was next to me and pulled on his clothes, he looked at me while taken aback.

“Running away sounds good.”

“That’s so. Nathan, A-kun, D-kun, Gray too, we are running away.”

“I understand. Feli, come here.”


“Why are we running away? Isn’t Al incredible?”

“Niisan, it’s not about that. Gray, you come with me.”


“Al, you are going with me.”


Miguel took Al in his arms, Nathan too me, Dylan took Grace and started running.
Adam who was left behind followed afterward.

“Somehow, I’m sorry. As I thought, holding back is difficult.”

“Well, you just have to get used to it little by little. Think of that from a little while ago as a learning.”

“Un, thank you, Miguel Niisan, everyone too.”

After that, while walking an enjoying the festival, I happened to see Lucas and Clare opening a street stall, so I called out to them.

“Lucas-san, Clare-san, hello!”


“Hello Felice, Albert too, long time no see.”

“Hello, you two look well. These people are?”

After the established hug, I introduced them to Miguel and others because it was their first meeting and then I asked about the stall.

“What kind of stall are you two opening?”

“We are selling herbs and medicine.”

“We also have ointments and potions.”

“Are you two doctors?”

“That’s right. Our family has been of doctor lineage for generations, so we were thrown into it since we were small.”

“We intend to sell at a street stall for a while and open a shop later if things go smoothly.”

“Is that so~”

“Hmm…… then, can I have two ointments and four potions?”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

“Miguel, potions aside, are you going to use the ointments? You have healers, right?”

“Healing consumes magical power after all. There’s a possibility of a situation where you can’t use magic or you run out of magical power.”

“As expected of Miguel. Niisan too should learn from him a little.”

“No way! I have Miguel for that, so there’s no need.”

“Niisan…… what are you going to do when Miguel is not around?”

“What are you saying? There’s no way Miguel wouldn’t be together with me, right?”

When Adam said so in wonder, Miguel became expressionless, an amused smile floated on Nathan’s face, and Dylan’s lips cramped.

“Miguel has his life to live, you can’t be always together.”

“I understand that. But, Miguel understands me the most, I can’t think of anyone but Miguel.”

“…… In other words, is it okay to say that Niisan is also thinking of Miguel as his partner?”

“Of course. Miguel is my partner…… partner?”

“Oh my, Oniisama is going to marry Miguel!? Congratulations!”


“That was an unexpectedly incredible confession, wasn’t it, Al?”

“It’s my first time seeing a confession.”

“No…… wait.”

“So the reason Niisama refused the engagement talks was because of this, huh.”

“That’s not it! As a close aide, my right hand!”

“So it’s not that…… you were just playing with my feelings then?”


“What playing!? You understand too, don’t you! I meant work partner! Besides, I like girls! I love girls!”

When Adam shouted, the people nearby started whispering while looking at us.
Sensing that, Adam squatted and his movements stopped.

“Oniisama, are you okay?”

“Gray, let’s leave him alone for now.”

“To think he would shout “I love girls” in a place with so many people…… As expected of A-kun.”

“It’s a bit boring with a reaction I already expected, but oh well.”

“Nathan Oniisama…… A-kun, get your grip together please.”

“Say, say, where are we going next?”

When Al who gave priority to enjoying the festival asked while we were all calling out to Adam, Clare and Lucas came out.

“Al, show a little concern.”

“Kusukusu…… thank you for waiting. Four potions are eight silver and two ointments are two silver.”

After paying and leaving the motionless Adam aside, we heard a noisy voice while consulting where to go next.

“They are really here, right!”

“Yes, I certainly saw them run off this way!”

“That was an outstanding talent! I will surely obtain him!”

The voices gradually approached and as soon as three men came to sight, they pointed at Al and shouted.

“There he is!”

“Found him!”

“It’s that black-haired brat!”

Miguel and Nathan stepped forward to block them off but the men approached regardless.

“Oy, you are in the way! Move it!”

“Ora! Won’t you obey Dannasama!”

“Make a way!”

Miguel asked in a deep voice while looking at the unpleasant men.

“First, who are you guys? What business do you have with my little brother?”

“Little brother? You don’t look similar. Well, rather than that, I will have that brat.”


Miguel and Nathan glared at the man, but he kept on talking.

“Your batting was incredible. I will look after you, so come with me.”

“Are you joking? This child has us, his family.”

“There’s no need for you to be taking care of him.”

“Are you bastards trying to oppose Dannasama? Dannasama is the owner of this country’s number one baseball team, Geros-sama!”

“Geros? Never heard of him.”

“It’s that thing, Niisan. The team which has been repeatedly suspended for numerous foul plays.”

“Ahh…… wasn’t the owner Gero[Vomit, to throw up]?”

“It appears it was Geros.”

“Anyhow, we have no intention of handing over our little brother.”

When Miguel clearly refused, Geros’ face dyed with anger for a moment, but as if realizing something, he started grinning.

“Hmph! So it’s about that. I understood what you bastards are saying. It’s money, right? You do look poor. How much you want?”

“”…… Haa?””

Miguel’s and Nathan’s anger meter raised with Geros’ statement and just when they were about to step forward, someone stopped them.

“Wait, Miguel, Nathan.”

“”Why are you stopping us!””

“Listen to me, leave this to me.”

The one who stopped them was Adam who finally started moving again.
While Miguel and Nathan felt displeasure, they obeyed Adam.

“Geros, was it? I agree that this child has a talent, but there are rules to scouting, right? This child is still under protection, so how about getting consent from parents first?”

“What are you saying? There’s no need for consent! Hand him over at once! N? There are still two children left…… alright, I will buy those two as well.”

“”””””…… Haa?””””””

Without listening to Adam’s peaceful persuasion, Geros dropped a bomb.

“Right now, did you talk about my adorable little sister?”

“Hey! That was inexcusable!”

“He has been talking only about children since a while ago!”

“There’s no need to hold back anymore, A-kun.”

“I have no intention of holding back.”

“It seems that I made a mistake.”

“What did you cockroaches just say? It won’t let it end just like that!”

Dylan who protected Grace who seemed to be about to cry, Clare and Lucas who moved in front of Adam, Miguel and Nathan with cold smiles on their faces, the expressionless Adam and Al who was about to enter the Ryuu mode, and I who clung to Al in order to stop him.

(Why did it turn out like this~! What to do…… Otousama…… is no good…… Lewis-san and others are also no good! Guard-sans, please do your job~!)

While I was panicking and Al and others were about to charge, I heard a nonchalant voice.

“My, my, what is this ruckus about? Even though it’s the precious birth festival.”

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