Chapter 53

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While everyone was cautious, a blood-covered human appeared.

“Finally! There are people here!”

“No way! …… I’m glad~”

“Oy! Don’t lower your guards yet!”

“But, I’m honestly dead tired.”

“My body…… I want to take a bath.”

The people who appeared look at Fearfal and others, feebly sit down then get scolded by a man, but the person himself made an exhausted face as well after.
Chase and the other beastmen got dumbfounded after seeing the people who appeared.
That’s because all five were entirely bloodstained.

“Oy! Are you all right!? Roy, tend to their injuries.”

“Yes, please show me your wounds.”

“No, our wounds are just scratches! Sorry for surprising you.”

“You say you have no wounds…… then, what is with all that blood?”

When Chase asked, the five exchanged glances and answered.

“We don’t understand well too. We have encountered a group of goblins, ogres, and orcs and engaged in battle, but wyverns appeared in the middle.”

“Thinking that it will be our end, the wyverns suddenly dropped from the sky in pieces.”

“We desperately tried to avoid it, but we became like this before we noticed.”

“After that, the goblins and other monsters started running away all of sudden.”

“We could clean ourselves up with magic, but both our magical power and stamina are flat out, so thinking it would be dangerous staying like this, we searched for other adventurers.”

While the five were talking about what happened, the exhaustion made them feel weak again.

“A group of goblins, ogres, and orcs.”

“Wyverns cut into pieces.”

“Monsters suddenly started running away.”

Chase, Roy, and Lyle slowly directed their gazes towards Fearfal.
Fearfal who felt the gazes tilted his head and then as if figured something out, a noise ringed from his hands.

“Ahh! That thing~”

“That thing~…… not! Look at them, aren’t they entirely covered in blood!”

“Cap- Chase-san, please calm down!”

“Chase, what are you angry about? They are not dead.”

“That’s not the problem!”

“I totally understand your feelings, but it would be better to calm down, Chase-san.”

Fearfal who didn’t mind what he had done, Chase who drew closer to him, and Roy and Lyle who tried to stop him. The five who were watching that in silence questioned Bard.

“Say, is it good to leave them alone? They seem to be fighting.”

“No problem. It’s the usual.”

“Is that so?”

Then, Chase and others simultaneously looked at them.

“Owaa!? Wh, what?”

“””Ba, Ba…… Bard(-san) spoke with a normal volume!?”””

“Oh, it’s true. So you can speak normally.”

“…… Forgive me!! I’m sorry for losing focus on duty!!”

“””No! (Please) lose your focus forever! Just in conversations!”””

“So it’s a problem of motivation~ Let’s tell about this to Feli.”

While watching Chase and others, the other five were thinking “I wonder if we will be all right.”
Pulling themselves together, Roy made the five clean with magic before the introductions.

“I’m B-class adventurer Dai. I’m usually solo, but I’m occasionally acting as a leader of a temporary party like today.”

“I’m Keel, B-class. Usually solo.”

“I’m C-class, Colin. I will become B-class after this though.”

“I’m Sara. C-class.”

“I’m Rin, C-class. I’m usually in a three-member party with Colin and Sara. The party is the, Wind Blowing Hill.”

The five introduced themselves, so Chase and others introduced themselves next.

“I’m B-class, Chase. Bonds’ leader.”

“I’m Roy. C-class.”

“I’m C-class Lyle.”


“Bard! Lose focus.”

“I’m called Bard. B-class adventurer.”

(((So simply…… all the hardships until now……)))

While Chase and others were deeply moved about Bard’s normal way of talking, Dai and others looked at Fearfal.

“So, that guy is?”

“Me? …… I’m Al, a wanderer.”

“Wanderer? Are you traveling?”

“I’m not. I was asked by the capital’s Guild Master to investigate the monster plague.”

“Investigate? Even though you are not adventurer, why?”

“Isn’t it because there were many injured during the previous investigation? I’m a bit strong after all.”

(((A bit?)))


While Dai and others didn’t believe Fearfal, they decided to return to the town to report to the guild.
Walking behind Dai and others, Fearfal and co. were talking while whispering.

“Say, are you returning since you found the magic tool?”

“I will wait and see for a while. I want to confirm the movements of those who set up the magic tools.”

“Right. By the way, does the capital’s Guild Master know about the magic tool?”

“She doesn’t. I told her that I was going to take a look just because I had a hunch.”

“You’re reporting it on your return then?”

“Umm, I wonder…… it’s not me who should make the decision after all”


“Ha? Who will?”

“That would be Lew…… Evan.”

“Evan is, if I’m not mistaken.”

“The King of the Dianes Republic.”

