Chapter 59

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I looked at the four people who were vacantly staring at the destroyed collars and spoke up.

“Err, are you all right? Please tell me if you are feeling bad anywhere.”

“…… I’m sorry. To think you would really break it…… I’m Bernardo. I’m grateful…… Felice.”

I was startled because Bernardo suddenly hugged me while saying the words of thanks but Claude nodded when I looked at him so I reservedly let myself be hugged.

“I’m Carlotta, Bernardo’s wife. Thank you, Felice.”

When Bernardo separated from me, I was hugged by Carlotta next.

(Do beastmen hug while giving thanks?)

When I return the hug while thinking such, I was hugged by Lucas and Clare at the same time next.

“I’m Lucas. Thank you, Felice.”

“I’m Clare. You have our gratitude, Felice.”

(So it wasn’t because they were beastmen. Oh well.)

When I return the hug and separate, the four were gently laughing with tears in their eyes so I fished up a smile.

“Ah! Would you like to eat sweets?”

“Felice-sama, how about having a meal before eating sweets?”

“That’s true, isn’t it?”

Being told by Olivia to let them eat first, I had the meal we brought with us arranged on the table.

“There are many things to talk about but eat up first please. We will leave Olivia behind so if you need anything, speak to her.”

They modestly declined Claude at first but they were overcome with hunger and started eating.
Seeing that, I left the room with Claude, Chase, and Lyle.
It seems that Bard and Roy are staying in the room.

“That reminds me, where’s Al?”

“If it’s Al, he’s eating sweets with Okaasama and others in the lounge.”

“Ah~ that thing, it certainly is easy to eat.”

“If there’s still some, I would like to eat too.”

“I think there’s some left but don’t overeat too much, okay? You will get fat.”


While Chase and Lyle were surprised by my remark, Claude lifted me up and increased his walking speed.

“Waa! What’s the matter, Otousama!?”

“Samantha is extremely fond of sweets. She probably ate a lot”

“It’s fine. Al is there too so I think he should have stopped her?”

“Isn’t that bad?”

“Chase, what is bad?”

“Ah~ I think it’s bad as well, Al can’t understand a woman’s heart, right?”

“…… Ah!”

“Let’s hurry. I have a bad feeling.”

Saying such, Claude increased his speed even more.
I heard Samantha’s voice when we approached the lounged.

“It’s really delicious. I could eat them without stopping.”

“Sister-in-law-sama, it would be better not to overeat.”

Just as we thought, Samantha ate quite a lot but we made it in time.
However, the atmosphere froze before Claude could step into the lounge.

“Okaasama, it’s as Angela said. If you overeat, you will get fat as an orc.”


Samantha’s movements stopped with Al’s words and Angela got nervous.

“””We were too late……”””

(Al that idiot! The way he said it…… from all he could have picked to pick an orc.)

He was looking at her state for a while but seeing no signs of Samantha moving, Al spoke to her.

“Okaasama, why have you stiffened?”

Then, Samantha slowly started moving again, immediately approached Al and seized his face.

“Al, what did you say just now? I hope not but you didn’t call your Okaasama “like orc” or “fat” did you?”

Hannya could be seen behind Samantha who said such while smiling.
I instinctively clung to Claude and started trembling and Al seeing such unusual state reflexively answered.


“That’s right, isn’t it! I must have misheard. But I should stop just like Angela and Al said.”


It appears that Samantha forgave him.
After Samantha and Angela left the room while talking, we greeted Al who asked Claude “Why was Okaasama so angry?” to which Claude replied with “You haven’t understood?” when he heard that, “I somehow couldn’t go against my instincts” he answered.

((((So even a Ryuu can’t win against a woman’s heart?))))

Because the problem was settled, Claude, Chase, and Lyle headed to the jail which was left to Austin.
After killing some time with Al, we decided to go to the room where Bernardo and others were.
When we entered the room, they were enjoying the after-meal tea.

“Excuse me. Were there any changes to your physical conditions?”

“I’m fine. Rather, I feel at ease now that I don’t have to wear that collar.”

“It’s as Bernardo says. To even prepare a meal for us, we are very much grateful.”

“The sweets Felice made were really tasty. Right, Clare?”

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten something like that before. By the way, that child is?”

