Chapter 60

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Smith House
Right now, I’m with Al, Austin, and Angela in the carriage on the way to the Smith House.

“Umm…… was Earl Smith’s wife, Rebecca-san with drugs as well?”

“Rebecca wasn’t pregnant but it was apparently mixed in little amounts in her food and drinks.”

“Before it was noticed, all of her internal organs have weakened. It was improved with magic but I heard that several of her internal organs couldn’t be cured.”

“That means, the criminal was someone from within the mansion, right?”

“Yeah…… Garrett has caught the criminal but that criminal committed suicide before he could get information about the mastermind. It’s unknown whether the purpose was to attack Garrett’s weakness or whether Rebecca herself was the target.”

“Then, the mastermind hasn’t been caught yet?”


“Ah, how about the adventurer?”

“He’s currently on a request outside the country. I will be sure to contact him once he returns.”

“Is that so?”

We seemed to arrive while talking. The carriage stopped and Austin got off first.
When everyone got off, the entrance opened and a butler guided us inside.

(Huh? Somehow, the servants……)

When we entered the room we were guided to, a short-haired man with sharp eyes was expressionlessly waiting for us.

(He’s handsome but…… scary.)

While feeling inwardly nervous, the man opened his mouth.

“I’m Garret Smith.”

“How do you do, I’m Sayo.”

“I’m Al.”

“I will say it frankly, I can’t believe you all of sudden even after seeing Angela and hearing about it from Claude and Austin. But if there’s only a little bit of possibility, please cure Rebecca.”

Saying such, Garrett deeply lowered his head.

“Please raise your head. Could you guide us to Rebecca-san’s place?”

“Yeah, but if possible, I’d like only Angela to go with you. Rebecca will worry if there are other men.”

Because what Garrett said was reasonable, Austin and Al remained in the room while the three of us moved.
When we entered the room Garrett guided us to, there was withering away, feebly breathing woman on the bed.

“Rebecca!? …… To think it would be to such extent.”

“She was healed with magic but she couldn’t be cured completely. She’s weakening day by day and the time she spends sleeping has become far longer recently.”

Hearing Garrett speaking, Angela looked at me with tears.
When I confirm Rebecca’s state with the Mind’s Eye after nodding to Angela, her stomach, intestines, liver, womb, and one side of lungs were damaged.

(To keep living in such state…… but…… I will definitely heal you!)

I grasped Rebecca’s hand and raised my magical power.
Garrett held his breath behind me but I continued invoking the magic without minding.


There were many places to restore so it took longer than usual but I was focused.
About five minutes later, when the light wrapping Rebecca settled, a fluffy-looking, adorable woman with calm breathing was sleeping on the bed.
Releasing her hand and separating from the bed, Garrett approached Rebecca and called out to her while touching her cheek.

“Rebecca…… Rebecca.”

Then, Rebecca’s shaking eyelids opened little by little, looking at Garrett.

“…… Garrett…… what’s the matter…… don’t make such a face.”

Hearing Rebecca’s voice, Garrett’s shoulders trembled as he embraced her.
Angela and I quietly left the room and moved to the room where Al and Austin were waiting.

“Welcome back, you two. Did it go well?”

“Yes, I think it should be fine but I will take a look once more later.”

“It took a little longer than usual but was everything all right? Felice.”

“It’s all right. It took longer only because there were many places to heal.”

“Which reminds me, how much did you tell him about us?”

“Garrett is a trustworthy man so we told him everything.”

“Then, why did we introduce ourselves in these forms?”

“Because the truth of “Sayo” and “Al” visiting this mansion is necessary.”

“I see.”

Al who heard Austin’s explanation nodded in consent.
I asked what I was curious about after I came to this mansion.

“In this mansion, there aren’t that many servants, right?”

“Because something like that has happened, Garrett put a limit.”

“However, if it gets out that Rebecca got healed, I’m worried that something might happen again.”

Angela grasped her hands on top of her knees, so I put my hands on hers.

“I’m thinking of handing Garrett-san and Rebecca-san the “talisman” we have made.”

“Felice, Albert…… is that alright?”


“We made lots after all. Besides, she was finally healed by Feli, I wouldn’t like wasting her effort…… just thinking about it makes me angry.”

“Indeed, with that “talisman” at hand, we can focus on the mastermind.”

“But we can’t put too much trust into it. It doesn’t mean that a situation where it won’t be enough wouldn’t happen.”

“You’re right……”

“Someone’s coming.”

Just as Al said, there was a knocking on the door.
When we replied, the butler who guided us inside entered.

“Excuse me. Master would like you to come into the room. Is that fine?”

“We don’t mind. Let’s go at once.”


When we entered Rebecca’s room, Garrett with a slightly softened expression and Rebecca who put on a dress were waiting for us.

“Long time no see Austin-sama, Angela.”

After Rebecca greeted Austin and Angela, she turned towards us and lowered her head.

