Chapter 52

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Meeting at the National Border
After splitting from Felice and others and walking towards the direction I was pointed to, I saw a high wall after a while.
I enter an unpopulated alley, disappear with Stealth, jump on the nearby roof and start running along the roof towards the wall.

(This magic is convenient as expected. Let’s jump on the wall first.)

When I acquire momentum and jump, I get on the wall in no time.
I felt the area just in case, but because I didn’t find anything strange, I jumped up and transformed into the dragon form.

(It has been a while since I was in this form. I have been recently only in the human form. Alright! Let’s finish quickly and return. Otousama aside, Okaasama and others will be worried too. There’s also the thing with Angela, I want to help Feli.)

Fearfal took off and accelerated towards the national border.
At this time, Fearfal still has not realized his change yet.
That he calls Claude father and Samantha mother and that he’s now concerned about others, he wouldn’t even imagine in the past.
Something was changing within Fearfal little by little.
After flying over several towns and villages, he saw a big wall again.

(That is the wall of the border town, huh…… that means, the forest from before?)

After lowering his speed and moving through the forest while feeling around, he sensed several ominous magical powers.
Moving towards such magical powers, he heard the roars of monsters and voices of people.

(That’s…… adventurers? Monsters are…… a swarm of goblins, ogres, and orcs…… they should be fine without me landing a hand. I have to search for that…… err~…… there!)

Al returned to the human form in the air and descended towards the target.




“Shit, the hell is with those numbers! In the first place, why are orcs together with goblins!”

“You idiot! Don’t talk and defeat them!”

“Oy! They are over there as well!”

“They have a mage there! Incoming magic!”

(Huh~? I’m certain it should be around here.)

As for where Al descended, he was now loitering behind the adventurers.

“I will defend you so withdraw! You are in the way!”

“What the hell you mean by saying you are in the way! Amateur!”

“Hey! Leave the quarreling for later!”

“Hold on until the support comes!”

(Ah! There it is, there it is. It was that magic tool as I thought…… seriously, I want to smash those guys…… I have to stop the supply of magical power first…… destroying the magic stone should be fine, right?)

“Hey! Aren’t those wyverns!?”

“You are kidding me, right!? They are still increasing!”

“Say! Wouldn’t it be better to withdraw!”

“Idiot! Do you intend to drag the monsters of such number to the town!”

“Then, what are we supposed to do!”


(Alright! It’s broken…… let’s put it in the item ring Feli made for me. I have to look for others.)

Fearfal doesn’t have the item box skill, so Felice sealed a space-time magic in a ring and created a magic tool with the same effect as the item box.
By the way, Felice and Fearfal don’t clearly understand the value of this magic tool.
Because they haven’t shown it to anyone yet…… it can be said that they forgot to show it.

“Say…… aren’t the movements of the goblins weird?”

“You’re right. Somehow…… they are confused?”

When Al jumped into the sky and transformed into the dragon form, planning to search for another magic tool, a flock of wyverns was flying in front of him.

(These guys again…… they are a hindrance…… since turning them into ashes is no good…… Wind Cutter.)

Al fired several blades of wind.
Its power goes without saying, the flock got instantly chopped up and created a mountain of corpses.

“Kyaaー! What was that!”

“The flock of wyverns suddenly!”

“Who did that!?”

“It wasn’t me!”

“It wasn’t me as well!”

“Oy! The orcs are escaping!”

(Ah~ that felt good! Next one is that way.)

Fearfal moved towards another magical power reaction.
The magical power was greater than a while ago, someone was fighting again.

(That is…… Earth Dragon. So they can summon even such thing? The magic tool is…… n~ I can’t see well from here. Let’s approach a bit more.)

When Fearfal lowered his altitude a bit more, he heard voices.


“Turn that way! Don’t be careless!”

“Captain! Please don’t stay forward that much!”

“Captain! We are an operative unit, aren’t we! Why are we battling an Earth Dragon!”

“As if I know! Don’t stop moving! You will be targeted!”

“Captain!! Please stand back!! I will go!!”

“Stop it, you fool! Look for a chance and escape!”

Fearfal was in thoughts while watching the battle below.

(That is…… n~ just collecting the magic tools would be fine, but an Earth Dragon would be probably impossible for them, right? Feli would be sad if they died…… it’s troublesome, but it can’t be helped.)

Fearfal released Stealth while swooping down and released a bit of his magical power.
Noticing that magical power, Earth Dragon who was keeping the people company looked up.
What it saw there was.

“Y, you must be kidding me, right…… a Black Dragon.”

“Even though the Earth Dragon alone is unreasonable.”

“Captain! Let’s retreat immediately.”

“There, I will!!”

“No! There would be no meaning if everyone doesn’t escape! I wouldn’t be able to show my face in front of that guy, would I!”



When they made a new determination, Fearfal finally descended…… on top of the Earth Dragon.



“Wha!? …… What is going on? You guys, stand back!”

The movements of the Earth Dragon under Fearfal gradually slowed, its eyes became vacant and it died.
Fearfal got down from the Earth Dragon, changed into the human form and approached the people who were ready for battle.

“Stop! Who are you!”

“That’s quite the greeting. Even though I saved you.”

“Saved? Why did you?”

“If you guys died…… Feli would be sad after all.”

“Feli? …… Felice! Then, you are.”

“It’s our first time meeting like this…… Chase.”

“So you are Fearfal?”

That’s right, the people who were fighting the Earth Dragon were the Beastmen who escaped together with Felice, the people whom she saved, the Trust Kingdom’s operative unit Captain Chase, the Vice-Captain Bard and the team members Lyle and Roy.
While silence presided between Fearfal and Chase, Roy spoke up.

