Chapter 55

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Trouble Over Here As Well
After Al went to the national border, we were guided by Rufina to a house adjacent to the guild.

“Please use it freely.”

“I understand.”

“However, is doing it free of charge really alright? The guild will pay you.”

“Free of charge is fine. At the time complaints come from the clinic, it would be more difficult to pick a fight with us when we say we didn’t accept any money.”

“Then, at least the guard fee for Meison-dono and Blake-dono.”

“No need. We are just spending time with our friend.”

“That’s right.”

“Is that so?”

Rufina dropped her shoulders and returned to the guild.

“Thanks you two.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“You are doing your best for Angela. We have to cooperate as well.”

“Which reminds me, have you got enough of Al’s scales?”

“I have enough. I want to make our armor and weapons with that. I still need to do the finishing touches, but look forward to it, Blake.”

“To think I would be able to wear something made out of Kokuryuu’s scales. You truly don’t know what the life has prepared for you.”

“I was startled as well, you know? Al suddenly started saying that his body feels itchy, he then transferred us to the forest where he turned into the Ryuu form and started peeling off his scales. I thought he was ill or something.”

“Anyone would be startled at that. By the way, what have you made, Felice?”

“I made this.”

I showed them a simple black ring I made with Al.

“Hou, it’s processed well.”

“Does it have a bestowal of some kind?”

“Yes, it has space-time magic sealed within and it has the same effect as the item box.”

“”………… Ha?””

“I call it item ring. I made enough for everyone and Al also has one. I will give you the ring now, okay? There’s a user authority effect, so no one but the first person can use it, but it’s usable if the user’s permission is given.”


I held out the rings for the two, but they weren’t receiving it. I found that strange, so I asked.

“What’s the matter? You two.”

“No…… it’s nothing. However, Felice. If possible, would you inform us before making it?”

“? Yes, I understand.”

Because Meison said so with a feeble laugh, I nodded.

“Is this fine to just to put it on?”

“Yes. Blake-san, put it on your finger and pour a little bit of magical power into it. It will adjust the size.”

When Meison and Blake did as I said, the rings became the exact fit.

“You can store items while touching the hand and thinking “put in.” Conversely, if you want to take something out, you think “come out”.”

“I see.”

“It’s convenient, isn’t it?”

After that, while testing the magic ring, there was a knocking on the door.
The one who entered was a teenage boy.

“Excuse me. I heard this is where I could get medical treatment.”

“Yes, you’re at the right place. What’s the matter?”

“My arm got hit during a request and swelled up. It hurts so much I can’t even grasp my sword.”

“I understand. I will take a look, okay?”

When I looked at the swelled up arm, the bone was cracked.

“You have a crack in the bone. Heal”

When I activated the magic, a light appeared and settled down, making the swelling pull back.

“It’s finished. Try moving it please.”

“Eh!? It’s already healed?”

While astonished, he started moving his arm with a cheerful expression.

“It doesn’t hurt…… it’s healed! Thank you very much.”

“No, no, it just got healed, so please don’t act rashly, alright?”


The boy bowed and left.
I treated several people after that, some who looked at me with dejection among them.
However, when they saw Meison and Blake with me, they asked for treatment and apologized for their attitudes.
Many adventurers came because of my free of charge treatment, but when I asked them to let the ordinary citizens know, they willingly agreed to cooperate.
The cooperation was progressing favorably, but the trouble came having a friendly chat with the people who came for the treatment.


“Oy! Bring the person in charge here! Who is the person in charge!”

A hoodlum-like man came in after violently opening the door.
He glared at all people inside for a moment, but I don’t know whether the man’s mind is dull as he was looking straight at me.

(Why are you asking “who is the person in charge” since you obviously know it’s me? Now then, is it just a simple extortion…… or perhaps……)

I stepped forward and introduced myself.

“How do you do, I’m the person in charge, Sayo. What’s the matter?”


“Hmph…… you are the person in charge, huh? In fact, my subordinate received a treatment here, but not only you demanded a ridiculous amount of money, the injury deteriorated even further. How do you plan on taking responsibility!”

“Ridiculous amount of money, injury deterioration, is it?”

