Chapter 62

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Birth Festival ~ Party ~
One week after meeting Miguel and Nathan, the birth festival started.
The birth festival is five days long, there’s a party for nobles in the palace on the first day where many influential people gather to congratulate the King.
2nd day is a parade of the royal family where the citizens congratulate the King, 3rd day is the day of the audience for those outside the country to congratulate the King, 4th day is the opening of the evening party and all ends on the 5th day with the King’s speech.
In the meanwhile, the streets are crowded with both domestic and foreign street stalls.
Today is the 1st day, the party day, so we are going to the palace while fully dressed.
Austin and Angela moved to the palace earlier.
In the carriage, Miguel and Nathan were telling us what not to do at the party.
The two said,

1. Don’t approach the royal family’s sons and daughters on our own.
2. Don’t laugh at the Queen’s manners.
3. Don’t follow strangers.
4. Speak only to those we’ve got permission to speak to.
5. Strictly observe on the 1st and 2nd days.

Normally you would think that the 3rd and 4th days were important, but Claude nodded many times in consent.

(Somehow, when they say that much it makes me curious instead. Evan’s children, that is.)

(Indeed…… but I’m scared of what would happen after.)

(About that you know, we just have to make them approach us themselves.)

(I see, that’s good.)

While talking with telepathy and grinning at each other, Claude, Miguel and Nathan shook their heads as if giving up for some reason and Samantha chuckled.
When we entered the assembly hall in the palace, the bustling atmosphere instantly dispersed and silence spread around.
Claude advanced without minding that so we followed but the gazes were gathering on Al and me.
When Claude stopped, one person approached and spoke up.

“Hello, Claude-sama.”

“Robert, you are already here.”

The one who greeted him was Robert.

“Samantha-sama is much more beautiful today that the last time I saw you.”

“Thank you, Robert.”

“Miguel-sama, Nathan-sama, it has been a while. You are growing splendidly.”

“Long time no see. I’m already sixteen after all.”

“Entering the student council while being in the 1st grade of senior high school is incredible. Nathan-sama is also in the student council while being in the 1st grade of junior high school if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes, I’m doing only odd jobs at the moment though. Mainly babysitting though.”

“How nostalgic…… Albert-sama and Felice-sama seem to be doing well too.”

Robert looked far off for a moment at the two’s words, but he immediately called out to me and Al.
I wonder if he was recalling the old days?

“Hello, Robert-san.”


“Hello, you two are looking good today.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thanks, Robert.”

While being praised, Lewis, Meison and Blake approached.
Exchanging greets, we had a friendly chat while waiting for the entry of the leading actor.
Garrett and Rebecca mixed to the discussion in a casual manner, and those who were listening in made sure to hear everything.
In the meanwhile, no one of those who showed interest towards us approached us.
After a short while, a large door opened and the royal family appeared.
With King Evan and Queen Andria at the front, followed by two boys and one girl.
Further behind them were the representatives of the three races with Austin and Angela.
When the royal family climbed up the stairs, Evan opened his mouth.

“Everybody, thank you for coming. Today is the beginning of the birth festival and all of you must be busy too, but I would be happy if you enjoyed yourselves. Well then, let the party begin.”

The party started with Evan’s words and we have promptly moved to Evan.

“Your Majesty, congratulations.”

Everyone followed after Claude who lowered his head.

“Yeah, thank you, Claude. It has been a while since I last saw you, Miguel, Nathan. Thank you for always taking care of my sons.”

“Your Majesty, long time no see. Every day with His Highness is very stimulating and enlightening.”

“Just like Elder brother, I’m devoted in supporting the princes.”

One of the boys on Evan’s side proudly nodded while the other one watched as if exhausted.

“Samantha seems to be doing fine as well.”

“Yes, happy birthday, Your Majesty. By the way, I would like to have a slow talk with the crown prince, could I have some of his time later?”

When Samantha said with a smile on her whole face, Evan and one of the boys jolted in a startle.

“Y, yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Thank you very much.”

While looking at the trembling Evan, Claude introduced us.

“Your Majesty, we have actually taken in adopted children, I would like to introduce you.”

“Adopted children? These two?”

“Yes, the boy is Albert and the girl is Felice. Both are four years old.”

“How do you do, Your Majesty. I’m Albert Faust.”

“How do you do, Your Majesty. I’m Felice Faust.”

