Chapter 50

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Treatment~ Adventurers~
Al forgave me after I somehow managed to apologize, and it was quite noisy when we returned to Eric.

“Ah! You’re back. Al, you really are strong. I haven’t seen something like that before.”

When Sam said in excitement, the others agreed.

“That was a fluke. I can’t usually bring out such power.”

(You can’t deceive them like that, alright. You said things like “inferior species” and “disappear” after all.)

When I tsukkomi in my mind, Al turned towards me and smiled.

“What is it Sayo, would you like to say something?”

“Hii! It’s nothing, nothingnothingnothing.”

“Is that so?”

I frantically nodded.
Being able to read the mood, I’m glad that no one else asked more.
At that moment, Austin called out to us.

“Nevertheless, long time no see. Al, Sayo.”

(Long time no see?)

“Hey Austin, it’s been a while. Were you guys well?”

(What kind of setting is this?)

“Yeah, you two seem to be doing fine as well. Are you still traveling?”

“That’s right. I was quite surprised as I didn’t think to meet you guys here.”

“This place is the base of our operations after all.”

“Are you staying at an inn? How about going for a drink today if it’s fine with you guys?”

“The alcohol Blake chooses is always good, why not?”


“That reminds me! Claude said he wanted to meet you guys. Won’t you come by this evening?”

“Of course! Right, Sayo?”

“……… I’m looking forward to it~”

“It’s decided then.”

While not understanding the setting from the conversation, Dyson-san asked.

“What, they were Austin’s acquaintances?”

“Yeah, Al and Sayo are Wanderers. We met during work and hit it off.”

It was a word I heard for the first time, so I asked Al via telepathy.

(Say Al, what is a Wanderer?)

(Wanderers are nomadic people who won’t settle down in a country or an organization in their lifetime. That’s why, they are not tied by any country or organization, but instead, they don’t have a family register and won’t receive protection from the country. But, we will certainly be investigated if we continue treating people like this. Even if we don’t have a family register, it would serve as a camouflage…… so Lewis said.)

(Lewis-san did…… we must thank him later then. I haven’t think about something like that at all.)

(You’re right. I don’t know what would happen if we were alone in this……)

We are chewing on the difficulties of those who help us.

“Hee, then you came to the capital by a chance?”

“No, I called them this time. I thought of having Sayo look at Angela for me.”

“Is that so? Certainly, if it’s young miss, then she might be able to heal her.”

(So that was it! Indeed, if it flows like this, it won’t be unnatural.)

While finally understanding the setting and admiring, Dyson reservedly asked.

“Sayo, I’m sorry but could you treat the wounded? We will pay you.”

“I don’t mind. Payment is not necessary.”

“That’s no good no matter how you look at it. The guild will pay, don’t be reserved.”

“Even if you say that…… in that case, because we can’t collect the wyvern materials because of Al’s magic, offset it with this time’s payment please.”

“Sorry about that~ I was irritated and overdid it.”

(Al did it because he was irritated. Even though you said it was just a fluke a little while ago.)

“You are able of total annihilation when you are irritated…… well, you have saved us so I can’t say anything, but is that really fine with you?”

“Yes, I will start at once, can you line up please?”

“Got it.”

I was given thanks after healing severely wounded people in turns.
After the treatment, we were guided by Eric to the guild because we had a business there.
After joining up with John at the guild, Eric and others went home because the treatment of the patients was finished.
It was my first time in the guild, so I was quite nervous, but I immediately saw Austin and others as soon as we entered so I felt relieved.

“Good job you two. Did it go well?”

“Yes, there have been no problems so far.”

“By the way, wasn’t it fine for Austin to come alone? Lewis has to help Evan, doesn’t he?”

We attracted attention when we entered the guild, but it became even noisier with Al’s remark.

“Oy, that fellow addressed Austin-sama and Lewis-sama without any honorifics.”

“Not only that. By Evan he meant His Majesty, right?”

“A youngster like that…… who is he?”

“From what I heard, he turned a flock of wyverns into ashes in an instant. Moreover, that woman is apparently a healer.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! There’s no way they turned to ashes in an instant. Since the woman is a healer, is she a person of the church?”

“But you know, that woman seems to treat for free? There’s no way that someone from the church would do that.”

A lot of things were said, but while pretending not to hear and having a friendly chat, Dyson called out to us.

“Oy, inform me if you came. I will guide you to the room first so follow after me.”

When we followed Dyson, Austin and others naturally followed too.

“Why are you guys coming along too.”

“Don’t mind us. We are these two’s friends and something like guardians.”


“That’s right. If you have something to say, please pass it to us as well.”

“Don’t dwell on the dull thing. These two are our friends.”

“They are our important friends, watch your speech and conduct.”

“How rude! You have no trust in us!”

When we walked up to the second floor while getting along, Dyson showed us to the Guild Master’s office.
When Dyson knocked on the door, I heard a woman’s voice.


“I brought the guests.”


When we entered inside, a beautiful woman with crimson hair and blue eyes was waiting for us.
When she saw us, she lowered her head.

