Chapter 61

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Those Who Started Moving
Half a year passed since I treated Rebecca-san.
Chase and others immediately returned to their country after that, the Dianes Republic and the Trust Kingdom are cooperating and keeping a watchful eye on the Empire, but there has been no noticeable movements after catching Bhutan.
Bernardo and others were recognized as citizens, they are living while working, and they also offered information on the Empire.
New healers were dispatched to the clinic and they began charging normal fees for the treatment.
In this case with the church, “we were able to make a good deal” is what Lewis said.
And I’m afraid to say that I wasn’t able to meet the adventurer I was supposed to heal after his return, thinking that an opportunity might arrive one day, the wanderers “Sayo” and “Al” showed at the Adventurer’s Guild and bid farewell after saying that they are leaving to “travel.”
Al and I were receiving education, etiquette, and lessons concerning the nobility as originally planned from Angela and others.

“Ah~ I’m tired~ etiquette is too hard. Do you think so too, Feli?”

“I don’t think so. If I had to choose, I’m not very good at history or economics. Mathematics in my previous world was advanced, so it’s an easy victory for me.”

“Eh~ that’s not fair. Say, what are you going to do today?”

“I was thinking of taking stamina cultivating stroll first.”

I’ve studied in the morning so I decided to take a stroll on the premises in the afternoon.

“Today’s fine weather as well, isn’t it?” (Feli)
(“Visitors” will come today as well, won’t they?)

“You’re right. I’m glad that every day is ideal for a walk.” (Al)
(Really, they try every day, don’t they?)

“Even if it’s alright for Otousama and others to take it slow too.” (Feli)
(I will contact Otousama, okay?)

“They have been recently very busy, so I can’t help but worry. There’s no one else but us in the house today, so I feel lonely.” (Al)
(First of all, shall we find out their purpose?)

“Un.” (Feli)

Recently, there have been people watching the Faust House.
After observing them, they seemed to have two objectives. First one is Angela-san. The second one is the Faust House’s adopted children, in others words, us.
For the former, “Angela’s body has completely recovered” such rumor has been going around, so they frequently come to see. This has been left as is for the time being.
As for the latter, rumors that “The Faust House took in two young children” have spread around.
About these, we leave them if they don’t make a move and arrest them if they do.
The stroll of only us two is to act as a bait to find out their purpose, but increasing the stamina is actually first and foremost.
This time, they were apparently “the former” so we decided to let them tag along with us.
After eating the dinner, we gathered in Claude’s office and reported on today.

“I see, it was Angela today. Austin, I think it’s about the time to announce Angela’s pregnancy.”

“I understand. However, where do we announce it?”

“It will be Evan’s birth festival soon, so I thought to do it at that party.”

“I will inform Angela. How about Garrett’s side?”

“I will talk indirectly with Garrett during the party…… also, the birthday celebration is a merry occasion, be sure not to cut too loose. Al, Feli.”

“”How did you know!?””

“Why you ask, that’s because your faces looked like you were planning something. Well, Elder brother would be pleased though.”

“This occasion will also serve as your debut. Do not separate from Samantha.”


Al and I discussed regarding Evan’s present night after night.
What we are planning is still a secret, but Claude and others were warmly watching over us while worrying that we would overdo it.
However, before the birth festival, a storm approached the Faust House.
One week before the birth festival, one carriage stopped at the entrance of the mansion, and two boys entered.

“We have returned.”

“It’s our home after a long time.”

“Welcome back, Miguel-sama, Nathan-sama.”

“It’s been a while, Henry. We would like to greet Father and Mother but where they might be?”

“Claude-sama is in the palace, Samantha-sama is in the garden.”

“Alright. Let’s go, Nathan.”

“Yes, Elder brother.”

When the two people went to the garden, they heard happy voices.

“Is someone visiting?”

“Angela-san’s and children’s voices…… is it?”

When they approached even more, they heard the conversation clearly.

“You two, don’t do anything dangerous, okay?”


