Chapter 54

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Looking at the shouting Dai and others, Fearfal said in dissatisfaction.

“Culprit, you say…… what a rude thing to say.”

“What is this about?”

After Dai explained about the wyverns to Sandro who asked, he looked at Fearfal with an exhausted face.

“Was it necessary to chop them up? You should have burned them.”

“When I burned them in the capital, they told me “we can’t get the materials, so you can’t do that””

“Even so, there was no need to chop them up, right?”

“I mean, that way is the most refresh…… fastest and I was uneasy about using too much magical power. Sure enough, Chase and others had a hard fight with an Earth Dragon.”

“There was an Earth Dragon!? …… Hey, don’t try to deceive us! Right now, you were about to say refreshing, weren’t you!”

“Calm down, Rin. No matter the reason or method used, it’s certain that we were saved”

“That’s…… true but.”

“Right, right, no one got killed, so isn’t fine?”

“You don’t say that!”

Chase followed up Fearfal who didn’t know he was adding fuel to the fire.

“Ah~ sorry, Al means no harm. Rules and common sense are distant from him because he’s a wanderer. His sense of values are off”

“Chase-san, you have no intention to follow-up, huh.”

“The person himself doesn’t seem to have the intention as well though.”

“As expected of Chase-san.”

“It’s as Chase said. We are often told that we “don’t have a common sense” or “don’t act rashly”.”

Hearing Chase’s words and Fearfal absurdly admitting to them, Rin didn’t pursue the matter further.
Sandro then inquired from Fearfal.

“So, what is Al going to do from now on?”

“Although it appears that the monsters have escaped, I will survey the forest just in case.”

“Alright. Talk to me if there’s something you need, I will prepare it to the best of my abilities.”

Fearfal thanked Sando and left the room with Chase and others.
Keel who saw them off then asked a certain question.

“That reminds me…… did they defeat the Earth Dragon? What do you think, Sandro-san?”


“Let’s see…… I think they did. I believe that guy could do it.”


They had such conversation, but Fearfal and others naturally didn’t know.
Leaving the guild, Chase asked Fearfal who intended to go to the forest.

“Are you going to the forest right away?”

“Un. I will erase my presence and figure and take a look.”

“Alright. Please inform us if there’s movement. We will look around the town for information.”

“Got it.”

After saying such, Fearfal parted from Chase and others.
Fearfal used Stealth and stood a watch over the place where the magic tool was used, but the time kept passing and nothing in particular happened that day.
In the evening, he contacted Felice via telepathy and when he talked about Chase and others while they reported to each other, Felice was surprised and glad that they were safe.
When the telepathy finished, he used the communication magic tool to speak with Claude. When he asked whether to report the information to the Adventurer’s Guild, he was told to wait for further communication before they decide and ended the communication.

(As expected, they wouldn’t be so stupid to move right away…… I want to quickly return, but I have no choice but to wait.)

Late night that day, while watching over the surroundings on top of a tree with his eyes closed, Fearfal sensed a faint, wavering magical power, so he opened his eyes.
Following the magical power, he was going towards the place where Chase’s party was fighting, so he stealthed himself and transferred to that place.
Slightly further away, two people with hoods over their eyes appeared.

“What’s going on? I have talked with an adventurer at the noon who told me that monsters disappeared, but is that really the truth?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t it because we are wearing magic tool that wards off monsters?”

“Either that or the magic tool we installed has a malfunction. I’m certain it was around here.”

They were men judging by their voices and the two searched for the magic tool without minding the surroundings.

“Oy! There it is…… shit, the magic stone is broken.”

“What!? So that’s why the effect has been lost. Let’s pick it up and hurry back.”

“What about the other one?”

“We will be installing new ones anyway. Let’s recover it at that time.”

The men said such and they departed back to the town, Fearfal who seeing them off used telepathy.

(Chase…… Chase, Chase wake up!)

(What!? …… Fearfal! What is it in the middle of the night!)

(How long will it take for you to reach the forest’s gate from your inn?)

(Haa? What about how long, the gate is in the full view from here…… oy, surely not?)

(It’s that very “surely not,” two hooded men are going towards there. They said they are going to get new magic tools, so you should tail them. I will stand a watch just a slightly further away just in case. It’s unknown whether they have other accomplices, so be careful.)

(Got it. I will contact you if something happened.)

Ending the telepathy, Chase started to act.

“You guys, wake up! It’s time to work.”

The three woke up in a reflex and inquired while dressing up.

“Captain, what is it this late at night?”

“Are they perhaps already on the move?”

“Yeah, they are bigger idiots than we thought. Two people will pass through the gate. It’s not clear whether they have more numbers, so Lyle and I will tail them. Bard and Roy follow us from slightly further away.”


The four erased their presences and moved out.
Chase and Lyle hid in the alley near the inn while Bard and Roy were on the lookout from the roof.
After a short while, two men entered from the gate.

(Where are the gatekeepers? I don’t see them around.)

(Perhaps sleeping. That, or they were put to sleep.)

(Well, the gate automatically registers the magical power, so we will know their identities after checking it later. Let’s go.)


The two men advanced towards the center of the town and entered a big inn.

(They are staying at a quite expensive inn, aren’t they?)

(What to do?)

(Let’s use that thing Fearfal lend us.)

(Right away, huh. Actually, it can’t be helped that we have to use it.)

(Bard, Roy, we are going to use Fearfal’s magic tool. You guys use it too.)