“So you guys are Al and Sayo. I’m the Guild Master Rufina. Thank you for helping our people.”

“How do you do, I’m Sayo. We have done only what we could, please don’t mind it.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Al. It’s as Sayo said. Rather, sorry for wasting the wyvern materials.”

“On that subject, I heard from Dyson that Al defeated the wyverns in an instant and Sayo healed Dyson’s serious injuries within seconds.”

“That was…… not as bad as it seems!”

“I was attacked by wyverns, got startled and used too much magical power. It’s was the brute force of fire.”

Because it was different from that time, I vigorously looked at Al in a startle.

(Al! It’s different from what you said to Dyson-san and others!?)

(Eh? What did I say?)

“You, you have said to us ‘I got irritated and overdid it’ didn’t you?”

“……… Did I?”

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Al looked at me puzzledly, but only a dry laugh came out of me.
I can understand without looking back.
Austin is enduring laughing, Lewis is rubbing his eyebrows, Meison is tired, and Blake quietly watches over us.
Returning to the conversation, Al questioned Rufina.

“So? You have something to talk about since you called us to the Guild Master’s office, right?”

“First of all, sit on the sofa please. Let’s talk after that.”

Al and I sat facing Rufina while Austin and others sat to our left and right.
Dyson is standing behind Rufina.

“I won’t beat about the bush. You guys, won’t you become adventurers?”

“We won’t.”

“We won’t.”

((At the moment.))

“Immediate reply…… may I ask the reason?”

“We are Wanderers. We travel according to our whims. We don’t intend to belong anywhere.”

“We came to this country because Austin-san asked us to. Once our business is finished, we will go traveling again.”

“I see…… you would be able to receive requests if you were adventurers…… how regrettable.”

Rufina fell in silence while brooding over something and Dyson behind her dropped his gaze.
Seeing them like that, Austin inquired.

“What’s the matter, Rufina. You are not like yourself.”

“Actually, there have been complaints and troubles regarding medical treatment recently. Adventurers who get injured can’t receive treatment without paying, they can’t receive request if they don’t recover, and they can’t make money if they can’t receive requests…… a vicious circle has been created.”

“Is that…… perhaps because there are not enough people?”

“Yeah, there have been many high-leveled monsters recently, so I sent out investigation teams. There have been no casualties, but there are severely wounded. However……”

“They can’t receive treatment at the clinic? However, the treatment at the clinic shouldn’t be that high.”

“It’s as you said, Lewis…… in the past. It currently costs one gold coin to treat a bone fracture.”

Al and I didn’t know so we weren’t surprised, but Austin and others opened their eyes wide.

“What’s with that absurd amount of money!? There’s no way you can pay that every single time!”

“That’s right…… but that’s being a common thing nowadays.”

“Why did you not report to the country? Since we didn’t know, Evan…… His Majesty isn’t aware as well.”

“You guys have healing magic at home so it’s only given that you didn’t know.”

“Dyson…… you are supposed to report if you knew. Just, since when?”

“Since the person in charge of clinics has changed. As for the report…… we have received assistance from His Majesty regarding the clinics before. Everyone knows that His Majesty suffers from the church because he thinks of his subjects…… that’s why…… we thought of doing something ourselves about it this time……”

While talking, Rufina’s voice gradually became smaller.

“And the situation turned out like this, huh…… as the Guild Master, you should have known when to quit.”

“Meison-dono…… I’m ashamed of myself.”

“Everyone did it thinking of His Majesty, but you must understand how His Majesty will feel when he learns of your suffering.”

“Yes, it’s like Blake-dono said.”

“We will speak with His Majesty.”

“…… Thank you.”

Rufina was feeling down, her head lowered down all the time.

“Umm~ May I ask you something? In the first place, are there no other people who can use healing magic aside from the people of the church?”

“It can’t be used without the light attribute and those who receive an appraisal at six years old and possess light attribute are taken in by the church. The nobility are the only exception.”

“I see. So that’s how the church monopolizes the healing magic…… nobles wouldn’t become healers. Perhaps, the children we saw at the church before?”

“Al…… but, they said those children were orphans, didn’t they?”

When I looked at Lewis, he replied.

“There are indeed orphans in the church, but it wouldn’t be weird for such children to be among them.”

“Is that so? Rufina-san, did you want me to do the treatments?”

“Yeah, speaking frankly, I would be troubled if the number of adventurers decreased any more than this. The requests are piling up and the investigation haven’t been concluded yet.”

“If it’s treatment, I will do it?”

“Eh…… really!?”

“But, it would be something we would do only now, you have to think about what to do after we leave.”

“We will think of something. I think it would be better for Rufina to have an audience with His Majesty first.”

“Ugh…… I understand.”

“But, even if Fe…… Sayo does the treatment, what about the investigation? Shall we do it?”

“No, because of the wyvern incident, it would be better for Austin-dono and others to stay in the capital.”

Austin’s proposal was turned down, so while thinking what would be the most suitable thing to do because the strength and numbers of the adventurers are fewer than before, Al indifferently spoke up.

“In that case, should I take a look?”


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