“Rather Fearfal, weren’t you about to say a different name?”

“You started with “Lew” and changed it to “Evan”.”

“Just your imagination, your imagination. Nevertheless, aren’t you happy that Bard can now speak normally?”

“That is true, but don’t change the subject.”

“Also, call me Al, okay? I’m going now with that name.”

“You have no intention to answer, huh…… alright.”

We have reached the Adventurer’s Guild while talking and separated with Dai and others after entering inside to report.
When Fearfal sat on the chair to report the situation, one man with a large body approached.

“You are Al, huh. I’m Branca’s Guild Master Sandro. I have something to talk about, follow me please”


He was told such with a tone that didn’t reveal anything, so Al silently stood up and followed.
Chase who saw that called out to Sandro.

“Guild Master, Al is our acquaintance. May we go as well?”

“Acquaintance? …… You were in Bonds, weren’t you? …… Alright.

Sandro brought them to a practice hall inside the guild where several adventurers stood around Fearfal as if to surround him.
Sandro faced Fearfal and spoke.

“I won’t beat around the bush. Who are you?”

“…… I’m Al, a wanderer.”

“I didn’t mean that. Let me change the question. For what purpose did you come here?”

“I came on the request of the capital’s Guild Master to investigate the monster plague.”

“Capital’s Guild Master, huh…… then, you came from the capital?”


“I see…… you must know that in order to come here from the capital, you have to pass through the forest to enter this town and pass the gate near the forest, right?”

“!? …… Is that so?”

(Ah~ I didn’t think about that…… how troublesome.)

“There wasn’t any record that you came through the gate near the capital. How do you explain that?”

“That is…… ehh~”

(I flew…… I can’t say that.)

“You, are you sure you weren’t lurking inside the forest all this time? I’m thinking that the monster plague is your doing.”


(Rather, I stopped it though.)

Hearing such unexpected words, Chase and others who saw Fearfal stay silent raised their voice in surprise.

“Show the proof if that’s not the case.”

“Wait a moment! Since you are saying to show the proof, are you saying that you have a proof which doubts Al?”

“I have no proof. I’m saying that I feel doubtful.”


“Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”

“That’s right. Al has saved us. If he’s the ringleader of the plague, why would he save us?”

“Wasn’t it just an act? Aren’t you guys being deceived?”

“Al-dono isn’t a person like that!!”

While such conversation was held, Al was rummaging through his clothes.

“You have been searching around your clothes since a while ago, what are you doing! This is about you, isn’t it!”

“Eh? Wait a moment, Chase. I have a letter from Rufina…… huh? Where did I put it? ……… Ah! There it is. Umm…… Sandro, was it? This is from Rufina.”

Fearfal handed the letter from the capital’s Guild Master Rufina, to Sandro.

“From Rufina, you say?”

Once Sandro read the letter, he lowered his head to Fearfal.

“It seems it was my misunderstanding. Forgive me.”

(Hee~ he properly apologized.)

“…… It wasn’t unreasonable in such situation. You have properly apologized already, raise your head.”

“Apologizing is a matter of course…… sorry everyone. It’s like that, so please disperse.”

When Sandro said so, the surrounding adventurers left the practice hall while apologizing to Fearfal.
Changing the place, they were led to the Guild Master’s room.
Dai and others were in the room, relaxing while drinking tea.

“Oh! The suspicion was cleared up since you came together then?”

“It was as Dai said, it was my misunderstanding.”

“That’s why I told you so, seriously. He’s certainly suspicious, but he doesn’t seem like a guy that would scheme something like that. By the way, how was the suspicion cleared up?”

“He had a letter from Rufina.”

“Letters? The contents?”

“”There’s currently a shortage of adventurers in the capital and it would be difficult to dispatch an investigation team. Therefore, I asked a wanderer Al. Al is not an adventurer, but he has the ability to instantly turn a flock of wyverns into ashes and he’s friends with the capital’s S-class party. I request you not to interfere or interrogate him.” Is that’s written in the letter.”

When Sandro finished, Rin raised her voice.

“Hey, GM! What did you say just now!?”

“N? “He’s friends with the capital’s S-class party. I request you not to interfere or interrogate him.”?”

“That too but! Before that!”

“”He has the ability to instantly turn a flock of wyverns into ashes”?”

“What’s the matter, Rin?”

“Can’t you notice it, Colin? Since he can turn wyverns into ashes in an instant, he could cut them up into pieces instantly as well, right?”


Dai and others turned towards Fearfal.
They were staring at him for a while, but when Al cheerfully smiled, Dai and others shouted in conviction.

“””””So the culprit is you~!”””””

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