Chase and Lyle poured magical power into the rings on their left hands.
Then, the two’s figures and presences vanished.
In fact, when leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, Fearfal handed them rings with bestowed『Stealth』magic.
Unless the opponent has a skill or magic to see through it, it’s just the right magic tool for infiltration.
By the way, the four rings are linked, so they can see each other without a problem.
When the two enter the inn in a hurry, they just saw the back of the men on the stairs, so they followed behind them.
They arrived at a room on the top floor which was large enough to accommodate about fifty people.
In that room, there was a fat man wrapped in high-class clothes, an expressionless but beautiful-looking butler and a maid, and a man and a woman dressed as adventurers.
Chase and Roy were at a loss for words for a moment and just stared at them.

(Captain…… that is.)


(Yeah…… the servants are elves and the guards are beastmen. They have collars so they must be slaves.)

(The beastmen seem to be bears.)

(Those guys are suitable for battles, so it will be troublesome.)

Chase carefully poured magical power into another magic tool he received for Fearfal.
And then, immediately after, the man who seemed to be the master shouted at the men.

“Oy! You made me wait even though I’m so sleepy! Report at once!!”

“Please forgive us, Bhutan-sama. The magic stone in the magic tools seems to have broken.”

“We will immediately go and install new magic tools.”

“Broken, you say!? What are you doing! Oy! Bring new magic tools!”

Doing as told by the master, the butler went into the neighboring room and brought two new magic tools.

“Go and put it in place right away! Listen, this magic tool is something Bailey-sama left me in charge of! I don’t have any more! If this mission of monsters attacking the town succeeds, I will obtain slaves from Bailey-sama again. Then, I will give you guys those whom I got bored with!”

“”Please leave it to me.””

Listening in on that exchange, the expressions of the elves and beastmen didn’t change, but they tightly clenched their hands.

(As I thought, that house was invloved.)

(That pig bastard!)

Lyle let out bloodthirst after hearing Bhutan’s statement.
The elves and beastmen twitched in reaction to that bloodthirst.

(Calm down, Lyle!)

(Ah, I’m sorry!)

(Were we noticed?)

Chase looked at the four people, but there was no movement from there, so he decided to leave.
The two men who received the magic tools left the room, so he contacted Bard and Roy.

(The men are coming out. Tail them to the gate and follow Fearfal’s instructions.)


(Fearfal, the men have the magic tools and are going your way. These two magic tools are apparently the last ones. As suspected, the Bailey House is invloved.)

(I see…… leave the rest to me.)

Fearfal ended the telepathy and contacted Claude.

(Otousama, are you awake?)

(I’m up. What’s the matter, Al?)

(There’s movement. The Bailey House is involved just as we thought.)

(I see…… what about Feli?)

(I will talk with her. I can catch them now, should I?)

(I will prepare the jail so bring them to us. We will interrogate them.)

(At that time, can I bring Chase and others too? They have been cooperating in various ways this time.)

(He’s Feli’s benefactor if I remember correctly, isn’t he…… alright. Bring them too.)

(Roger, I will contact you again before transfering.)

After ending the communication and waiting before the forest, he put the men to sleep with magic, he left them to Bard and Roy and went to Chase.
At that time, Bhutan was having a night meal in his room.

“Seriously, I got hungry from talking so loud…… mogumogu…… cough…… t, tea! Cough, cough.”

When the maid handed him tea in silence, he drank it in one gulp.

“Gulp…… got!? Hot!! The hell is this!”



Getting angry over the hot tea, he slapped the maid across her face.
Although the maid fell down she glared back at Bhutan.

“What’s with those eyes! …… Fine, I will love you plentily tonight. I will make those conceited eyes yield to me.”


When Bhutan stretched his hands towards the maid while glaring, the maid retreated in a fright.
The butler forced his way through and lowered his head.

“Please wait a moment! I apologize for my little sister’s rudeness! Please forgive her!”


“Yeah, I will forgive her…… after I’m done with her!”

Just when Lyle was about to unconsciously jump out, a nonchalant voice resounded around the room.

“Hee~ you are staying at quite the room, aren’t you? It’s too good for you”

Bhutan and others froze in place at the man’s sudden appearance.

“Wha!? Who are you, you bastard! Oy, you beasts, protect me!!”

Being ordered by Bhutan, the two beastmen stepped forward and brandished their swords.
On the other hand, Fearfal just stood there without any stance.

“Hey, if you want to face me, forget about it. I only have a business with that man after all. If you still want to come…… you will die?”

When he spoke with bloodthirst in his last words, Bhutan fainted in panic and the elves and beastmen sat down while shivering.

“That’s enough, Al! Those four are slaves, they can’t go against that fellow’s orders!”

When Chase and Lyle appeared, the four were even more confused.

“Slaves? …… Hmm~ that’s it? I found it strange that there’s no bloodthirst behind their swords. You should sleep for now.”

When Al said so, the four fell asleep without any resistance.

“I will be transferring to the Dianes Republic’s capital now, what about you Chase? I was told that I can bring you along if you’d like though.”

“Then, please take us with you. We want the information as well.”


Fearfal and others joined with Bard and Roy and then transferred to the Faust House all at once.

“A room?”

“From the looks of it, an office?”

“Looks like a noble’s room.”

“Al-dono this is?”

“N? This is our――”

Before Fearfal could answer, the door opened and a man walked in.

“Welcome back, Al. Do you have any injuries?”

“I’m back, I’m fine, Otousama.”


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