“It will be fine. Rather than that, look! This fellow will be the birthday present.”

“My, how pretty. Did you two come up with it?”

“Yes! …… Did we perhaps go too far?”

“It’s fine! It’s so pretty after all. If someone says something, Okaasama will fight them”

“Thank you. Okaasama.”

“Otousama is weak against Okaasama after all. By the way, the people who have been watching us since a while ago while frozen in place are?”


When told so by Al and looked, I saw two boys staying in place.

“Oh my, welcome home. You two, the one in front of the eldest son Miguel and behind him is the second son Nathan. They are your older brothers”



“Long time no see. Miguel, Nathan. Were you well?”

“”Long time no see. Angela-san.””

“Nice to meet you, I’m Felice.”

“How do you do, I’m Albert..”

“”Please treat me well. Oniisama!””

“”O, O, Oniisama!?””

When we greeted the two cheerfully, their shouts echoed around.
Pressing Samantha for an explanation while drawing near, we moved to the lounge and lightly explained the situation.

“I understand the situation. First of all, congratulations, Angela-san.”


“Thank you.”

“Felice, Albert, I’m Miguel. Let’s get along.”

“I’m Nathan. Best regards.”

“”Nice to meet you.””

After the two greeted Angela and us, they looked at Samantha and spoke.

“At any rate, that was cruel of you. Why didn’t you inform us before?”

“It’s as Elder brother said. Wouldn’t it be all right to tell us in a letter?”

“Oh my? Who was it that didn’t write letters after entering the dormitory, did not return during the long holidays and didn’t even invite us to the school events?”

“Ugh…… that’s, we were quite busy.”

“Both Elder brother and I are in the student council, so the work is.”

“My, my, my, when Oniisama and others were in the student council they certainly were busy, however, it wasn’t to this degree…… were they just too excellent? Or are you guys perhaps incompetent? What do you think, Angela.”

“Sister-in-law-sama, both Miguel and Nathan are also excellent. There is surely some reason, right?”

When Angela looked at the two, their eyes awkwardly and restlessly looked around and Samantha who saw that pressed them even further.

“You are right…… but, even though they gained a precious and adorable little brother and little sister, to not be able to return. Al and Feli won’t be able to see their Oniisamas too, huh.”

“Eh~ even though I wanted to hear many school stories.”

“It can’t be helped Feli, Oniisamas are excellent so they are busy. You have to endure.”

“But…… even though I was so happy I made older brothers.”

While discontented, Samantha patted us who were feeling down to comfort us.

“It’s fine. You will be able to see them at least once a year like today.”

“”Once…… a year.””

Miguel who couldn’t win against our childish gazes anymore surrendered first.

“I got it, I understand! I will write letters from now on and I will also make sure to return on holidays.”

“But, you are busy, right?”

“We are. Mainly because of that fool.”

“Elder brother…… that’s disrespectful to His Highness. That gentleman just has the mind of a five years old child forever.”

“Nono, what you said is even more terrible…… well, you are right though.”

Nathan apparently has quite a wicked tongue.

“Both Elder brother and I wanted to return, but that person would cause a problem each time and we would have a difficult time cleaning up after him.”

“As expected, it wouldn’t be possible for him to miss His Majesty’s birth festival, so we were able to finally return.”

“Oh my, was that so? I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware. Nevertheless, there’s no helping that child. It’s okay, you two. Okaasama will do something about it.”

At that time, Samantha was making a face full of affection but I wonder why did my body tremble?
After that, Claude returned and talked about us and what happened until now again.
Even after hearing about my origins and Al’s identity, “that doesn’t matter, Al is our little brother and Feli is our little sister” they said.
That day, we spent time hearing about the school and the problems His Highness caused.
The two said such before going to sleep.

“Be sure to never approach him, you two.”

“You will surely get dragged into something troublesome.”


They were serious so I replied, but I was quite interested and wonder whether it showed on my face.
Claude sighed while putting his hand on top of my head.

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