Chapter 56

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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We waited after finishing the preparations.
After a short time, there was a ruckus outside.

“Come out, Healer! It’s revenge for my subordinate!”

“Drag her out!”

“Who are you guys! Stop it!”

They have apparently come, so everyone started their respective actions.

(Rather, a “revenge” he says…… did the settings change to him dying?)

After Ranka, Meison, and Blake went outside, three men entered a little later.

“Lass, I will have you come with us.”

“Who are you!”

“You don’t need to know. If you don’t come, we will turn you into a corpse.”

“…… I understand.”

I obediently went with the men.
The place I was brought to was an abandoned building four blocks away from the guild.

“What do you intend doing to me?”

“I will have you die. Our employer is unable to stomach your existence.”

“Who is your employer? I hate the thought of dying without knowing anything.”

“Hmhp, fine. The employer…… is me.”

“Eh!? …… You are?”

(Uwaa…… he came himself? How unexpected!)

“Do you know who I am?”

(Excessively self-conscious narcissist?)

“You are a Healer from the clinic, aren’t you?”

“That’s right, we have finally started profiting from the high treatment fees. The number of our adventurer patients decreased because of your free treatment! Even though I wanted to see their faces of despair while trying to cling on the money they don’t have, to get in the way of my enjoyment!”

(He can talk well while spitting all over the place…… sleazebag!)

“That’s why I decided to murder you! Now then, show me your face of despair!”

When two of the men moved at the man’s orders, they collapsed.

“Oy!? What’s wrong, why have you collapsed?”

“Kusukusu…… please don’t worry. They are just sleeping after all.”

“You bastard, what have you done!? There’s no way that a mere Healer would be able to do something like this!”

“About that though, I don’t remember ever calling myself a Healer.”

“W, what?”

“You love seeing the faces of despair, right? That’s why you will surely love your own face of despair. Please, show me lots of it. Nightmare.”

The Healer fell asleep while frightened.
When I looked at the Healer with cold eyes, a voice called out from behind me.

“What did you do? Sayo.”

“Nightmare…… He’s dreaming of what he fears the most. He won’t wake up unless I dispel the spell.”

“Hmm, what a good medicine.”

The ones who called out to me were Meison and Blake.
They were properly following me from behind when I was taken.

“Now then, what will we do with these people?”

“I’ve talked with Lewis a little while ago, he’s coming over.”

“Let’s return to the guild then. I’m worried about the ruckus.”

“We will carry the men.”

When I moved to the guild with Meison and Blake carrying the men, I heard Rufina’s voice.

“You bastards, do you know where this is! If you make any more noise, I won’t be merciful!”

I was surprised by her different tone.


“Are you surprised? Rufina is usually quiet, but she becomes like that while fighting.”

“Being just kind doesn’t make one fit to be a Guild Master. Reliance and power is also necessary.”

“However, those guys won’t easily pull back, right?”

“Let’s let them know that we caught their employer.”


When I said so while laughing, Meison’s and Blake’s face cramped.

“O, Oy Sayo.”

“What are you planning?”

“Well, just watch please. I wonder if that would be fine…… Lightning.”


A lightning fell down between Rufina and the men who were making a fuss, making silence dominate the surroundings.

“Excuse me~ We have caught the mastermind so please obediently surrender~!”

Seeing the lightning fell before them, the solidified people simultaneously looked at me and shouted.

“””””That was you just now!? That was dangerous!!”””””

“Eh? I aimed properly, so everything’s fine!”

“”Ha ha ha.””

When I tilted my head, Meison and Blake burst into laughter.
At that moment, a carriage stopped nearby and a man who got off said tiredly.

“Just what are you doing Sayo, Meison, Blake.”

“””Lewis (-san).”””

“Oh well. Capture them!”

At Lewis’ orders, the soldiers violently tied up the men and stuffed them into the carriage.
Lewis turned towards the adventurers and spoke the words of appreciation.

“Everyone, thank you for your cooperation. In the stead of His Majesty, I promise you that we will go to the church and settle the matter of the clinic as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, the Healers of the royal palace will fill the position, the place will be the place Sayo is currently borrowing. During that time, the treatment will be free of charge.”

“Lewis-sama, is that really fine?”

“Rufina, this is His Majesty’s decision. Of course, once the Healers from the church arrive, the fee will be the usual amount.”

“I understand. It’s fine with everybody, right?”


Lewis turned towards me next.

“Sayo should return soon. We are worried.”

“Yes, but before that, Area Heal.”

When I activated the magic, the adventurers were astonished that all their wounds were healed all at once.

“Lewis-sama…… just who is Sayo?”

“She said she isn’t a Healer and the might of the lightning magic she used a little while ago was also incredible.”

“Rufina, Ranka, I can’t speak at the moment. However, a day when we will talk to you about it will surely come. I’m sure shock will be strong, but I believe you will be able to take it.”

“Lewis-sama…… speaking like that is unfair.”

“Indeed, well even if it’s a devastating story, Sayo’s nature won’t change, so I’m fine with it. Isn’t that right, GM?”

“You’re right.”

“Thank you very much.”

Not aware of such exchange, I got on a carriage and returned home after saying farewell.
At night, telepathy from Al came, so I reported to him.
I was surprised that Al saved Chase and others, but I was relieved that they secured the magic tools.
When I told him about the time I showed Meison the item ring, we were of the same opinion, but I started sweating when he told me about the ring’s worth.

(Meison-san and Blake-san didn’t get angry, but Lewis-san and Otousama…… ah, but Otousama would be happy instead, won’t he?)

After finishing talking with Al, I was tired in various ways, so I immediately became drowsy.

(Fa~ …… I’m exhausted today…… but I feel like I’m forgetting something…… n~ so sleepy…… I might not see any dreams today…… ah! I didn’t dispel the Nightmare…… let’s do it tomorrow……)

I fell deep asleep, but I heard shouting in the middle of the night and jumped on my feet.

“Nnh~ what? …… Is it from Otousama’s office? I’m already awake, let’s go take a look.”

I left the room in order to get to Claude’s office, but because Austin came from the neighboring room at the same time, we ended up locking eyes.

“Felice, did you perhaps get woken up by the shouting from a little while ago?”

“Yes, it came from Otousama’s office, didn’t it?”

“I will go see, so go back to your room. Or would you like to stay with Angela?”

“But, they were familiar voices, so I’m worried.”

When I clung onto Austin, telling him that I have to go no matter what, he gave up and let me go.

“Can’t be helped, don’t separate from me.”


Austin held me up in one arm and we went towards the office.

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