“They are quite clever for four-year-olds. I see why you adopted them. I’m the King, Evan. Next to me is my Queen Andria, Crown Prince Adam who is sixteen, Second Prince Dylan who’s thirteen and First Princess Grace who is ten.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Queen Andria. I look forward to seeing you in the future.”

“”Puh! …… Please treat me well.””

((So they meant this! This is dangerous…… don’t laugh, don’t laugh.))

“I’m Crown Prince Adam. Let’s get along. You probably heard about me from your brothers, right?”

“”…… Yes, please treat me well.””

((What we heard is that you are a problem child.))

“I’m Second Prince Dylan. Best regards. We are always being in the care of your brothers. To the extent I feel sorry.”

“”Nice to meet you.””

((He said the last line while looking at the crown prince. Second Prince must be suffering as well.))

“I’m First Princess Grace. Nice to meet you.”

“”Nice to meet you.””


((What an obedient child~))

“Well then, we will excuse ourselves.”

After the greetings were over, it was the turn of other people so we stepped away.

“You two, for how long are you going to keep on jiggling? I told you not to laugh yet you two nearly blew up.”

“”B, but…… Miguel Oniisama…… Queen’s gap is…… pupu.””

“Even though she might look like that, Andria-sama is taking it seriously so you mustn’t laugh. Now then, you must be hungry, right? Let’s eat.”

“”Yes~ Nathan Oniisama.””

“No…… I told you that anything you say is generally impolite.”

When the four of us walked towards the place with food, Claude and Samantha who were watching us laughed.

“They are acting completely as older brothers, aren’t they? I’m glad.”

“There’s age between them after all. Nathan must be happy that there’s someone younger than him. Miguel is also fond of children. Now then, we should make the rounds. I’m going to Evan, so please join with Miguel and others after you are done.”

“Yes, alright.”

When we arrived at the food place, Miguel and Nathan got us many dishes, so we began eating after giving our thanks.
After a while, while eating and drinking, the princes called out to us.

“You four, are you having fun?”

“Your Highness…… you tired already?”

“What a rude fellow! I came because they were nearly finished! Just what do you think of me?”

“Isn’t that the result of Elder brother’s daily behavior?”

“Ha!? How are you talking to your older brother.”

“Nevertheless Nathan, you should have told me that your siblings increased.”

“Are you ignoring me!?”

“We got to know only after returning. We aren’t able to usually return so we were quite surprised.”

“Seriously, if we knew ahead, we would prepare meeting presents or something”

“As always, I’m sorry for our idiot…… Elder brother.”

“Oy, you, did you just call me idiot!?”

“Please don’t mind it. We are already used to it.”

“You ignored me again!?”

(They treat him just like Evan-san.)


While feeling deja vu at the exchange in front of me, I looked at Grace who was staying silent slightly further away with her head hung down.

“Ojousama, is something the matter?”

“Eh? … No…… I’m not used to such places.”

“Why? You must have attended several parties before since you are royalty, right?”

“I…… unlike my Oniisamas, I have no redeeming feature. I’m poor at magic…… I can’t use a sword either.”

“…… Or so, I was told by someone.”

Hearing my words, Grace’s became increasingly quieter.
Certainly, I felt that people are looking at Grace with different eyes than they look at Adam and Dylan.

(Saying not to mind it would be impossible.)

“Does Ojousama hate magic and sword?”

“No, I’m poor at sword but I love magic. But, I always fail my classes.”

“Then, how about changing your way of thinking?”

“Way of thinking?”

“That might be good. When using magic, does Ojousama perhaps think something along the lines of “What to do if I fail? Will I get scolded? Will they feel disappointed? Will they tell me something again?””

“How do you know?”

“Just somehow.”

“That way of thinking, you see…… for example, if using fire magic you shouldn’t think “I could only get out a tiny flame” but “I made a tiny flame. Let’s try harder next time” instead.”

“If it’s water magic then, not “I could produce only a little bit of water” but “I produced a little bit of water. Let’s produce a little more next time.””

“Positive…… you have to think positively.”


“I think it will be difficult at first but how about changing little by little? Besides, it’s only given that Ojousama is different from the princes.”

“…… As I thought, I.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, both of the princes and Ojousama have each things they are good at and things they are bad at. You are different humans, so it’s only natural.”

“Do you think so?”

“Of course, rather than depreciating yourself, Ojousama needs to learn to love yourself more.”

“That’s right.” (Al)

“Love myself…… yes, thank you very much.”

The smile I saw that time was slightly awkward but bright.
I didn’t notice Adam and others who were watching our exchange.
They drew near behind us without me noticing.

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