“How do you do, I’m Garrett’s wife Rebecca. I’m grateful for your help on this occasion.”

“You have my gratitude as well.”

Following Rebecca, Garrett lowered his head too.

“How do you do, I’m Sayo. Please, raise your heads.”

“I’m Al, best regards. By the way, would it be better to greet you in our other forms?”

When Al said so with a playful smile, Rebecca tilted her head and Garrett nodded with a wry smile after opening his eyes wide, so we undid our transformations.
Although I said that, I was the only one who undid the transformation as Al transformed again.

“Erm, once again, I’m Felice Faust. Please treat me well.”

“I’m Albert Faust. Best regards.”

When we introduced ourselves with smiling, Rebecca was dumbfounded and Garrett said while looking at us with interest.

“Eh? …… Children…… Faust is…… eh?”

“You really are children. I certainly heard that Albert’s is still a transformation but to for Felice to handle magic like that at her age, are you rich in magical power? I’m looking forward to your growth.”

“……… Hey, don’t nod in consent by yourself and explain! What’s going on? Just what happened while I was sleeping!?”

While Garrett was muttering under his nose, the confused Rebecca grasped Garrett by the collar and shouted while shaking with him.

(Huh? She’s different from before…… is she too confused? Is she all right?)

I was worried about the difference from her graceful manner from a little while ago but it was a needless worry.

“She’s completely back to normal.”

“Yeah, I was worried seeing her like she was but I’m glad she’s so lively.”

(What, that is Rebecca-san’s original image? I’m glad!)

While feeling relieved after hearing Austin’s and Angela’s exchange, Al asked Austin a question.

“Heyhey, even though women are usually graceful, is becoming like that when they are excited their true nature?”

“Eh?…… No……”

“I mean, when something happens they talk down the men, and that atmosphere you can’t go against? What is that…… As I thought, does Angela have times like those too?”

“Ha!? …… W, what are you saying, Fearfal.”

“It’s Albert~ Why are you so flustered?”

“I’m not! …… It’s because you said something weird!”

Austin who was glancing with cold sweat at Angela because of Al’s pursuit was too pitiful, so I decided to stop Al.

“Al, Austin-san is troubled. To each his own, okay?”

“Hmm~…… Say Feli, what was that called again? Something about leash?”

“Kept on a short leash?”

“Right, that!”

“You guys…… haa~”

Austin was tired of our exchange and let out a sigh.
Angela was smilingly looking at us without saying anything.
To be accurate, she was looking at Austin but I decided not to mind it.
While such a thing was happening, Garrett explained to Rebecca so we were urged to sit on the sofa first.

“Nevertheless, how surprising. I let you see something disturbing a little while ago. Somehow, please forget about it.”


Although she was asking us, Rebecca was letting out an aura to which we could only nod.
After that, we gave the two the “talismans” but they were quite surprised and reservedly said it wasn’t needed. But when told it will be given to someone else otherwise, they reluctantly accepted.
As Claude will talk with them about the future later, we decided to return for today.
Samantha was waiting for us when we returned to the Faust House, so Angela slowly talked with Samantha about what happened, and we went to report to Claude.

“Good work. Is Rebecca all right?”

“She was in a considerably terrible state. To the extent I found it strange that she lived. I properly healed her and gave them the “talismans””

“I see…… like this, Garrett will have an easier time moving.”

“But Claude, how are you going to look for those guys?”

“I have an idea for that but let’s talk once the concerned people gather…… I won’t let them escape this time. I will make them regret being alive.”

“…… G, got it.”

When Claude said with a faint smile, Austin’s face cramped.
Al who didn’t seem to mind it asked Claude without reserve.

“Otousama, what happened to the guys in the jail?”

“If it’s them then they have talked. We have also gotten the information from Bernardo and others but to be honest, there’s not much we can do against the Empire at the moment. Currently, we can only talk with every Adventurer’s Guild to be vigilant about the magic tools”

“I see…… well, it can’t be helped. Feli, I think you understand.”

“Don’t move on your own, leave this matter to Otousama and others…… right?”

“That’s right. It’s a promise? If you break it…… fufu…… what kind of punishment would be good next time?”


While I was frightened by Al who was smiling happily from the bottom of his heart, I drew closer to Claude and Austin.

“O, Otousama! What’s going to happen to Bernardo-san and others from now on?”

“It has been decided that Bernardo and Carlotta will go to the Beastmen representative, while Lucas and Clare to the Elf representative.”

“Is that so? …… I’m glad.”

“Feli? You are glad means that you were worried about them?”

“Rather than worry…… when they hugged me after I removed their collars, it felt nostalgic…… I felt warm and happy. That’s why I thought I’d be glad if Bernardo-san and others lived in this country.”

“I see.”

Al has warmly smiled at me so I turned my head in embarrassment towards Claude who was making a surprised face but it immediately returned to normal.
Although I find it curious it was the time for dinner so we all moved to the dining room.

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