“That’s right! You will naturally take a responsibility for this, right!”

The atmosphere became tense when the man said so with a smirk.

(I can’t tell yet which it is from this development. Nevertheless, isn’t this person way too stupid?)

“Responsibility, is it…… what kind of responsibility would satisfy you for example?”

“Eh? What kind…… erm, that’s! That……. ah~ what was it…… right, give me money! That or stop the treatment!”

(The way he said so is odd!)

“Is that so…… I can’t stop the treatment, so let’s pay the money. But before that, could you bring that subordinate over please?”

“Ha!? W, why!”

“In order for me to see whether I really gave him a treatment. To tell you the truth, in order to prevent the trouble, this place registers magical power on entering. There might be people who come to pick a fight because they desire the money after all. Of course, I think you are different, so you will bring him along, won’t you?”

(Well, that’s a lie though.)

“Such device is!? I, I’m not lying but I just remembered an urgent business, so I’m leaving!”

When I say with a smile while sticking out my tongue in my mind, the man got nervous and left in a panic.
Then, Blake got up and followed after him.

“I will check it.”


The people who saw the course of events spoke up in admiration.

“Wow~ That was splendid, Jouchan.”

“Indeed. But, I wasn’t aware there was a device like that here.”

“You jest~ there isn’t a device like that!”


“I said that to disturb that person. I found out that he was following someone’s instructions, so I thought he would seek that person to make a decision if I did that.”

“This child is young, but she can understand people well. Nicely done.”


I was relieved by Meison’s words, but a woman burst into laughter.

“Ahhahhaha! That was surprising. I thought you would be softhearted and ignorant of the ways of the world since you are giving a free treatment, but aren’t you proper! I feel like I understand why Meison-sama and Blake-sama are assisting you. I’m Ranka, A-class. Come and find me anytime if you’re in trouble! Even if it’s just female bonding!”

“Yes! Thank you very much.”

“The healer who appeared after so long is……”

“The quiet, sweet girl is……”

“What are you grumbling about. Sayo is an obedient, lovely, and gentle child.”

While a new friendship was born, the men got discouraged, and one foolish parent (?) mode got activated, Blake got to know the masterminds.

(This direction is…… they have started moving as we thought.)

The place the man entered after leaving was the clinic.
Blake infiltrated inside while using a magic tool with bestowed Stealth.
Entering inside, he heard two men talking.

“What, is it already done? Did they obediently obey?”

“No…… actually.”

“What, speak clearly!”

“I have failed! Please forgive me, Healer-sama!”

“How did you fail?”

The interrogated man talked about his exchange with Felice.
The Healer who heard that frowned and opened his mouth.

“It appears she wasn’t just a foolish lass. Is it really true that there were S-class party’s dwarf and beastman?”

“Yes, it appears they are acting as guards.”

“Tch, how troublesome. Alright, let’s set up a trap, gather people, make a racket and draw the two away. In the meanwhile, I will take out the woman. I will give you plenty of rewards. Even though I finally made a profit by deceiving the church with much effort, as if I will let someone spoil it!”

“I, I understand.”

When the man left the clinic, Blake returned to Felice and reported about their plan.

“That is again…… quick temper or what to say.”

“They are idiots, aren’t they?”

“So, what do you intend to do? If it’s ambush, I will help you out.”

“”Us too!””

“Thank you very much. Blake-san, have you used “that”?”

“Yeah, I used it before entering the room, so everything’s all right.”

“Then…… I think of getting on the opposite side’s plan this time.”

“Ha! What are you saying! That’s dangerous.”

“That’s certainly true, but could Ranka-san and others request cooperation from Rufina-san? It’s dangerous, so we should keep the ordinary citizens away in a casual manner and carefully screen the people making the racket. So that there aren’t unnecessary injuries.”

“That is fine, but what will you do? It’s too dangerous for just one Healer.”

“It will be fine since Meison-san and Blake-san are here. Besides, I…… am not really Healer.”


When I said so while smiling, they got quite surprised.
After that, Rufina was immediately contacted and started arranging the adventurers. While the preparations of the treated people and their companions smoothly progressed…… they came.

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