Clare who was curious about Al who was standing behind me asked.
They first introduced themselves so Al spoke up.


“I’m Albert. I have been adopted by the Faust House together with Feli.”

“Black hair and amber eyes…… do you have any blood-related brothers?”

Because Bernardo asked such, Al answered while tilting his head.

“Brothers? I have no blood relatives. Why are you asking?”

“No…… we met a youth with the same black hair and amber eyes yesterday. At that time, I felt my life at risk but we were saved as the result so I just wanted to convey my thanks.”

(Life at risk?)

“Even after asking these three, they wouldn’t tell us. “I can’t tell you that” is what all of them said.”

(Ah~ it’s a secret after all.)

“However, since they said “can’t” it means that they know him.”

(We should consult with Otousama, shouldn’t we?)

“That bloodthirst was really amazing. Just a little more and I would have fainted from fear.”

(…… Bloodthirst!?)

I was quite startled in my mind but Al indifferently answered.

“Eh? I thought I was holding back quite a lot but it wasn’t enough? You don’t have to thank me. It was only a coincidence, I wouldn’t do it if Chase didn’t stop me, rather I should be apologizing.”


“A, A, Al! What are you saying!?”


“Was I supposed to not say that?”

“Yeah, isn’t that bad?”

“What is? …… Ah I see, I’m in the child form now.”

Al nodded in consent and of all things transformed.
Bernardo and others were pointing at Al’s new appearances with their eyes and mouths open wide.
Al sighed after seeing the frozen four and spoke up with a slight impatience while looking at us.

“Huh? Perhaps, was I not supposed to do that? …… Haha…… it will be fine if I erase their memories, right!”


“Albert-sama, how about leaving the memory erasing aside and reporting to Claude-sama instead?”

We put stop to Al’s outrageous remark and he unwillingly went to Claude.
We who were left behind decided to watch over the still frozen four for a while, so I asked Olivia for a tea.
Well, it’s an escape from reality after a quick talk.
When the four started moving again, Al returned.

“Ah, they are moving.”

“Al, how was it?”

“He let out a sigh while looking greatly troubled but he didn’t get angry. He said it would fine to tell them.”

((((He was so shocked he couldn’t say anything.))))

“Once again, I’m Fearfal, I have come to this country from the Empire together with Feli. For reasons, I’m currently living in a child form as Albert. That’s why when I’m in the child form, don’t call me Fearfal, okay?”

(He didn’t tell them that he’s Kokuryuu.)

When Al finished speaking, Bernardo opened his mouth in bewilderement.

“Together with Felice…… then, you are the guardian Claude-dono was talking about?”


“Am I wrong? We were told that Felice has a guardian who is protecting her.”

“Ahh, if you meant it like that then I am Feli’s guardian.”

“I see, let me say it again. Thank you for bringing us to this country.”

Matching Bernardo’s words, the three lowered their heads.
After that, Carlotta asked while looked at me.

“Felice, are you…… happy?”

I found it strange why she was asking me that but Carlotta and the other three were looking at me with serious faces so I replied honestly.

“Yes, here I have Al, Otousama, Okaasama, Olivia and everyone in the mansion, Austin-san and others are here too, there are people like Chase-san who are concerned about me, I’m very happy.”

“I see…… that’s good.”

The four people consulted something after hearing my reply. Bernardo then questioned.

“Sorry but we would like to talk about our future. Would it be possible to meet with Claude-dono?”

Olivia went to Claude, returned after a while and they left the room together.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. What would you like to talk about?”

“Sorry to disturb you when you are so busy. It’s a request concerning our future.”

“Request? You guys are no longer slaves so if you want to return to your hometown I can arrange it.”

“No…… we no longer have a hometown to return to. We don’t have a place to return or people awaiting our return.”

Everybody frowned hearing Bernardo’s words.

“I see…… then, your request is?”

Bernardo hesitated at Claude’s question for a while, then spoke up.

“Won’t you accept us in this country?”

“That is to say you want to belong to our country? Can I take this as everyone’s consent?”


“I see, I would personally like to welcome all of you but I can’t give you the answer by myself. Could you give me 2, 3 days? During that time, stay in this house please.”

“”””Thank you in advance.””””

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