“Umm Captain, are you acquaintances with that person? He was a Black Dragon just a little while ago, wasn’t he?”

“Ah~…… this person is that child’s, Felice’s guardian.”

“How do you do, I’m Fearfal. Best regards.”

“I’m Roy.”

“I’m Lyle.”

“I’m Bard!!”

They have mutually introduced, but everyone except Chase didn’t know about Fearfal, so they still were vigilant against the unknown person that was a Black Dragon just a while ago.


“Say, are you a dragon? A human?”

“Lyle, that’s rude.”

“But, you know~ I have to properly confirm if he proclaims to be that child’s guardian, I will be worried otherwise.”

“That is…… true, but there’s a better way to ask, isn’t there?”

“What are you saying you two!! You can understand by looking at Captain!! He wouldn’t be so calm if the person before him was harmful!!”


“Bard…… how many times do I have to ask you to lower your voice…… Lyle, Roy, and Bard. Fearfal is all right. He’s properly protecting that child, his ability is also way above ours.”

“Felice is the one and only for me. That’s why I don’t have any intention of forgiving anyone who harms her.”

Fearfal’s bloodthirst appeared for a moment and instantly disappeared, but that was enough for Chase and others to feel fear.

“Ahh…… sorry, sorry, I did it again. To your question, I’m not a dragon nor human. I’m Kokuryuu.”

“”Ha?……………… Haa―――!?””

“What!! To be able to see Kokuryuu with my own eyes!!”

“No, no, no, no! What are you happy about, Bard! …… Vice-Captain! You should be surprised there, right!”

“Lyle, you were rude to your Vice-Captain. Demanding that from this no-brain――this Vice-Captain would be futile”

“No…… you were far ruder, Roy.”

“Chase, you have it hard, don’t you?”

“Stop please…… the sweat from my eyes is……”

“By the way, Captain!! What to do with that Earth Dragon!!”


When Bard said so, everyone’s eyes turned towards the fallen Earth Dragon.

“Take it, since it’s something you have defeated.”

“Eh? I don’t really want it, but…… I could give it to Meison and Blake.”

Saying such, Fearfal touched the item ring on his left hand and the Earth Dragon disappeared.



Chase who was dumbfounded asked Al.

“Fearfal possesses an item box?”

“I don’t have it. I put it in this item ring Feli made for me.”

Fearfal extended his left hand and showed the ring.

“””Item ring?”””

“Is that a magic tool!!”

“Right, this ring was bestowed with space-time magic, it has the same effect as an item box”



When Al explained about the ring, everyone except Bard was at a loss of words, but Chase who regained his senses gave instructions to his subordinates.

“You three, forget what you heard and saw! Don’t talk about it with anyone…… even among yourselves! That is an order!”



“Alright! ….. Fearfal, make sure not to show that item ring to anyone, it would be dangerous.”


“First of all, from what I know, this item ring-like magic tools are Legend or even Mythical class items. Those who have it will be targeted and if there’s someone who can make it, there would a great competition. In the first place, what materials is it made from?”

“Umm~…… it was time for my scales to change, so Feli said “it’s wasteful not to recycle it” then “should I try making a magic tool out of it then?” since she learned how to do bestowal and Meison…… our dwarf friend taught her how to process the scales…… well, it didn’t take her more than an hour though…… haha”

While explaining, Fearfal thought “did we perhaps do it again?” and tried to dodge the question by laughing. Chase asked with tiredness in his eyes.

“……… That dwarf, he didn’t say anything after taking a look at that?”

“That’s…… I thought of showing it to him, but I forg- it got busy and then I got sent on an investigation all of sudden.”

((((He was just about to say that he forgot.))))

Chase asked a new question to Fearfal who wasn’t able to deceive them.

“Investigation? You are an adventurer?”

“I’m not. There was something I was personally curious about, so I told Guild Master that I will do it myself. You guys are investigating the monster abnormality, right?”

“Yeah. It’s on the national border so an investigation is only natural. We are more or less “adventurers” after all. So, what were you curious about?”

“Chase, do you remember that magic tool in that house?”

“Magic tool?”

The face of Chase who repeated Fearfal’s gradually stiffened.

“Surely not…… that thing? On that child…… the magic tool they experimented on Felice?”

“That’s right…… wait a moment.”

Saying such, Fearfal entered a slightly remote thicket.

“Captain, that magic tool had an effect of “summoning monsters” right?”

“If that’s the case, it precisely fits the situation.”

“Yeah…… Bard, take care of the surroundings just in case.”


At that time, Fearfal returned with something in his hands.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. This is that very magic tool.”

“This is…… it looks like a simple lamp at first glance.”

“I broke the magic stone so it isn’t working now, would you like to take it?”

“Is that fine?”

“I found another one a little while ago.”

“Thanks. Did that summon the monsters as well?”

Chase asked and Fearfal spoke while trying to recall.

“The monsters were…… a group of goblins, ogres, and orcs. Several adventurers were fighting them? Later, a flock of wyverns appeared.”

Chase was startled by Fearfal’s words and panicked.

“So! Were the adventurers safe!?”

“Who knows? I cleaned up the wyverns, they should be fine?”

“Should be fine!? Why didn’t you help even though you defeated the wyverns!”

“Why, you ask…… I was not interested.”

“Not interested!? Didn’t you save us!”

“That’s because Feli would be sad otherwise.”


“Captain! Let’s go help them quickly!”

Roy said such, but Bard has stopped him.

“Wait a moment, Captain!! Someone is approaching!!”


Footsteps approached from the place pointed out by Bard and the opponents showed their faces.

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