Chapter 51

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It became quiet for a while after Al’s statement, but I pulled myself together and asked.

“Al will do the investigation? With the adventurers?”

“You jest! I will do it alone.”

“Why so suddenly?”

Before Al answered my question, he asked Rufina another one.

“Say, those high-level monsters appeared all of sudden, right?”

“That’s right. We have witnessed even those from different habitats.”

“The place?”

“The place is close to the national border with the Trust Kingdom. It was previously investigated by the adventurers from the capital and adventurers from the town near the border.”

“Hmm~…… the national border with the Trust Kingdom, huh. Were there perhaps others…… well, even if I destroyed the room, they would probably be able to make that which they already made before.”

Rufina and Dyson didn’t hear Al’s last words so they were looking at him in wonder, but it wasn’t like that for me.

(What does he mean? Monsters appear all of sudden…… from different habitats too…… destroyed a room…… make again………… surely not!?)

I panicked and drew closer to Al.

“Al! Is that by any chance that thing!? Those fellows!”

“Sayo…… calm down, it’s not certain yet. That’s why, I will take a look.”

“Then, I will go too!”

“You have something only you can do, right?”



Al strongly called my name who couldn’t agree via telepathy and looked straight at me.

“Ugh…… I got it. But, be careful.”

“It’s fine, I will return right away.”

Saying such, Al spoke to Austin and others while hugging me.

“Since that’s the case, I leave this child in your care while I’m away. Well, I don’t think it will take that long though.”

“Leave it to us.”

Austin and others understanding Al’s meaning powerfully nodded.
At that moment, Rufina and Dyson who were watching the course of events reservedly asked.

“Umm…… I don’t understand the situation quite well, but is Al really going to do the investigation alone?”

“It looks like you have some idea.”

“I certainly have an idea…… but, I can’t say without confirming it first”

“Is that so?”

“Well, Al is strong. We will prepare the carriage.”

“I don’t need a carriage. I will just fl…… run for a little bit.”

((((He’s going to fly……)))))

“It’s not a running distance! Well, I feel like you would be able to do it though…… is that really fine?”

“There’s no problem.”

“I will write a letter of introduction just in case, won’t you wait until tomorrow please?”


“I would like Sayo to come tomorrow to treat the adventurers, is that fine?”

“Yes, okay.”

After the talk finished, Lewis went to the palace to report and we have returned to the Faust house with Austin and the rest.
I returned to my child form after returning to the mansion and we went to Claude’s office to discuss the important topic.
Sitting down on the sofa and slowly drinking tea, a communication from Lewis came.

(Evan and Claude has been informed, please come to receive them.)

(Roger. I will go.)

“Then, I’m going, Transfer.”

Al transferred and immediately returned with Evan, Claude, and Lewis.

“Welcome back, Otousama. Hello, Evan-san.”

“I’m back, Feli.”


“Hey, it seems you had a difficult time today, Felice.”

“Yes, but I was saved thanks to everyone.”

“That’s really true…… so, what do you think after hearing the story, Evan, Otousama?”

When Al asked Evan and Claude, Claude answered.

“We can’t make a conclusion…… but, Al’s worries are reasonable.”

“We can’t deny the possibility of those fellows being able to make another one.”

A heavy mood flowed in the room.

“If I only checked it properly…… I’m sorry.”

“What are you saying, Feli. Because you were able to secure one of those in such circumstances, you can’t be at fault Feli.”

“It’s as Al said. If it were not for that, we wouldn’t be aware this time.”


Evan and others nodded at Claude’s words.

“By the way, is the Trust Kingdom not making any moves?”

“I don’t know that, but there wasn’t any communication from them.”

“A letter arrived from Will-kun yesterday, but it seems that Chase hasn’t returned home recently. There wasn’t even a reply when I tried telepathy. He might have been working, but there was no reply today as well.”

“That matter is pretty much over, so you said they can take it easy, didn’t you? Is the other side perhaps investigating as well? Evan, do you know something?”

“No, if they are investigating, they might not have reached the conclusion yet. From that fellow’s personality, he would contact me if he understood something.”

“Then, we will leave our investigation to Albert. Felice is treating the adventurers tomorrow, right? Please go there with Meison and Blake.”

“Leave it to me.”



“I will be in your care. Meison-san, Blake-san.”

“And me?”

“Austin take Angela and meet Garett with Claude.”

“Got it.”

“And me!”

“You are going to work!”

“You are working!”

While Lewis was giving instructions for tomorrow, Evan wanted to mix in the confusion, but Lewis and Claude completely cut him off.
Al sent off Lewis and Claude who were dragging Evan along and Meison and Blake left too.
After Claude returned, he informed Samantha and others of Al’s absence. Samantha was very worried, but she understood.
The next day, we went to the Adventurer’s Guild and when we entered inside, Meison and Blake were already waiting for us.

“Good morning. Meison-san, Blake-san.”



After saying hello, we went to Rufina’s office where she handed Al a letter.

“This is my letter of introduction. If you find trouble over there by any chance, show them that letter.”

“Alright. Then, I’m going. Meison, Blake, I leave Sayo in your care.”

“”Leave it to me.””

After Al entrusted me to Meison and Blake, he left the room――

“Sorry~ Which way is the Trust Kingdom again?”

“………… That way.”

“That way, huh~ Laters!”

When Rufina confirmed the direction while taken aback, he truly left this time.

“Will he be all right?”

“……… Al…… so uncool.”

“”Buh! …… Kuku……””

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