Chapter 63

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Idle Talk~
Adam, Dylan, Miguel, and Nathan continued their conversation while looking at us.

“I saw Grace’s smile after a long time. Nevertheless, are the two really four-year-olds?”

“Indeed, they seem older than Grace.”

“…… Felice is a genuine four-year-old.”

“Felice is…… huh.”

“I can’t say more at the moment. If you want to know, you have to ask His Majesty or our Father.”

“So there’s some kind of circumstances. Elder brother, more than this would be.”

“I got it. Hey, you are going to tomorrow’s festival, right?”

“We planned to go with the four of us, but we won’t be taking you along.”

“Why is that! It’s fine to go together, isn’t it!”

“You and your conduct will surely bring trouble, so no. It’s fine if it’s only Dylan though.”

“Then, I will be in your care. May Grace come as well?”

“Of course. Felice is also a girl, so being the only one would be pitiful.”

“Why only I! …… Fine, if you guys are like that, I will disturb you with all my might tomorrow!”

Not liking to be the only one left out, Adam declared so.

“Oh my? What are you going to disturb?”

“Miguel going to the festival with everyone!”


“For example, I will create a ruckus on purpose and call for Miguel and Nathan…… or…… something.”

Adam lost to whom he was talking for a moment and when he turned towards the voice, he saw Samantha with a smile on her entire face.

“My, my, are you always obstructing the two’s return like that, I wonder?”

“Obaasa-!? No, this is…… wro-”

Samantha firmly seized Adam’s trembling shoulders and said.

“We will talk later, okay?”

“Ouch!? …… Yes, gladly.”

Feeling pity for Adam, Miguel stopped Samantha.

“Mother, leave it at that.”

“Miguel…… you, saved m――”

“There are eyes around, so let’s leave it for later.”

“Oh well, that’s true.”

“You won’t help me!?”

Everyone answered Adam’s question.

“””What goes around comes around.”””

“Adam Oniisama, you reap what you sow.”

“My condolences.”

“It would be better not to resist.”

Adam gulped at everyone’s words and hung his head.
At that time, Evan said that he has “a joyous announcement” and gathered everyone’s attention.

“I think that everyone is aware, but there have been rumors saying that “Austin’s wife Angela has completely recovered” and “Garrett Smith’s wife Rebecca has completely recovered” going around. Those rumors…… are true.”

The people in the assembly hall raised voices of surprise while looking all around, I even heard words of denial.
There, Austin, Angela, and Evan lined up next to each other.

“Recovery is joyous, but something even more joyous happened. On this occasion, Angela became pregnant.”

It becomes even noisier with Evan’s next words, and this time I heard words of congratulations.
After that, people gathered around Austin and Angela, there were those saying congratulations and those trying to investigate the method of recovery.
I have quietly observed the situation.
When the party ended and the invited people returned home, we gathered in Evan’s office.

“Ah~ so tired~”

“You are so undisciplined, Evan.”

“Don’t be so stiff, Lewis.”

“Let’s get down to business immediately. Take a look a this.”

Claude put a paper with names written on it on the table.

“What is this?”

“The one on the right has responded to Angela’s and Rebecca’s recovery and the one on the left responded to Angela’s pregnancy.”

“We can narrow it down a little with this.”


“I will show it to Garrett tomorrow as well, but it’s necessary to be increasingly vigilant.”

“Let’s monitor each house. Is that fine, Evan?”

“I will leave it to you. However, Felice’s skill sure is convenient. To think she would be able to see the colors of emotions.”

Right, the list Claude showed was made from what I saw with my skill and conveyed after observation.

“The Mind’s Eye was it? Sorry about that Felice, you were making sure not to use it, right?”

Austin and Angela were looking at me apologetically, so I told them while smiling.

“Everything’s fine. The reason I wasn’t using it is because Al told me I can’t selfishly look at other people’s statuses and I was using during the treatment.”

“Selfishly looking could be dangerous if noticed after all.”

“Is that so? But, thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Come to think of it, we have a present for Evan, don’t we?”

Evan who was feeling listless reacted to Al’s words.

“A present!? What, what do you have for me?”

“Evan…… calm down.”

“Do you want it? Evan.”

“Want it!”

“I made it together with Al.”

When I retrieved the present from the item box while saying such, he opened his eyes wide.
Everyone besides Angela was surprised.

“This is…… a sword…… how……”

Al’s and my present was a sword.
I thought he would happily accept it, but he didn’t have much reaction, so I asked while worrying that we made a mistake.

“Was a sword no good?”

“Would something else be better?”

“No! That’s not the case. I was just surprised at how wonderful the sword is. Thank you.”

When Evan received the sword, Meison and Doruki approached and asked questions while observing the sword.

“What are the materials?”

“It’s a mithril. The handle is made from Al’s scales.”

“Is it bestowed with something?”

“The mithril has an automatic restoration and the handle has magic element absorption. If the sword breaks, it will restore itself back to normal if you give it time.”

“That’s incredible. What is magic element absorption?”

“You can use magic with the gems on the sword, but since it requires magical power, we made it possible to automatically absorb the necessary amount from the atmosphere, which is convenient because you don’t have to consume your own magical power.”

“”I see~””

“Please put any magic you like inside, okay?”

“Yeah! What would be good~”

Claude and others deeply sighed while looking at the frolicking Evan.

“They made something outrageous again.”

“Claude…… you didn’t know?”

“They wanted to make a surprise, so they only showed it to Sister-in-law-sama and me.”

“However, to present a sword to the King. Elder brother seems happy too.”

“Presenting a sword to a King is the proof of trust and loyalty. We Beastmen also presented one during Founder’s time.”

“The two don’t have any ill will but. Leaving trust aside, he has no loyalty, right? Fearfal, that is.”

“Is that so after all?”

“I think that it is just as Blake said, Father.”

At that time, there was a knocking on the door and Samantha with Nathan entered.

“Oh my, Oniisama looks delighted.”

“Is your talk with Adam finished?”

“Yes, that child understood what I wanted to say. I think he’s currently receiving Sister-in-law-sama’s guidance.”

“Guidance…… guidance…… that fellow is dangerous when she’s angry.”

Is it just my imagination? I feel like I heard Adam’s screams from a distance.

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